Monday Message ~ Partnership


Good Morning! I am happy to be here this morning, having finally come through a rough week of the flu. I rarely get sick, so this threw me for the proverbial loop. But I am Blessed that it was not worse, and that I am healing well. It is with that gratitude that I seek the Runes this morning for our weekly message. And, as I gather the stones and “The Book of Runes” by Ralph Blum, the stone that presents itself today is:

Gebo 1

Gebo:   “Partnership, A Gift”

Message (paraphrased): “Drawing this Rune is an indication that union, uniting or partnership in some form is at hand. But you are put on notice not to collapse yourself into that union. For true partnership can only be achieved by separate and whole beings who retain their separateness even in unity and uniting.

This counsel applies at all levels: in love relationships, in business affairs, in partnering of every kind. It is particularly appropriate when entering into partnership with the Higher Self, while others speak of the interplay between the conscious and the unconscious in each of us. But most of all, it is the case when seeking union with the Divine.

Gebo, the Rune of Partnership, has no reverse, for it signifies the gift of freedom from which flow all other gifts.”

Gebo 5

from The Desk of MarDrag:

I love when synchronicity happens. This Rune pick this morning is perfect to follow the Weekend Inspiration post about Spirituality, and finding Spirit in ourselves and bringing it into our lives. When seeking Spirit, by whatever name we call it, we are seeking a connection with the Power and Energy of something greater than us, with the Divine. And with that part of us that is greater than the sum of the mundane in which we live, the Higher Self.

Gebo 4

Gebo is telling us here that this union is at hand. In some form or another…a partnership is forming. Whether it be in business, love, or with the Self…the union comes after hard work and progress on our paths. So, if we have something waiting to manifest…we should take this as a good sign.

Most importantly though…Gebo counsels us that the most vital Partnership is, indeed, with the Self…or the Higher Self, which is our link to the Divine. We cannot do this life business alone…and the first person we need to know is there for us…is Ourselves, and that Higher consciousness we know is our bridge and connection to the Divine, or Higher Source.

Gebo 2

And, as we seek to strengthen that Partnership within, the connection to Spirit and the Divine…we also hold ourselves independent…even within that union…so that we may know and live as who we truly are. We must depend on ourselves, even as we Unite with the Divine and that energy floods our lives.

Gebo 3

And from this Union with our Higher Self and Divine energy comes the gift of freedom…for all things flow and grow from this Union. It is the single most important thing we can do to set our lives right.



10 comments on “Monday Message ~ Partnership

  1. I love this… “strengthening the partnership within” .. Love your Rune message Mar, and I am only too pleased you are feeling brighter and recovering from the flu.. ” We must depend upon ourselves”…. True, but we know we have that strength of our Higher self watching over every move… And if we surrender and follow our instincts I know we are being guided along our correct pathways dear Mar….

    We will need to keep our higher instincts close… and also allow our partnerships with others strengthen.. For Unity is being called for as we will need in the future to draw upon our various strengths to carry us through to more harmonious living….

    Thank you dear Mar for your Monday Message full of wisdom.. Love and Blessings Sue xox

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