Tuesday Affirmations ~ Making Room


It is time for Tuesday Affirmations again. As I spin through my deck “The Gift of Affirmations” by Amy Zerner and Monte Farber, the card that presents itself for today is:

MR 2

Gift of The New:   “I Let Go Of Things That Are No Longer Useful”

Message: “Use this gift when you are resisting letting go of outmoded ways of thinking and acting, and people who are taking advantage of your time, energy, and other resources. If you want new people, places, things, situations, and ideas to come to you, you must make room for them in your life. Then enjoy your new freedom and know that exciting things await you.”

MR 1

from The Desk of MarDrag:

This is a profound affirmation, and builds a bit on yesterday’s post about Messages. For if we take that overview of our lives…soaring above like the Hawk to clear our vision and notice our surroundings and get a comprehensive look at all that is happening in our lives…then we are sure to find some things that need to be cleared away, let go of, and that no longer serve us. Sometimes we are loathe to let them go because they have done something for us in the past. But, if they are no longer useful to us…or are, in fact, holding us back…then we need to let them go so that we can make room for the new and exciting things that are waiting to have the space to come through.

MR 3

Sometimes we have to change our perspective to get the to the truth. That often means letting go of ways of thinking, or beliefs, that have been with us for a long time. We think they should continue to work for us…but as we grow and change, so do our thoughts and beliefs…and that is a good thing. Looking back…how many times have we said, “I never thought I would do that or think that, but now look how I have changed and grown and how much better my life is now.” It is only the fear of change or letting go that stops us. Because once we do it…and we get a whiff of how great things to come can be…then we are on our way and not looking back.

MR 4

So, as you soar like the Hawk, taking that focused view of your life, notice what is no longer working for you, and let it go…knowing unequivocally that something new and wonderful will be coming to take its place…all because you were brave and smart enough to open the space.

MR 5



6 comments on “Tuesday Affirmations ~ Making Room

  1. Good morning,
    The other night i saw something on tv about clutter. This lady was explained to get rid of it to avoid health issues, etc, but also mentioned that this clutter of things around the house can also be clutter of other things. It just got me thinking, i have gotten rid of many things and people and thoughts in the last year or so. I feel much better and have a more peaceful life and attitude. I am less surrounded by clutter. Cleaning up is helpful. I like your blog to keep me in the same road. Getting rid of junk, but keeping the space clean of more junk coming in.
    Also made me want to go through my closet for the mullioned time to see if there can be more clearing out 😛

    • Indeed, Cali, you have had a great year of cleaning out the old to welcome the new. You have done a great job of it…and cleared so much wonderful space to welcome all the exciting things waiting for you…which are now coming. Keep up the good work Lady! And I am glad the blog is helpful to you. Blessings!

  2. An excellent point that something/way of thinking may well have been very positive and useful in the past, but is now holding us back. May we learn to appreciate past gifts but also to let them go when the time comes. Good post!

    • Thank you! It is sometimes hard to recognize those things that have become outdated, because they become part of our survival mechanisms. But if those mechanisms no longer work for us, the good thing is, that is an indication we have grown past their use. A positive thing! Many Blessings to you!

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