Monday Message ~ Life’s Messages


I woke this morning not sure yet where to look for our Monday Message. As I sat and meditated, asking for guidance to that message, a rustle of movement, a blur out of the corner of my “eye” came into vision, and as it came clear, I saw it was a Hawk, soaring across my mind. Our answer! So, I took to my “Animal Medicine Cards” by Jamie Sams & David Carson to see what the Hawk has to say to us this morning:

Hawk 1

Hawk: “Messenger”

Message (paraphrased): “Hawk medicine teaches you to be observant, to look at your surroundings. Observe the obvious in everything that you do. Life is sending you signals. Life is the initiation.

Right now, a clue about the magic of life is being brought to you. This Magic can imbue you with the power to overcome a currently stressful or difficult situation. The test is your ability to observe the nuances of Power lurking nearby. Is Power the talent you have and are not using? Are solutions always hard to find because you have lost the broader vision of Hawk? Pay attention! You are only as powerful as your capacity to perceive, receive, and use your abilities.

Hawk’s cry signals the need for the beholder to heighten awareness and receive a message. You are to be aware of signals in your life – so notice and receive them. Hawk may be teaching you to grab an opportunity which may be coming your way. On the other hand, Hawk may be bringing you the message that you should circle over your life, and examine it from a higher perspective. From this vantage point you may be able to discern the hazards which bar you from freedom of flight. Remember, Hawk has a keen eye and a bold heart, and flies close to the light of the Sun.”

Hawk 2

from the Desk of MarDrag:

I believe in Messages. I believe that signals about our lives are everywhere, if we but listen and look. It requires broadening our vision and hearing, and quieting the daily chatter, and when we do, we will pick up things that we would otherwise miss completely. We are intuitive by nature, and we can either ignore that part of ourselves, or acknowledge it and give it credence and power.

There are whispers of Messages all around us. Look and Listen.

Hawk 4

The Hawk, by nature, has a keen eye and ear. He can fly high and observe the movements on the ground with vital clarity. His senses are crystal clear, and he is bold in his knowledge that he has Power. He searches – looking and listening – for his path and his prey and moves swiftly when the opportunity shows itself. So take a view of your life from that higher perspective so you can see the whole of it and what or where you must take action next.

There is Magic to be had in life. If we listen to the Hawk, and the Messages that life and the Higher Powers breathe into our threads on the tapestry, then we can broaden our vision about our lives and create all that we need, want and desire.

Hawk 3

Be like the Hawk…listen attentively, clear your vision, notice your surroundings and all the small (or large) nuances in it like chance meetings, a random thought, an idea, an unexpected happening…for they all have voices that tell you something. And be bold enough to recognize your abilities and talents for the value that they hold. They are what will take you forward into a better life.

Now Listen…for the rustlings of A Message!



16 comments on “Monday Message ~ Life’s Messages

  1. Dear Mar, this spoke to me, as you know I have been listening to those ‘Signs’ and We have to also help create the magic in our lives by listening to our intuition and making time to embrace the things we love in life. Be that people or time for the things we love.. Thank you for you wonderful insightful reading… Hawk is a favourite of mine .. And its not by chance I read your amazing words to keep me on track! 😉 xxx

  2. Of all the birds I love, the hawk is only second to the Heron. But the Rising Hawk ranks extremely high with me. His vision has clarity when helping others. I love how you wrote about changing your perspective to get a broader view. True! You a pretty wise old bird yourself…..heehee! (I know I will pay for that)

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