Monday Message ~ Unlimited Potential


Good Morning! We begin another week today…and, as usual, to send us all into that week with a powerful message, I look to inspiration and turn to the animal kingdom for its wisdom. I take up my deck of “Medicine Cards ~ The Discovery of Power Through The Ways of Animals” by Jamie Sams and David Carson and here is the card that found its way to my hand this morning:


The Blank Shield:   “Unlimited Potential ~ Open Your Eyes! Pay Attention! Trust yourself to recognize the gift being offered at this time.”

Message (paraphrased): “The Blank Shield acts as the Great Smoking Mirror to reflect your inner desires, goals, dreams, power, or personality. Sometimes the emptiness of the Blank Shield will bring a vision of what lies below the surface of consciousness. Enjoy the journey of emptiness in this process, and the fulfillment that comes with pure creativity.

Use your creativity and talent. Meditate on the Blank Shield and see what comes to you. You may be surprised.”


from The Desk of MarDrag:

Sometimes, we look out into life and we do not see anything. Or, we are looking for a solution to an issue, and we cannot see it, or how it will turn out. We can become fearful of this “blank space” and we worry about what will fill it up. Or what is to come, and what will become of us if we can’t find what we are looking for.

The Blank Shield tells us today to use that blank empty space to Create. Rather than fear it…Use It. It is blank, so we can fill it with whatever we desire. Allow that Blank Shield to reflect your life back to you…filled with your wants, needs, power, and creativity. A blank space means Unlimited Potential because it IS blank and it is within our Power to draw and write in that space the story we want our lives to read as.

Go into this week looking at your life as a Blank Shield…and pull your Power around you and Create the life you want to have. See it as a gift to open your eyes to the budding promise of Dreams Fulfilled. Toss Fear aside and feel the wonder and amazement that comes from owning your Blank Shield, your Unlimited Potential. You may be amazingly surprised at what comes to you when you really look at the possibilities, and the Strength you have to make them happen.


We ALL have Unlimited Potential. Look into your Blank Shield…and See.



6 comments on “Monday Message ~ Unlimited Potential

  1. I drew this one last Thursday whispers or thoughts came to me…so I left it laying on my work table…
    I like your words….Thank you for sharing
    Take Care…You Matter…

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