Tuesday Affirmations ~ Willpower


I have not done a “Tuesday Affirmation” post for a while and the cards were calling me this morning…so they must have a message. Since I have not used them for a bit, I took the cards in my hands and warmed them with my energy, fanned them out on my desk, and let my hand be guided to the one with our message for today. The card I pulled from the deck of “Gifts of Affirmations” by Amy Zerner and Monte Farber is:

Will 3

Gift of Transformation:   “My Willpower Is Stronger Than My Bad Habits”

Message: “Use this gift when you feel unable to overcome long-held beliefs, habits, or compulsions. Like affirmations, our habits gain strength from constant repetition and our belief in their ability to help us cope with life in some way. They can be dealt with by using this gift and by accepting and loving yourself more and more.”

from The Desk of MarDrag:

We all have long-held beliefs and habits. We learn them and adopt them as we experience life and create survival mechanisms. Some habits can be positive…and some negative that hold us back. So too, some beliefs and patterns can become negative if we have moved on in our lives but have not let go of those that no longer serves us.

Habits and survival mechanisms do help us cope with life, but can become outmoded and we can get stuck in a repetitive state and become confused as that habit starts to take on a negative aspect. We wonder, because it has been something we have counted on to help us manage our lives.

Will 1

But consider that…as we learn, grow, and change…so must our belief system. That can be a huge conundrum…and I have actually been writing a post about belief systems…when this affirmation appeared today. (I will post that blog later in the week). For now, consider the affirmation that our Willpower is stronger than anything else we can create.

We do, after all, create these habits, and beliefs…which grow stronger and stronger through the repetition of using them…and, if WE create them…then we can also uncreate them…or change them any time we choose.

We can take inventory of our habits, beliefs, and compulsions and see if there are some that have become outdated and do not serve us any longer. Using our Powerful Willpower, we can set our goals to change them into positive habits that serve us in the now. And add this to our efforts in letting go of the past so that we have a clean present to create in.

Will 2

And one more thing…the first step in overcoming a bad habit…is by Loving ourselves Unconditionally and Accepting ourselves for who we are at this moment, even with bad habits…and then allowing ourselves to Love ourselves through the changes. The more we Love ourselves, the more we can embrace the changes we might need to make. Love does conquer all!

Now, use your Willpower to Will Your Power to do what needs to be done.



2 comments on “Tuesday Affirmations ~ Willpower

  1. I wander and stop exactly where I need too….
    Thank you…for being you…
    Take Care…You Matter…

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