Weekend Inspiration ~ Transitions


I spoke with many people this week and all seem to be going through Transitions on some level in their lives. Transitions can be unnerving, tossing us off balance and causing us to worry about what is going to happen. Transitions are such a lesson in Trust, because we can’t see the outcome…the only thing we know is that we are moving. We have left the safety of the receding circumstance…we are in the middle of the movement, the Transition…and we can not yet see where the road is going to take us. But…if we can remember that the road we are on is actually our Life Path, designed for us and by us…then these Transitions can be a Powerful tool to get us to exactly where we want or are meant to go.

Trust in Yourself that you will navigate this Transition just as you are meant to. Let go the worry…and spend that energy on deciding what you want to come next so that Your Path and the Universe can know what direction to point you in. Blessings!

Trans 3

Trans 2

Trans 1

Trans 4

Trans 5

Trans 6

Trans 9

Trans 10

Trans 7

Trans 8

8 comments on “Weekend Inspiration ~ Transitions

  1. I so agree.. we are going through a transition… Some coming out of their tunnels while others are perhaps entering them.. But we are all Transforming through them.. each gaining that which they need to bring about the changes within themselves and our Earth Mother too…

    You can ‘Feel’ it can’t you?… I feel we are upon the cusp of transformation…. and I am excited to be part of it..

    Wonderful post that confirms my own perceptions..
    Love and Light..
    Sue xox

    • Words that are so true Sue! I work with people every day and the Transitions are heating up, getting stronger and more apparent. We just need to remember that…while going through the tunnel is often bumpy…there is the other side to come out of into the Light.

      And the Earth, Universe is going through the same thing. Hold on tight…and if we “Link By The Light of Our Souls” (my quote)…we will be OK.

      Reaching my Light out to you! Love & Hugs!

      • I couldn’t agree with you more.. Like you say its getting more apparent every day… Having walked through a couple of my own tunnels.. Its usually darkest before the dawn light.. πŸ™‚ and the Light of awareness is ever growing.. I am holding on, breathing in deep pure peace .. For ALL is well in our world.. for all is as it should be..
        Big Hugs back.. πŸ˜€ xxxx πŸ˜€ can you feel my heart expand.. hehe…. so love your posts xxx

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