Thoughts For The Day


Good Morning! I usually have several quotes chosen for Thursday’s “Thoughts For The Day” post…and I had some chosen for today…but one quote stood out so powerful and clear that it commanded its own post. Its message spread out farther than this page…and so I leave it on its own, in all its glory, for you to take it into your day, and the days to come, and remember it as each new dawn splashes across the sky and your sleepy eyes flutter open and your mind slowly focuses as thoughts and words begin to tumble forth. As those thoughts form, let the first one be…

Thoughts 5

“Isn’t it nice to think that today/tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it yet?”  ~ L.M. Montgomery

from The Desk of MarDrag:

A New Day! Another clear, unsullied, stretch of time to fill with whatever we choose. So choose wisely…listen to your inner voice rather than all the voices around you, and follow that inner call. Live for You today. After all, it is your life. Go out and live the newness and freshness of a day with no words, thoughts, or mistakes written on it. Write your story exactly the way you want it to read, you have a fresh page. Fill it with exclamation points!!!!!!




8 comments on “Thoughts For The Day

  1. My day is half way through 🙂 but your posts are like a breath of fresh air that I breathe in… I could not agree more..
    Wishing you a bright NEW DAY and may each MOMENT be cherished..

    Love and Blessings Sue xox

  2. and a way to end the day as we think of tomorrows day
    Good quote…
    Take Care…You Matter…

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