Weekend Inspiration ~ Dream Your Dreams


On yesterday’s blog there is a quote that says, “Do not be pushed by your problems, be led by your dreams”, and it really stuck with me. Because we do tend to allow our problems to push us around and take up so much energy and space in our lives. And so, they take over. But…they are not the stuff of what life is made of. Dreams are. Dreams, and the following of them and manifestation of them are the vehicle that drives our lives…or should be.

So, today’s Inspiration Post speaks to Dreams. Let it light the fire within you and, for today, live your Dreams and make them come alive. Then take them with you into tomorrow. Be Your Dreams! And never stop Dreaming! Blessings!

Dreams 1

Dreams 3

Dreams 4

Dreams 5

Dreams 12

Dreams 13

Dreams 11

Dreams 10

Dreams 8

Dreams 7

Dreams 6


8 comments on “Weekend Inspiration ~ Dream Your Dreams

  1. Good morning 🙂 great inspiration 🙂
    Let’s follow our dreams, let’s live to the max with no fears 🙂 let’s be happy 🙂 i love this!

  2. You have chosen some beautiful quotes on Dreams.. We should always follow them, as as a Dreamwalker myself LOL.. I hope to continue walking them…

    I hope your weekend was relaxing.. My own weekend starts today, as I worked over mine… Thank you again for your wonderful posts… you truly are an inspiration .. Love Sue xox

      • Awww thank you, that is really special… and comes just at the right time as tears blurr my eyes as I just visited a blog and they said goodbye to their dog DeDe… a decision they knew they had to make.. I sent them my energy …. So thank you it means a lot.. xxx

      • Oh Sue…I am so sorry to hear of a loved one lost. I am sending out healing energy too. I also just posted a new post for today that I think is fitting at this moment if you care to read it and perhaps pass it on to your friend. It may help. Much Love, Light and Blessings to you and your friend!

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