Tuesday Affirmations ~ EGBOK


Did reading that make you giggle just a little bit and say whaaa…? It has a good sound, like something you want to repeat a couple of times because it rolls off your tongue in a cheeky kind of way. (See what I did there?) Anyway, I learned this at a self-help seminar many years ago, when they were all the rage, but it stuck with me and I have used it many times over the years. I do not know if there is an “author” or inventor of this little gem to give credit to, I do not know the origin of it, but if there is, consider yourself credited and thanked for this little quip that may sound funny but carries a potent message. It seemed a good thing to say today.

Everything’s Gonna Be O K


Repeat this affirmation as many times as you need to today…and pass it on. It is easy to say when you can’t get all the words out yourself. And, it can make a difference. So, from me to you



Monday Message ~ Flow


Happy Monday my Good Readers! I hope you had a wonderful…and Comforting…weekend. It is the start of the week, so our Monday Message post is at hand. This time, we are seeking our message from the Runes…so I plunge my hand into the bag of stones and pull one for us. Pulling “The Book of Runes” by Ralph Blum to me…I set down the stone and see that it is…

Laguz 1

Laguz:   “Flow, Water, That Which Conducts”

Message (paraphrased): “Unseen powers are active here, creative and fertile powers of Nature. The attributes of this Rune are water, fluidity, the ebb and flow of tides and emotions, of careers and relationships. Laguz fulfills our need to immerse ourselves in the experience of living without having to evaluate or understand. It speaks to the desire for comfort and the satisfaction of emotional needs, to the lunar side of our nature. For, while the sun strives for differentiation, the moon draws us toward unity and merging.

This Rune often signals a time for cleansing: for revaluing, reorganizing, realigning. A Rune of deep knowing, Laguz may call you to study spiritual matters in readiness for self-transformation. Success now lies in contacting your intuitive knowing, in attuning to your own rhythms. A Rune of the Self relating rightly to the Self, Laguz signifies what alchemists called the conjunctio, or sacred marriage. In fairy tales, it is the end where the hero and heroine live happily ever after”.

Laguz 2

from The Desk of MarDrag:

So, the start of the message this week is to still “go with the flow”…a reminder that we all need to hear sometimes. It is often difficult to go with the flow, especially if it appears the flow is taking us other than where we think we want to go. We question, ponder, and seek answers…but at times, it is called for to keep moving whether we have all the answers or fully understand or not. There are times when understanding does not come until we have moved through the circumstance. Would we hold our flow back or stop it for this?

Laguz 3

The word “Comfort” also comes up here, and I have been feeling this for everyone. I wish I could hold all of you in my arms, stroke your hair, and whisper comforting words to you. I think we all need a great deal of Comfort in these difficult days, but mostly get precious little of it. That is why it is so important to remember we can give Comfort to ourselves. Yes, it is nice to get it from others, but if we can’t, then we should not let ourselves down by withholding it from ourselves. Seek Comfort!

Laguz 4

And finally…we will find a deeper understanding, or knowing, as we take time to reorganize any chaotic thoughts, or chaos in our surroundings. With cleansing comes clarity. Do deep breathing exercises, meditate, or do cleansing and grounding exercises. Make them part of our daily routine. In doing these, we access our intuitive side and find our own unique rhythm. Make the time! Because, with this, we form a deeper relationship with the Self…and in coming together with our True Self…magic happens…and fairy tales, dreams, and desires come true!

Laguz 5


Weekend Inspiration ~ A Little Comfort


Good Weekend Morning! This has been another tough week for many…with more Ugh moments than we wanted…so today’s post is all about Comfort. A small reminder to find a moment of Comfort for yourself this weekend. Do something Comforting for you…no matter how hectic, obligated, or frustrated you are…give that moment of Comfort to yourself because you are a magnificent and cherished Earth Warrior and you deserve it. To get you started…I am passing on some Comfort from me…

Know you are loved…

Comfort 7

And that you are not alone in what you feel or are going through…

Comfort 5

Believe this to be true…

Comfort 2Comfort 3Sometimes life does call for us to experience discomfort, but…

Comfort 9

So in the midst of it, remember…

Comfort 6

Take a deep breath, relax, and know that…


And this last one is from me…to let you know that, if ever you feel alone and afraid and you have nowhere to turn, come here and find Comfort from a True Heart and know that…

Comfort 10

Whoever you are, wherever you are, whatever you are going through…there is a soul here who cares, and loves, and Comforts you.

Wrapping you all in a Hug of Comfort today!

Have a great weekend!


A Bit of Me


So, today is Friday the 13th…and I am feeling a bit mischievous. Last week, I stepped out of a comfort zone and posted one of my poems. I am deeply shy about sharing my poetry and do not do it often. But, I received some very nice comments and requests for more, and what writer can resist that? So…I am going out on another limb (look at me hanging!), and I am posting another one today.

This poem I wrote quite some years ago when my life was in turmoil and I went into hiding and wandered into the cave of desolation. I thought it would be better there and I would find some peace, but I found out differently, as the end of the poem says.

Although…this is also when the Dragons began to come to me in that cave…and save me. But that is a delicious story for another time. Blessings!

Winter Yard


I sit


Staring out my window

At the barrenness

Of a winter yard

A chill lays upon the branches

And flurries through the air

And I am dismal

Wondering where, oh where

Has my passion gone?

I read

Of lives and loves

Won and lost

Words spilling over me

Thinking, yes,

Somewhere, sometime

I have felt like that,

Passion overflowing

Intense and sweet

As if each moment were

Full to the brim with heat

Desire, love and longing

I used to fear and scorn

Such emotions as these

And longed for a day that

I would not feel so deeply

And therefore be freed from pain.

Alas, now I despair

That through my want of solitude

And distance from the pain that love can bring

I have set myself too far from that love

And now, in solitude

I wish the pain to conquer my breast again

So that I may know that I am alive.

Thoughts For The Day

Thoughts 1Thoughts 2

“Deep down, at our core, there are only two emotions: Love and Fear. All positive emotions come from Love, all negative emotions come from Fear. From Love flows happiness, contentment, peace, and joy. From Fear comes anger, hate, anxiety, and guilt.”  ~ David Kessler

from The Desk of MarDrag:

I do believe this to some extent. If we break all emotions down to the base core…they are about Love or Fear. It seems, knowing that, brings a clarity that allows us to manage those emotions better. If we know it comes from Love…let it shine. If it comes from Fear…find out why…and let it go. Love will move us forward while Fear will hold us back. Which would we rather live with?

Thoughts 3

“The finest thing in the world is knowing how to belong to oneself.”  ~ Michel de Montaigne

from The Desk of MarDrag:

If we really take notice, how many people or obligations are we beholden to? If we think deeper, do we feel we “belong” to those people and obligations more than we belong to ourselves? Are we forgetting to put ourselves high on the list of who gets attention? Because that is the only way we will get to know ourselves better and, gather our power around us, and finally belong where we belong…within ourselves. And a fine world we will find within…ready to project without.

Thoughts 4

“We dream to give ourselves hope. To stop dreaming – well, that’s like saying you can never change your fate.”  ~ Amy Tan

from The Desk of MarDrag:

Do you have a Dream? Many Dreams? For a while, way back when, I got discouraged and stopped Dreaming. I felt that, if they were not to become true, why Dream at all. I do not remember feeling much alive during that period. But…I do remember the day I started Dreaming again. And felt a connection to life I thought had been lost. Don’t ever, ever stop Dreaming. Not only can those Dreams change our fate…but they are the very threads that connect us to our True Self. Dreams open doors to wild and wonderful unknown worlds where magic is alive and anything is possible. What can we Dream up today?


Sometimes UGH Is OK Too


A lovely and cherished client asked me to write this blog the other day. We were talking about how most days it is part of our routine to begin the day with Spirit in our hearts and on our minds…and to say our daily prayers or rituals, or whatever name we give them, to draw positive and spiritual energy around us and make the day better because of it. I write a great deal about this here on the blog, and encourage us all to be aware of, and actively manage, our thoughts and actions in a positive direction. I believe that putting focus and attention on these topics every day helps to steer us away from negative thought and energy and retrains us to realize that we have command over what we think and feel…and that we always have a choice about how we direct those thoughts and feelings.

But then…there are…”THOSE” days.

Ugh 1

The “UGH” days. The days that, no matter how hard we try to bring Spirit into the day, we fail. Or no matter how hard we try to redirect our thoughts, or let go of something that is bothering us, or release anger and hurt, or send Love into the world…it just does not happen. It just won’t happen. It just doesn’t work. And what’s more…we might not want it to. For that day…we just might want to feel cranky, or sad, or frustrated…and no matter what we read, or what someone tells us, or how hard we pray…”it” won’t leave us…and we revel in it and can’t draw ourselves out of it.

My client asked me…is that ok? Do I always have to bring it around to positive? Shouldn’t I try harder? Or can I have an “UGH” day?

Ugh 2

I chuckled…and told her a story. For that very morning, I had an “UGH” moment myself. They do not come often anymore…but they come. And no matter how much I tried to do my Cleansing and Grounding exercise, or to Release what I was feeling and Balance my energy, or to Change my energy flow to Positive…nothing worked. It was not happening. And, it was not going to. Now, I have done this work for a long time, and with all that practice, it usually has tremendous impact on me and my day. I teach this to others as well. But that day…oh my…

So, I Surrendered to it. I gave up trying to make it anything other than what it was, and I allowed myself to Feel “It”. Really Feel it. Let it course through me and make itself known…to have its experience within me…so that it got what it needed, and then I was able to Release it…later. (After doing what we all do and putting it aside during work and obligations).

Ugh 3

For that moment though…I closed my eyes and turned my face and my heart and soul to my Higher Powers and said that, perhaps I could not reach the level of Spirituality I normally do that day…but if I could just send out my prayer of Gratitude for all that I have, and ask for Guidance and Support just to get through the day…then would that be good enough. And the answer from above was…Yes, It Is Good Enough. Sometimes we just have to accept that things are the way they are, even if they are not the greatest. And that we can’t always change it at that moment…or be the stellar Spiritual Warrior we usually expect ourselves to be, and are. Some days, our “best” is just to get through it. Some days it is hard to have a positive attitude when you feel like you do not have one more ounce to give. But, just remember, there is always tomorrow.

So on those days when you just can’t pull it all together…know it is OK to be “UGH”. Know it is ok to be exactly where you are at and not to feel bad about it, or inadequate, or like you should be “doing it better” or “making it happen”. Some days…it just doesn’t happen. And…it is…OK.

Ugh 5

Take the pressure off…and be who you are today. That IS enough!

Ugh 4


Monday Message ~ Feel It


For our Monday Message today, I have chosen a passage from a book I sometimes look through for inspiration. It is called “I Am The Beloved” by Reverend Joy Dial. There are passages in this book that are remarkable in their wisdom, and this one spoke out to me this morning, asking to be the message that sends us into our week. It is about Feelings and Emotions…and here it is, paraphrased:

“If you choose, you have the Power and the Authority to make permanent changes in your physical reality, through a thorough catharsis of feelings that de-fragments the emotional clutter within your system. When you give yourself the opportunity to experience your lifetime of unfelt feelings, then the way is cleared for your experience of the fullness of your being.

Know that karmic energy is not be understood by the intellect, but experienced on a feeling level. If you choose not to experience these feelings, they are projected into a manifest form or situation which will impose the experience upon you, again and again, until you choose to surrender to the experience.

The experience and release of blocked energy expressing through you as sadness or despair, empowers you to also let go of narrow-minded misconceptions. Letting go of this energy leaves you with a tolerance and compassion that foreshadows all old opinions or judgments.

The energy you discharge fulfills hereditary karmic handicaps, leaving you free to experience the elegance you know as your True Self.”

Feel 1

from The Desk of MarDrag:

My post yesterday was about Personal Power. Now today, we have a message that tells us not only do we have Power…but we also have Authority over our lives. With Power and Authority, we have command of our lives and spaces and we can change our reality. But that change does not only come from the intellect from which ideas spring. It also comes from Feeling the energy that is the springboard for those ideas.

Feel 2

Now, if we deny our Feelings, about anything, including ideas, people, emotions, pain, suffering, joy, happiness…then we deny a part of ourselves that we are meant to experience, and we stuff those Feelings, creating a cluttered pile of emotion that has no outlet. With no outlet, and therefore no relief through experience, those cluttered crammed Feelings will manifest in some form, in order to be experienced, and will continue to manifest until we embrace the Feelings and the experience necessary for their release. (How many times do we ask ourselves why we are going through something…again?!)

In other words…Experience Everything…Feel Everything. It is a part of our lives for a reason, and we are meant to live it. There is a saying that the only way to “get over” feeling something…is to go through it. To Feel it with every fiber of our being for all it is worth. To squeeze every drop of energy out of our experiences…both good and bad…and then we will know the fullness of our being.

Feel 3

And so too, as we move through the experience and Feelings, we release any blocked energy and open the flow of our life, empowering us to let go of misconceptions, opinions, and judgments that hold us back. Leaving us with more tolerance and compassion, for ourselves as well as others.

Feel 4

Don’t hide. Live life to the fullest. Feel Life. And, if there are Feelings within you that have been denied and have not had their experience, let them out, Feel them, then let them go. The energy you let go of clears your karmic path of old experiences and leaves you clean and open for new experiences that will lead you to a deeper relationship with your True Self.

Feel 5


Weekend Inspiration ~ Personal Power ~ A Gentle Reminder

PP 6

Personal Power…we all possess it. In abundance. But, we can forget we have it, or take it for granted, or neglect it, or deny it and think we are powerless.  In the face of difficulties…it is easy to forget that we have Personal Power and can move things, shake them up, and change them.

This quote says it so eloquently…

PP 4

And this too is true…

PP 1

Take action to retrain your mind so that…

PP 5


PP 7

Use this opportunity to recall and reclaim your Personal Power…

and take it out there with you into your life.

Live your Power!

PP 3


Thoughts For The Day

Thoughts 1

“Every day, tell at least one person something you like, admire, or appreciate about them.” ~ Richard Carlson

from The Desk of MarDrag:

Especially yourself. It seems these days we have gotten into the habit of focusing on the negative long before we acknowledge any positive. Specifically in people. Just look at social media sites. Well…let’s change that pattern. Like the quote says…every day, say something nice to someone, or acknowledging, or compassionate…just for the sake of saying it, not for any ulterior motive. And we should begin by saying those things to ourselves in the mirror as soon as we wake. What a difference that would make to the day for everyone.

Thoughts 2

“If you had a friend who talked to you like you sometimes talk to yourself, would you continue to hang around with that person? “ ~ Rob Bremer

from The Desk of MarDrag:

I found this quote after finding the one above…and it fits in well here. Self-talk is something we go through each day with, barely aware of what it is or what we really say to ourselves. If we paid more attention, something tells me we would be shocked. AND, if we listened as if it were someone else speaking to us…would we allow them to go on? Would we even be around them anymore? Would we be indignant or hurt? Take note of your self-talk. And if it is anything less than perfect love and perfect trust…see the first quote above and carry on!

Thoughts 3

“Love is a force more formidable than any other. It is invisible – it cannot be seen or measured, yet it is powerful enough to transform you in a moment, and offer you more joy than any material possession could.” ~ Barbara de Angelis

from The Desk of MarDrag:

Do absolutely everything in the name of Love. Send every thought, feel every emotion, say every word, take every action…with Love. That is All. Love is All.

And I send All my Love out to you!