Monday Message ~ Openness


Good Morning! It is the start to another week, but not just any week is it? I hope everyone had a good weekend finishing holiday chores and shopping. And…I hope you found some Holiday Cheer out there.

Even though this is a special week, I wanted to get our Monday Message post off to you so we could see what the Universe has to help us get started. For today’s message, I sought my “Angel Cards”, which is a small deck of cards with angels on them, and one corresponding word for the day. You are supposed to pick one in the morning and use that word through out the day, in both verbiage and action. So today’s message comes in the form of the word:

Openness Card

Angel Card: “Openness”

from The Desk of MarDrag:

Now, there is no book or explanation card accompanying these Angel Cards, so we must look to our own devices for the meaning of the message. Of course, the word “Openness” is easy to grasp the meaning of…it is an every day word. But, in terms of a spiritual message, what would the Universe have us hear?

So, I begin by taking to my trusty, dusty Oxford American dictionary and find this definition:

Opennesswithout obstruction to passage or view; the free expression of one’s true feelings and opinions; affording unobstructed entrance and exits; not shut or closed; accessible”

And there it is…what a beautiful description of the word! And…one we can get to know better ourselves. Listen, this is a crazy world we are thrust in the middle of these days. There is a great deal to be apprehensive about, or down right fear. There is turmoil, confusion, and despair. And, day after day, it takes its toll on us, and we often feel like we would like to curl up indoors and not peek out again. We would like to close our hearts and minds to it all, put on our blinders, and shut down.

Openness 2

But…that would only be detrimental to one person…ourselves. If we want to survive, or change things, or change our own lives and realities…we have to stay Open. When we are shut down, we not only shut down to the negative things, but we are then closed to anything positive getting through as well. We cannot live full, rich lives being closed up. We must take that risk of being hurt, or failing, or making mistakes in order to get to the good stuff. We must experience it ALL…and in order to have experiences, we must be Open to them.

So, the message today here is…consider Openness. Consider being Open to life no matter what it throws at us. There is always Life happening, embrace it. Be Open to it and to our fellow human beings who are struggling, just like us, and need an Open heart or hand. And…if you are in need…Open your heart and ask for help. Someone else will be there with an Open hand.

Openness 1

“Without obstruction to passage or view” ~ I love this definition. In order to view our lives and pass through them without obstructions…we must be Open.


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