Weekend Inspiration ~ A Little Comfort


Good Weekend Morning! This has been another tough week for many…with more Ugh moments than we wanted…so today’s post is all about Comfort. A small reminder to find a moment of Comfort for yourself this weekend. Do something Comforting for you…no matter how hectic, obligated, or frustrated you are…give that moment of Comfort to yourself because you are a magnificent and cherished Earth Warrior and you deserve it. To get you started…I am passing on some Comfort from me…

Know you are loved…

Comfort 7

And that you are not alone in what you feel or are going through…

Comfort 5

Believe this to be true…

Comfort 2Comfort 3Sometimes life does call for us to experience discomfort, but…

Comfort 9

So in the midst of it, remember…

Comfort 6

Take a deep breath, relax, and know that…


And this last one is from me…to let you know that, if ever you feel alone and afraid and you have nowhere to turn, come here and find Comfort from a True Heart and know that…

Comfort 10

Whoever you are, wherever you are, whatever you are going through…there is a soul here who cares, and loves, and Comforts you.

Wrapping you all in a Hug of Comfort today!

Have a great weekend!



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