Monday Message ~ Feel It


For our Monday Message today, I have chosen a passage from a book I sometimes look through for inspiration. It is called “I Am The Beloved” by Reverend Joy Dial. There are passages in this book that are remarkable in their wisdom, and this one spoke out to me this morning, asking to be the message that sends us into our week. It is about Feelings and Emotions…and here it is, paraphrased:

“If you choose, you have the Power and the Authority to make permanent changes in your physical reality, through a thorough catharsis of feelings that de-fragments the emotional clutter within your system. When you give yourself the opportunity to experience your lifetime of unfelt feelings, then the way is cleared for your experience of the fullness of your being.

Know that karmic energy is not be understood by the intellect, but experienced on a feeling level. If you choose not to experience these feelings, they are projected into a manifest form or situation which will impose the experience upon you, again and again, until you choose to surrender to the experience.

The experience and release of blocked energy expressing through you as sadness or despair, empowers you to also let go of narrow-minded misconceptions. Letting go of this energy leaves you with a tolerance and compassion that foreshadows all old opinions or judgments.

The energy you discharge fulfills hereditary karmic handicaps, leaving you free to experience the elegance you know as your True Self.”

Feel 1

from The Desk of MarDrag:

My post yesterday was about Personal Power. Now today, we have a message that tells us not only do we have Power…but we also have Authority over our lives. With Power and Authority, we have command of our lives and spaces and we can change our reality. But that change does not only come from the intellect from which ideas spring. It also comes from Feeling the energy that is the springboard for those ideas.

Feel 2

Now, if we deny our Feelings, about anything, including ideas, people, emotions, pain, suffering, joy, happiness…then we deny a part of ourselves that we are meant to experience, and we stuff those Feelings, creating a cluttered pile of emotion that has no outlet. With no outlet, and therefore no relief through experience, those cluttered crammed Feelings will manifest in some form, in order to be experienced, and will continue to manifest until we embrace the Feelings and the experience necessary for their release. (How many times do we ask ourselves why we are going through something…again?!)

In other words…Experience Everything…Feel Everything. It is a part of our lives for a reason, and we are meant to live it. There is a saying that the only way to “get over” feeling something…is to go through it. To Feel it with every fiber of our being for all it is worth. To squeeze every drop of energy out of our experiences…both good and bad…and then we will know the fullness of our being.

Feel 3

And so too, as we move through the experience and Feelings, we release any blocked energy and open the flow of our life, empowering us to let go of misconceptions, opinions, and judgments that hold us back. Leaving us with more tolerance and compassion, for ourselves as well as others.

Feel 4

Don’t hide. Live life to the fullest. Feel Life. And, if there are Feelings within you that have been denied and have not had their experience, let them out, Feel them, then let them go. The energy you let go of clears your karmic path of old experiences and leaves you clean and open for new experiences that will lead you to a deeper relationship with your True Self.

Feel 5



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