Weekend Inspiration ~ Personal Power ~ A Gentle Reminder

PP 6

Personal Power…we all possess it. In abundance. But, we can forget we have it, or take it for granted, or neglect it, or deny it and think we are powerless.  In the face of difficulties…it is easy to forget that we have Personal Power and can move things, shake them up, and change them.

This quote says it so eloquently…

PP 4

And this too is true…

PP 1

Take action to retrain your mind so that…

PP 5


PP 7

Use this opportunity to recall and reclaim your Personal Power…

and take it out there with you into your life.

Live your Power!

PP 3



5 comments on “Weekend Inspiration ~ Personal Power ~ A Gentle Reminder

  1. People tend to relate power with the ability to get what you want and order people around. The type of power you’re referring to isn’t dictatorship, it’s that quiet strength that tells you “this is who you are, let no one lead you astray.” One word I’ve come to understand means just the opposite is “empowerment.” When I hear that word I wonder what the person who used it is doing to try to take our power away. 🙂

      • I believe the last sentence in your reply to my reply is right-on. 🙂

        If we don’t find out who we are and live by it, but instead rely on others to tell us what that is, empowerment become enslavement.

  2. Good morning!

    We all have it, we must not forget that. We must remember to use it. It is there to help us in so many ways. It is so sad to think back when i didn’t even knowing about this, later learning it but still not believe it applied to me, later trying to use it and fail. Time has passed and i am believing it more, i am learning it more and i am practicing it more 🙂 i hope to eventually just be natural 🙂

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