A Horse, Of Course


Horse 1

The Horse Gallops In With Renewed Passion in 2014

I went looking for meaning for the year 2014 and came upon the Chinese Zodiac, in which I found some great information. It seems we are coming out of 2013, The Year of the Snake…and many people can attest to how difficult the year was…like a Snake in the grass that pounced as soon as he saw us. However…the Zodiac wheel is turning and we are now to enter…The Year of the Horse. The Wooden Horse or Green Horse, to be specific.

I swept the internet for its meaning as I am not well informed about the Chinese Zodiac, and found some encouraging and wonderful messages. All the sites speak of the Horse as a symbol of nobility, elegance, and determination. The Horse is warm-hearted, intelligent, strong, and able. The Horse is also a symbol of travel, so it indicates speedy success.

Horse is also a strong fire sign, linked to the Sun. Horse is a trustworthy animal who breaks free and runs with Power, Freedom, and a Oneness with Nature. Horse also indicates an expanded sense of self. They say the Year of the Horse will be expansive and exuberant and that people will be more forgiving and cooperative. It is also going to be a year for travel, parties, and community events.

Horse 2

All in all…according to the Chinese Zodiac…the Year of the Horse promises to be significantly better than last year. I just heard a collective sigh of relief! If we are to understand the messages…The Year of the Horse will be full with Passion, Exuberant Energy, Speedy Success, Freedom, Power, Travel, and Parties. Yes…it definitely sounds better than last year! So, take these “buzz words” into the New Year with you, carry them in your basket of wishes.

Horse 3

Harness the Power and Magnificence of the Horse and gallop into your New Year with fresh energy, looking forward to a calmer year, one full of new hope and successes. Ride that Horse barebacked…run through the fields of life, splash through the cleansing rivers, and let Horse take you on that new journey you have been waiting to take with your life.


Monday Message ~ Joy and A Burst of Energy


Happy Monday! It is that time again, for our Monday message post to take us into the week. And an auspicious week it is…with the New Year arriving. So today’s message is not only for what the week will bring, but for what the start of the New Year will be about. For this, I looked to the power and wisdom of the animal kingdom to guide us with this important message. So, I took to my deck, “Medicine Cards, The Discovery of Power Through The Ways of Animals” by Jami Sams and David Carson…and the card I pulled for us is:

Hummer 2

Hummingbird:   “Embrace What Makes You Happy; Be Joyful; Count Your Blessings; Open Yourself To Pleasure”

Message (paraphrased): “The song of Hummingbird awakens the flowers. Hummer sings a vibration of pure joy. Flowers love Hummingbird because nectar-sucking brings about the reproduction of their families. Plants flower and live because of Hummingbird.

It is said that Hummingbird conjures love like no other medicine does, and that Hummingbird feathers open the heart. Without an open, loving heart, you can never taste the nectar and pure bliss of life. To Hummingbird, life is a wonderland of delight – darting from one beautiful flower to another, tasting the essences, and radiating the colors.

If Hummingbird has flown into your cards today, get ready to laugh musically and enjoy Creator’s many gifts. Drop your judgmental attitude and relax. Hummingbird will no doubt give you a flash of the spirit, darting here, there and everywhere. Get ready for a strange new burst of energy which may send your senses reeling.

Hummingbird hears celestial music and is in harmony with it. Hummingbird energetically embraces the highest aesthetics. Beauty is the target, and its mission is to spread Joy. Follow Hummingbird and you will be filled with paroxysms of Joy, and experience a renewal of the magic of living.”

Hummer 3

from The Desk of MarDrag:

What an absolutely surprising and splendid message for this week! It is interesting too, as last Monday’s message was also about Openness, but Hummingbird takes it so much further.

As we all acknowledge…there is a great deal of difficulty in the world, in our lives, and our minds and hearts. BUT…Hummingbird is here to tell us that, just because that is true, it does not mean that Joy and Beauty are not to be found there too. When things are hard, we tend to shut down, close our energy and our hearts, and lock ourselves away because we think it will be easier to deal with things. But, this is not true. Because when we lock ourselves to negative and difficult, we also lock ourselves to positive and joy. As Hummingbird says… Without an open, loving heart, you can never taste the nectar and pure bliss of life. As scary or challenging as it is to open up, it is what we must do to allow life to come to us. And, if we open our hearts with Love instead of fear…we will inevitably see the Beauty of life instead of the dread. Look through the eyes of Love…because all the other “stuff” is just that…and Love is the most important thing to live for.

Hummer 5

Hummingbird lives Love and Joy. Its entire vibration is of Pure Joy…darting from one blossom to the next, fulfilling its destiny of bringing Life and Joy to the world. Its entire existence is about Beauty. And though we, as humans, cannot live our life entirely as the Hummingbird…we can certainly take a valuable lesson from her and seek to be as much like she as we can be. By seeing the Love and Beauty in all things…we bring it about to Be. We make it so. We bring it to Life. We feed it the nectar of our sight and our enchantment…and we cause Beauty to Live.

Hummer 4

And with that…Hummingbird also tells us to get ready for a new burst of energy this week. YES! She tells us to get ready to laugh and embrace gifts that are to come. How wonderful that she appears to lead us into the New Year…giving us a taste of the blooming of Spring…of new energy rushing in…and of good things to come.

This message could not have come at a better time for many of us…and I am Grateful for its appearance today. I hope it brings you comfort and delightful anticipation, and gives you courage and hope for the New Year.

Hummer 7

Opening our hearts is a risk…but a risk well taken when Beauty, Joy, and Love are the gifts to be had for the Opening. I open my heart to all of you…and wish you all these things for the week and the New Year.

Open Heart


Weekend Inspiration ~ The Week End

WE 8

Even for a Holiday week where we get to celebrate in the middle of the week and have time off, it seems like no time off at all. So, we still count the hours and the minutes until the weekend arrives and we have “permission” to rest, relax, rejuvenate, have some fun, get in touch with our spirit, or just do nothing. So…today’s post is in honor of the sacredness of the Week’s End…and I wish you a lovely one full of whatever you wish it to be. Many Blessings to You!

WE 1

WE 4

WE 7

WE 2

WE 5

WE 10

WE 9

WE 3

WE 6

The Possibility of A Moment


I ran across this post I wrote nearly a year ago, when I first started the blog, and it spoke out to me today…and so, I re-post it for you in hopes it speaks to you on this “Friday of a Holiday Week”. Be good to yourselves! Blessings!

“Know that what you call life is a succession of assorted moments all strung together in a wonderful, random series of energy events determined by the elegance of your conscious choices within each present moment. The next moment of experience is created through your conscious choices within this moment. Know that this moment you are creating your next best possible experience in an endless range of possibilities, of consequences, of circumstances, of relationships, of experiences and energy events.

Appreciate these moments and grow that appreciation. Confront these moments in peace and love and release all tension and opposition, relaxing into the moment, knowing all is well. Fully experience the current moment. Intend to experience the highest and best possibility of each moment as a self-fulfilling creation of the next best possible moment. Let that be your experience as often as you can. Be aware. Create your moments one by one. See how great, how elegant you can be, and experience what happens.”  ~ Reverend Joy Dial

Moments 4

from the Desk of MarDrag:

I ran across this passage in a book I look through from time to time for my own inspiration. I had the pleasure of knowing, for a time, the author of the book, Reverend Joy Dial. We had many deep and powerful conversations and I learned a great deal from her.

This passage stood out to me last night because, in this day and age, we are all rushing through life, running through our days full of activities, obligations and, as one of the posters here so eloquently stated yesterday, “dictated by chores, errands, to-do lists, and countless tasks just to get to the end of the day unscathed”. I was moved by the truth of that statement and got to thinking about the breakdown of each moment of our days and how they might be different if we saw a day, or lived it, moment by moment.

Moments 1

We are all in such high gear that we forget that a day IS made up of moments, as the Reverend says, strung together. But we live as if each day is one accumulation of 24 hours that we have to “get through” or manage and we lose our awareness that we are in control of each moment and that each moment is there with the potential for us to enjoy it, or at the very least, acknowledge our accomplishments or those of others. Most of the time, we are berating ourselves for not getting more done, for feeling inadequate, or for not being as good as we feel we can be.

And the moments just slip away, one by one, never to be reclaimed again.

Moments 2

Today….appreciate each moment of your day. Be aware as possible of the gift of each moment and savor it. Know that there are endless possibilities for each moment you spend today and that YOU have the power to choose how it is spent. Experience each moment to the fullest, no matter what you are doing. Create those moments how YOU want them to be, even while tending to obligations and tasks because, even in those moments, we can be “elegant” in how we choose to live them.

Because this moment, right now, is creating your next moment.

I love the moments I spend with you all here, and I love that you spend some of your moments on my blog, and I hope that those moments are enjoyable and fulfilling!

Moments 3


After The Holiday


After 5

Well, we made it! I hope everyone had a lovely holiday!

But…if you are waking up like this…

After 1

Or you haven’t woken up yet and are like this…

After 3

And after all that hard work, your house looks like this…

After 4

Then, as soon as you can, put those feet up, take a couple of aspirin, and have some of these…

After 2

Then take one of these…

After 8

Because this is waiting for you, dontchaknow…

After 6


After 7


Wishes For A Happy Holiday!

HH 1

Good Morning! The wait is over, the anticipation spent, and now merry wishes, can be openly sent.

My wish for all of you in this Holiday Season is that you find Joy, Love, and Peace around your table and in your heart. Stay cozy and warm in your home with family and friends near by, to share in the merriment, and a piece of pie.

HH 3

With the Religion or Spirituality you embrace, may it bring you comfort, reflection, and awakening as the wheel turns again and we move into a new phase and a New Year.

Know that my Heart is Full of the Spirit of the Season and I am sending it on to You. Take a bit…and then pass it on and share it from Your Heart!

I will be away from the blog for two days…but may those days be wonderful for you…and I will see you back here Thursday.

HH 2

Many Blessings and So Much Love to you All!

Monday Message ~ Openness


Good Morning! It is the start to another week, but not just any week is it? I hope everyone had a good weekend finishing holiday chores and shopping. And…I hope you found some Holiday Cheer out there.

Even though this is a special week, I wanted to get our Monday Message post off to you so we could see what the Universe has to help us get started. For today’s message, I sought my “Angel Cards”, which is a small deck of cards with angels on them, and one corresponding word for the day. You are supposed to pick one in the morning and use that word through out the day, in both verbiage and action. So today’s message comes in the form of the word:

Openness Card

Angel Card: “Openness”

from The Desk of MarDrag:

Now, there is no book or explanation card accompanying these Angel Cards, so we must look to our own devices for the meaning of the message. Of course, the word “Openness” is easy to grasp the meaning of…it is an every day word. But, in terms of a spiritual message, what would the Universe have us hear?

So, I begin by taking to my trusty, dusty Oxford American dictionary and find this definition:

Opennesswithout obstruction to passage or view; the free expression of one’s true feelings and opinions; affording unobstructed entrance and exits; not shut or closed; accessible”

And there it is…what a beautiful description of the word! And…one we can get to know better ourselves. Listen, this is a crazy world we are thrust in the middle of these days. There is a great deal to be apprehensive about, or down right fear. There is turmoil, confusion, and despair. And, day after day, it takes its toll on us, and we often feel like we would like to curl up indoors and not peek out again. We would like to close our hearts and minds to it all, put on our blinders, and shut down.

Openness 2

But…that would only be detrimental to one person…ourselves. If we want to survive, or change things, or change our own lives and realities…we have to stay Open. When we are shut down, we not only shut down to the negative things, but we are then closed to anything positive getting through as well. We cannot live full, rich lives being closed up. We must take that risk of being hurt, or failing, or making mistakes in order to get to the good stuff. We must experience it ALL…and in order to have experiences, we must be Open to them.

So, the message today here is…consider Openness. Consider being Open to life no matter what it throws at us. There is always Life happening, embrace it. Be Open to it and to our fellow human beings who are struggling, just like us, and need an Open heart or hand. And…if you are in need…Open your heart and ask for help. Someone else will be there with an Open hand.

Openness 1

“Without obstruction to passage or view” ~ I love this definition. In order to view our lives and pass through them without obstructions…we must be Open.


Weekend Inspiration ~ Holiday Cheer

HS 5

Is anyone else finding a lack of Holiday Cheer out there this year? It is no surprise really, what with all the turmoil in the world these days. But, stepping out to do errands, shop, and “holiday wander”…I have found such a lack of Spirit in people, and it saddens me. I am wistful for the days when we could find a smile or a greeting from the next person in line, or share a story while waiting at the post office. But, mostly, I found grumbling, impatience, and oh…don’t get me started on pleasant customer service and the lack thereof.

SO…I am taking matters into my own hands…and blog…and I am spreading Holiday Cheer here today…in hopes it will inspire you to go out and share more Holiday Cheer with others…and shine your wonderful Light of the Season all around…

Because there is…

HS 1So before you head out, enjoy a cup o’ joe on me…

HS 11

“Cause it’s…

HS 4

My favorite Christmas movie for watching later…

HS 3

And of course we will enjoy some carolers…

HS 6

Because we all know…

HS 7So raise your voices in song…not at your family…

HS 6

Some of who may get in a spot of trouble…

HS 2

But no worries…here is a gift to Cheer you…

HS 10

And if that does not work, there is always this…

HS 8And my wishes for a weekend full of Holiday Cheer because my mission is to be…

HS 9

So, from the bottom of my heart and the depth of my soul, I send you Greetings and Blessings and Hopes that your days will be filled with…

HS 12

All My Love and Blessings!

Thoughts For The Day

Thoughts 1

“Begin challenging your own assumptions. Your assumptions are your windows on the world. Scrub them off every once in awhile so the light can shine in.”  ~ Alan Alda

from The Desk of MarDrag:

You know what they say about Assuming. But truthfully, Assumptions are rarely based on evidence or truth. Assumption, by definition, is “a fact or statement taken for granted”. So, we Assume we know this or that, or make Assumptions about life, people, or circumstances. But, the Assumption clouds the Real Truth waiting to come out. So as the quote says, scrub the Assumption away so the light, and clarity, can shine through.

Thoughts 2“The habit of being uniformly considerate toward others will bring increased happiness to you.”  ~ Greenville Kleiser

from The Desk of MarDrag:

I love this quote because I firmly believe it. I believe that being considerate to others opens our hearts, when they would be closed. If we are feeling badly, or having a rough day, the act of being considerate changes our energy, and makes us feel good. It can completely change the flow of someone’s day, ours included. A happy feeling wells up when we do something considerate for another human being, and they are grateful or moved. It is a habit that all the world could do with remembering these days. So let us begin with ourselves. Today.

Thoughts 3

“When the empty spaces show up – if we let them –that is exactly when our lives get quiet enough to make room for what is next.”  ~ Jenny Blake

from The Desk of MarDrag:

Ahhh, the empty spaces. Those empty spaces we all fear and are wary of. We think we need to fill up every moment, every corner, every nook and cranny of our lives. But when we do this, we forget that it is necessary to have down time…to have time that is filled with nothing…empty moments…so that we can take a deep breath, get quiet, and check in with ourselves. And…if we never emptied out any space around us, we would have no space to put anything new coming into our lives. It is a cycle…filling up, experience, emptying out, refilling with the new. Let that cycle be ok. Let the empty spaces speak to us and make room for what is coming to our lives. It is the Cycle of Life.


Wednesday ~ “Getting Over The Hump Day” Humor ~ Christmas Edition

Good Morning and Welcome to another Wednesday full of Humor. Today, I have the “Christmas Humor” post up because, though Christmas is still a week away, it will be light posting days next week, especially Tues./Wed., and I did not want you to miss all the funny holiday pics I found for you. So, I hope this gets you in the spirit and puts a huge smile on your face. Ha, Ha, Ha….Merry Christmas! Blessings!

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