Musings On A Musing

Sun 1

I rise early, before the sun. I love the early morning hours before the world wakes…when you can almost see, and definitely feel, the break between worlds as we shift from the darkness of night and slumber into the light of day and wakefulness. As I cling to the gossamer threads of dreamtime…I watch the uncurling of the fingers of dawn as the sun rises and splashes its river of light across the horizon. And as the last threads of night dissolve with the power of the light, I too shed the cloak of darkness and step into that light and join the unfolding day.

Sun 2

It was in this transition time yesterday morning that I sat in my favorite chair, listening to the stillness of the dawn and enjoying the quiet before the bustle of a holiday morning took over the house. It was Thanksgiving Day, and I sat pondering the concept of a national holiday, a day of giving thanks for all that we have in our lives…even if there is a great deal missing…we still have a great deal to be thankful for.

And, it was at that moment that I realized that…all across the country, no matter the time zone, no matter that economic structure of the household, no matter the number of people, no matter the reasons…but that most every household was, at that moment, beginning their day of feast and revelry…all in the name of Giving Thanks. And no matter how large or how small the crop of reasons were…that we were all coming together in the common goal of Gratitude. A unity of common thought and action…an inclusive cloud of empowered thought emitting puffs of positive, wonderful grateful energy.

Motorcycle Details

What a rush the dawn must have felt yesterday morning!

Sun 4

AND…if one ever feels alone in this life again…one only needs to remember that at any given moment, in any place or time zone on this planet, there is at least one other…if not many…feeling the same things we are feeling at the same time…and that has to count for something. There is an unspoken…yet unbroken…unity to this world, to we people, that will never, ever leave us Alone.

Sun 6

We are One…and One for All.



10 comments on “Musings On A Musing

  1. Good morning – this is sweet 🙂
    I have a lot to be thankful for and having a nice peaceful thanksgiving with my family yesterday, is one. My family is very small, but can be big in drama some times. I was pleasantly surprised and happy.

    Mar thanks for this blog… again :-). I was also pleasantly surprise to find a new blog this morning, no food coma? 🙂 i have sugar something. I eat so many sweets!!

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