Monday Message ~ New Beginnings


This week, our Monday Message comes from “The Book of Runes” by Ralph Blum. The Rune wisdom is always timely and appropriate…and this week proves to be no different. The Rune that presented itself in its wisdom this morning is:

Uruz 1

Uruz: “Strength, New Beginnings, Manhood, Womanhood”

Message (paraphrased): “The Rune of termination and new beginnings. It indicates that the life you have been living has outgrown its form, which must pass away so that life energy can be released in a new birth, a new form. Uruz is a Rune of passage and self-transformation.

Positive growth and change, however, can involve passage into darkness as part of the cycle of perpetual renewal. It is a natural progression. Remain mindful that the new form, the new life, is always greater than the old.

Prepare for opportunity disguised as loss. It could involve something that has an intense emotional bond, and through which you are living a part of your life. A part that must be retrieved so you can live it out for yourself. Seek among the ashes and discover a new perspective, and a new birth. Your soul, and the universe, support the new growth.”

Uruz 4

from The Desk of MarDrag:

Termination and New beginnings. Just as in Nature, our lives progress in a circle of gestation, birth, manifestation, realization, breaking down, re-seeding, and re-birth. That is…everything new, at some point, becomes old…and it is necessary to “empty out” and reclaim the space for new things, re-birth.

So, if we have outgrown the life we have been living…and this happens to us all…then it is necessary to let go of the old form so that a new form can be constructed. And this can come in the form of loss in our lives…or a dark passage through some difficulty that we did not expect. The key is to recognize that the cycle of growth and change has to include the concept of loss…or there would be no clearing away of the old and opening the space for the new. There would be no transformation.

We are challenged at times with loss…the loss of a job, of income, of a person, a dream, an expectation, a way of life we had come to depend on. BUT – it is our “perception” of the loss that really counts here. For every loss makes way for something new. So…if we can focus on “the space around the loss”, that is, “the potential of possibilities that are now open” because of the loss…then we can transition, transform, and create into growth and the birth of something new and magnificent.

Uruz 3

How many times have we looked at something we had to let go of and thought we could never manage without it, or feared the change it represented and dreaded what it might bring…only to be transported into something new and wonderful we had not anticipated?

We must be mindful of our perspective and see with our heart and soul as well as our eye and mind. Just in this, we expand the limited vision of only seeing with the eye and mind. There is so much more to the story, our story.

So…though things might “look” bleak at the moment, know it is only a necessary passage to go through as transition takes place, clearing of the old way manifests, and space for a re-birth is made. It is the natural way of things. Believe…and Trust.

Uruz 2



6 comments on “Monday Message ~ New Beginnings

  1. Good morning 🙂

    New beginnings that can only happen after other things end. I can be hard to let go or end things, but knowing that it is not the end of everything with hope and actions to create something better 🙂

    Waiting around for a change got old, and preparing to make the change myself took a while, but I made it. Now i must make the best of it and create something better for me 🙂

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