Weekend Inspiration ~ Gratitude


Happy Weekend! This weekend’s inspiration is brought to you by Gratitude. I firmly believe that Gratitude is important to remember and cultivate into our every day lives. It is often hard to be Grateful when we are going through difficulties or we have not achieved or received what we want out of life. Or if the road to that achievement is strewn with rocks and potholes. BUT…Gratitude softens those blows, it softens the heart, and it reminds us that…even though our lives may not be perfect, if we look closely, there are many small things to be Grateful for that, strung together, make up a fine tapestry of joy and peace.

Go into your weekend looking at all those things you can be Grateful for…and to help get you started, here are some lovely and profound quotes:

G 9

G 1

G 2

G 3

G 6

G 7

G 5

G 8

G 10

I am so Grateful for the people, every day joys and lessons, and dreams if have…and most assuredly, I am Grateful for all of you who come to read my blog and find something worthwhile here. 

Blessings to All of You!

8 comments on “Weekend Inspiration ~ Gratitude

  1. And i am grateful for this blog and you 🙂

    Thanks Mar! I do have things to be grateful and i can start with having a new day, having a roof over my head, food, health, my dog, cable and internet 😛 my family and friends, my dreams and hopes awaken again 🙂

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