Thoughts For The Day

Thoughts 11-7

“You must understand that seeing is believing, but also know that believing is seeing.”  ~ Denis Waitley

MarDrags’ Thoughts:

We have all heard the saying “seeing is believing” in some form, and agreed. It is true that, when we “see” something, then beyond a shadow of a doubt, we can believe it, because we are seeing it with our very own eyes, or senses. But I love the quote above for taking it a step further, because indeed, when we “Believe” in something, then we are seeing it for its truth as well. So, Believe in what you want to create in your life, Believe wholeheartedly…and you will surely See it come to Light.

Thoughts 2 11-7

“In the place of stillness, rises potential. From the place of potential, emerges possibility. Where there is possibility, there is choice. And where there is choice, there is freedom.”  ~ Gabriella Goddard

MarDrags’ Thoughts:

When we are still, in the quiet we can hear the voice of wisdom…and it whispers the potential of the moment. And with potential present…the possibilities are limitless. With every possibility, a choice is born…as limitless as the possibility. And always…where there are choices…there is Freedom. Because we always have a Choice…we are always Free to make them. We are only ever “stuck” if we fail to see the Potential of the Possibilities of the many Choices we have at hand to make to live as we wish and Live Free.

Thoughts 3 11-7

“Every life has a measure of sorrow, and sometimes, this is what awakens us.”  ~ Steven Tyler

MarDrags’ Thoughts:

In a perfect world, we would not have to endure Sorrow, or its affect on our lives. But…it is not a perfect world…and none of us can avoid Sorrow, or its causes. But, it is at those moments of deep Sorrow and Pain that we find out who we really are…and our capacity to endure, grow, learn, and become enlightened. If we were always happy, with no difficulties to bear, we would never know the depths our Souls can reach in overcoming them. Sorrow awakens us to our potential for knowledge, growth…and cultivating our Spirit.


6 comments on “Thoughts For The Day

  1. I have endured, I only hope I have learned and grown enough 🙂
    I also believe that steps taken are to go on the right direction 🙂

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