Monday Message ~ Harvest


I have enjoyed these past few weeks beginning the week with a message from the tools I seek inspiration and guidance from…so I am turning to them again today and calling on the Rune’s for a bit of wisdom to begin our Monday. With my well-used, tattered and worn “Book of Runes” by Ralph Blum before me, I tumble the stones in their bag until one finds its way to my palm. The Rune that shows itself for us today is:

Jera 1

Rune:   Jera ~ “Harvest, Fertile Season, One Year

Message (paraphrased):  “A Rune of beneficial outcomes, Jera applies to any activity or endeavor to which you are committed. Receiving this Rune encourages you to keep your spirits up. Be aware, however, that no quick results can be expected. A span of time always is involved, a full cycle of time before the reaping, the Harvest or deliverance.

You have prepared the ground and planted the seed. Now you must cultivate with care. To those whose labor has a long season, Jera offers encouragement of success. Know that the outcome is in the keeping of Providence and continue to persevere.

Remember the farmer who was so eager to assist his crops that he went out at night and tugged on the new shoots. There is no way to push the river; equally you cannot hasten the Harvest. Be mindful that patience is essential for the recognition of your own process which, in its season, leads to the Harvest of the Self.”

Jera 2

from The Desk of MarDrag:

This is a very telling Rune to choose today since we have entered the season of the Harvest. A few weeks ago, the Rune for that week told of a change in energy, that the wheel of the season had turned from the weeks of negative energy into a brighter, more positive time. Now, we find ourselves in a position to Harvest that energy, which we have been cultivating.

For the past year…all the effort, energy, work, and seeds planted that have been fed, nurtured, watered, and tended are now ready to bear fruit and be Harvested to sustain us through the coming months. Jera encourages us to stay focused and positive about the outcome, knowing success is close at hand. Providence is at work.

Even so, we cannot “push the river” and expect results before their time. A matter of patience is called for. But, since this is the season of the Harvest, we can be encouraged that the patience and fortitude we have endured these months will carry us through until our Harvest is complete. Be mindful…and know that the greatest crop we can reap from our Harvest is…the Self.

Jera 3




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