Weekend Inspiration ~ Happiness


Today’s Weekend Inspiration is brought to you by…Happiness. It is a turbulent world we live in, and our lives are full of uncertainty and stress and concern…but I wanted to post a reminder today that…even through all of this…we still have the capacity for Happiness. We sometimes forget that life is  a series of ups and downs and while we may be on a down…we always rise again, up into the Light. Difficult times do flow back into good times. No matter where we are or what is going on…there is still that shaft of Light to look to…and for that…we can be Happy.

So, I have posted some messages today to help you find your Happy Place. May you take them into your weekend and “Get Your Smile On!” Don’t worry, be Happy…it will all be OK. Have a great, and Happy, weekend! Many Blessings!

Happy 8Happy 5

Happy 3

Happy 4

Happy 6

Happy 2

Happy 7

Happy 10

Happy 1

All of you make me smile every day! Thanks for stopping by…and I wish you Much Happiness!



4 comments on “Weekend Inspiration ~ Happiness

  1. Thank you Mar!!
    Must remember to be happy, say no to things/people who stress us, don’t let them take happiness from us, and we all have a nice smile. Don’t miss the joy and not wait until everything is perfect. We need to Smile and be happy now.

    Thank you for reminding us daily that we need i be happy, that good changing are coming our way, but not to wait until then to be happy. Be happy now. Little changes here and there, in ourselves or some situations. Do things for ourselves here and there. Making every day more enjoyable and less stressful. This way We can avoid getting overwhelmed.

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