Musings On A Musing

Sun 1

I rise early, before the sun. I love the early morning hours before the world wakes…when you can almost see, and definitely feel, the break between worlds as we shift from the darkness of night and slumber into the light of day and wakefulness. As I cling to the gossamer threads of dreamtime…I watch the uncurling of the fingers of dawn as the sun rises and splashes its river of light across the horizon. And as the last threads of night dissolve with the power of the light, I too shed the cloak of darkness and step into that light and join the unfolding day.

Sun 2

It was in this transition time yesterday morning that I sat in my favorite chair, listening to the stillness of the dawn and enjoying the quiet before the bustle of a holiday morning took over the house. It was Thanksgiving Day, and I sat pondering the concept of a national holiday, a day of giving thanks for all that we have in our lives…even if there is a great deal missing…we still have a great deal to be thankful for.

And, it was at that moment that I realized that…all across the country, no matter the time zone, no matter that economic structure of the household, no matter the number of people, no matter the reasons…but that most every household was, at that moment, beginning their day of feast and revelry…all in the name of Giving Thanks. And no matter how large or how small the crop of reasons were…that we were all coming together in the common goal of Gratitude. A unity of common thought and action…an inclusive cloud of empowered thought emitting puffs of positive, wonderful grateful energy.

Motorcycle Details

What a rush the dawn must have felt yesterday morning!

Sun 4

AND…if one ever feels alone in this life again…one only needs to remember that at any given moment, in any place or time zone on this planet, there is at least one other…if not many…feeling the same things we are feeling at the same time…and that has to count for something. There is an unspoken…yet unbroken…unity to this world, to we people, that will never, ever leave us Alone.

Sun 6

We are One…and One for All.


Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanks 1A Thanksgiving Wish to all you lovely readers…May you find Peace, Love and Harmony at your table today, and in your heart and soul. And may you share that with everyone around your table and make their lives, and yours, a better place for it.

Thanks 2

I am grateful for all of you who come here to read, comment, and share…I appreciate you all so much and Thank You for visiting my little spot in the great blogosphere of life! Blessings!

Thanks 3

Thanks 4

From My Heart To Yours!

Tuesday Affirmations ~ About Fear


It is “Affirmation Tuesday”, so I took to my “Gifts of Affirmations” Cards (by Amy Zerner & Monte Farber) for our quote today. An interesting card came up…as we have been talking about Change, Potential, and New Beginnings…which can bring out the Fear in us. Here is the card and the message:

Fear 1

Gift of Compassion ~ “I Use My Fears As Signs That Guide And Protect Me”

Message (paraphrased): “Use this gift when your fears prevent you from acting in your best interest. Our fears exist to help keep us safe from harm and from repeating mistakes we have made. If we seek to understand why we are afraid, we can make fear our friend and helper, not our master. It is important to avoid fearing success and the many changes it will bring.”

Fear 2

from The Desk of MarDrag:

So, Fear is a two-sided coin. On one side, Fear is our helper. It keeps us safe from harm and lets us know when something is in our path that we should stay away from, or alerts us to danger or harm. It also helps us to remember past mistakes that we are “afraid” to make again, and if we listen, we make better choices and decisions because of that Fear.

Fear 4

But, there is the other side of the coin of Fear also. That Fear debilitates us if we allow it to. That Fear can take command of our lives and cause us to shut down and stop living the life we are meant to live, and enjoy. It can keep us from new experiences, growing, and having loving people in our lives. It can also, as the affirmation says, keep us from moving forward to success and the changes being successful can bring. You have heard the saying…it is easier to be a failure than to fear success.

You have also heard, I am sure, the saying that the only thing to really Fear is Fear itself. And I do believe this is true. So, if we seek to understand what we Fear and why we Fear, then we can either release it and let it go, or master it, so we can function in spite of it…rather than allowing it to master us.

Fear 5

The thing is, Fear is inside of us, so we have created it. And, if we create something, we can “uncreate” it. Knowledge is power, so if we gain knowledge about our Fears, then they become less powerful, (as our power grows), and they have less and less impact. In addition, those things we Fear “will happen” most of the time don’t happen…and we have spent all that energy on the Fear instead of on taking action, or on being happy.

So, ask yourself this question…what purpose does Fear have in my life? Write it down, make a list of pros and cons (like a two-sided coin). Writing brings clarity, and a list will show you what to keep and what to discard. Draw a line through the Fears that do not serve you. Put the list somewhere you can see it and, when you feel a Fear taking command, look to the list to see if it is one that helps you. If it is not, and it has a line through it, remind yourself you have crossed that one “off your list” and discarded it…and it has no power over you anymore. And let it go. The more you do this, the more your mind will retrain itself to recognize a healthy Fear, or one that keeps you hindered in your life, and soon, you will not be controlled by it any longer. YOU will have the control back.

Fear 3

Seek to be the Mistress/Master of your life and all things in your mind and heart. You are the commander…steer yourself in the right direction!


Monday Message ~ New Beginnings


This week, our Monday Message comes from “The Book of Runes” by Ralph Blum. The Rune wisdom is always timely and appropriate…and this week proves to be no different. The Rune that presented itself in its wisdom this morning is:

Uruz 1

Uruz: “Strength, New Beginnings, Manhood, Womanhood”

Message (paraphrased): “The Rune of termination and new beginnings. It indicates that the life you have been living has outgrown its form, which must pass away so that life energy can be released in a new birth, a new form. Uruz is a Rune of passage and self-transformation.

Positive growth and change, however, can involve passage into darkness as part of the cycle of perpetual renewal. It is a natural progression. Remain mindful that the new form, the new life, is always greater than the old.

Prepare for opportunity disguised as loss. It could involve something that has an intense emotional bond, and through which you are living a part of your life. A part that must be retrieved so you can live it out for yourself. Seek among the ashes and discover a new perspective, and a new birth. Your soul, and the universe, support the new growth.”

Uruz 4

from The Desk of MarDrag:

Termination and New beginnings. Just as in Nature, our lives progress in a circle of gestation, birth, manifestation, realization, breaking down, re-seeding, and re-birth. That is…everything new, at some point, becomes old…and it is necessary to “empty out” and reclaim the space for new things, re-birth.

So, if we have outgrown the life we have been living…and this happens to us all…then it is necessary to let go of the old form so that a new form can be constructed. And this can come in the form of loss in our lives…or a dark passage through some difficulty that we did not expect. The key is to recognize that the cycle of growth and change has to include the concept of loss…or there would be no clearing away of the old and opening the space for the new. There would be no transformation.

We are challenged at times with loss…the loss of a job, of income, of a person, a dream, an expectation, a way of life we had come to depend on. BUT – it is our “perception” of the loss that really counts here. For every loss makes way for something new. So…if we can focus on “the space around the loss”, that is, “the potential of possibilities that are now open” because of the loss…then we can transition, transform, and create into growth and the birth of something new and magnificent.

Uruz 3

How many times have we looked at something we had to let go of and thought we could never manage without it, or feared the change it represented and dreaded what it might bring…only to be transported into something new and wonderful we had not anticipated?

We must be mindful of our perspective and see with our heart and soul as well as our eye and mind. Just in this, we expand the limited vision of only seeing with the eye and mind. There is so much more to the story, our story.

So…though things might “look” bleak at the moment, know it is only a necessary passage to go through as transition takes place, clearing of the old way manifests, and space for a re-birth is made. It is the natural way of things. Believe…and Trust.

Uruz 2


Weekend Inspiration ~ Meditation

Meditate 7

It seems the messages that came through for inspiration for my blog posts this week spoke a great deal about potential, space, and going quiet to look into that space to see the potential of possibilities that are close at hand for us. “Going Quiet” can mean many different things to all of us…and they are all good and right…but one of the best ways to go into the quiet, or space, is to Meditate. Whether it be simply sitting with eyes closed in silence or in full on Meditation…these moments help us get back in balance and stay cleansed and grounded so that we can be in optimum form to handle our lives. And also, in Quiet Meditation, we connect with the Divine and are able to hear and feel those wispy voices of wisdom that have so many wonderful things to tell us. Intuition speaks in that silence. An important voice to hear.

So…this weekend inspiration is…to find a few moments to Meditate, or Go Quiet, and listen for the whispers of wisdom that come to you. Or, simply quiet your mind and enjoy the peace that silence and space bring with them. Relax…and feel the calm sweep over you, and know that…it will all be OK.

Meditate 1

Meditate 3

Meditate 6

Meditate 5

Meditate 4

I love the following quote because it sends a timely message that…if we remember to consider every action we take, every chore we do, every care we take with others, every meal we make…is an action of our inner spirit…and if we perform each act with grace and harmony, our lives will automatically be full of love and peace. Put love, grace and harmony into everything you do and it will stream back to you.

Meditate 2

Enjoy your weekend in the Quiet of the Soul…

and may you find Peace, Love and Harmony there.


Thoughts For The Day

T 4

“Sometimes it takes a good fall to really know where you stand.”  ~ Hayley Williams

MarDrags’ Thoughts:

Floating on a cloud through life does not a character make. It is when we fall off the cloud and pick ourselves up again that we find out how much power we really have. So we all need a good fall once in awhile to find out how strong we are and to tap into the creativity that builds the foundation that will break our fall the next time.

T 2

“Deep in the human unconscious is a pervasive need for a logical universe that makes sense. But the real universe is always one step beyond logic.”  ~ Frank Herbert

MarDrags’ Thoughts:

Sometimes…things just do not make sense. And that can throw us off and confuse us. It can make us question our ability for critical thinking, which comes from our logical side. If we could only have all the answers to all our questions, with logical solutions and insight, then we might get it right, we think. But…logic goes only as far as we can see right in front of us. And the real creativity…the real universe…is way beyond logic. Look into the empty spaces, outside the boxes, and see the gifts there.

T 3

“Judging is preventing us from understanding a new truth. Free yourself from the rules of old judgments and create the space for new understanding.”  ~ Steve Maraboli

MarDrags’ Thoughts:

There seemed to be so many references to “space” this week in the blog posts. And here is yet another. I think the universe is trying to tell us something! I like this quote because it is so true that judging ourselves, circumstance, or others limits our scope of understanding and therefore limits our creativity. Look at any old judgments you may be holding onto that no longer work in your current frame of thought. Once released, a space opens up to be filled with all the goodies that the old judgment told you you could not have. Let go…and open up.


The Intuitive Guide

Intuition 1

from The Desk of MarDrag:

This quote caught my attention a while back and I have been meaning to write a post about it. It seems timely, what with Change coming, and an open, blank space to fill up with whatever we want to create. So…it stands to reason that Intuition would be an especially important tool at this time.

For Intuition is an impeccable guide. We ask all the time for guidance and help to understand the circumstances in our lives. And we often need assistance to get from one place to another as well. Generally, we look to and ask those outside ourselves for this guidance and help…and we forego or forget this loyal, worthy, all knowing voice within us called Intuition. And the thing is…it is THE best friend we will ever have…and it gives THE best advice and answers we could ever hope to get from anyone or anything else.

But most importantly…and as the quote says so eloquently…Intuition guides us to the thoughts that initiate creativity. When we have a burst of Intuition, and listen to it, new thoughts and ideas spark, and the flame of creativity is fanned into a roaring fire that burns away doubt and infuses us with the heat of potential and possibilities…that we may not have seen or thought of before.

So…I have a little challenge for you. Just for today, in every choice or decision you have to make today…use your Intuition. Use that wise inner voice for every task you undertake. Even when ordering your lunch…ask your Intuition what is best for you to eat for your health today. Experiment with “going with your gut”. How many times was that voice, that Intuition, on the mark when you used it? How much better did things turn out for having listened to your own inner wisdom? Or, if they did not turn out “better” due to other factors…was it still “right” that you listened to your own voice…even if you had to go another way?

Intuition 2

Practice using your Intuition. The more you use it, the stronger and more confident it gets…and the more you benefit. No one knows better what is best for you. Believe in that inner voice. It comes in Peace.


Monday Message ~ Unlimited Potential


Good Morning! In keeping with my recent pattern of seeking a message to begin our week with, I am turning to the animal kingdom this week for our words of wisdom. I have my “Medicine Cards ~ The Discovery of Power Through The Ways of Animals” deck by Jamie Sams and David Carson before me…and as I spread the cards across my desk, my hand hovers over them and is drawn to one, which revealed is:

Empty 3

The Blank Card: “Unlimited Potential”

Message (paraphrased): “Open your eyes! Pay attention! Trust yourself to recognize the gift being offered at this time. The blank card may act as a mirror, reflecting your inner desires, goals, dreams, power, or personality. Sometimes the emptiness of the blank card will bring a vision of what lies below the surface of consciousness. Enjoy the journey of emptiness in this process, and the fulfillment will become pure creativity.”

Empty 1

from The Desk of MarDrag:

The Blank Card…is so timely! Last weeks Monday Message was about Change. This week, we have a Blank Card that indicates the vast and “Unlimited Potential” there is as Change comes and goes. With a Blank Card…you can fill up that space with absolutely anything we wish to…it is our choice. By allowing Change to take place, we clear our space, and can therefore create and fill it with any and all that we desire.

Empty 4

And so we must pay close attention. What is it that we REALLY want and desire? We must allow the blank and empty space to be as a mirror, reflecting to us our deep inner dreams and power. Then draw those into the Blank Card ourselves…it is blank for OUR purpose.

Empty 2

Sometimes, when we are in the middle of difficult circumstances, we spend a great deal of time looking at the circumstance, turning it over and over, trying to find a solution or a way to change it. BUT…often the answer is not within the circumstance itself, but outside it, in the empty space below the surface…where there is room for it. Look deeper than the circumstance…look beyond it…into that blank space and see what takes shape. Look in the blank spaces around the issue or circumstance for the potential and infinite possibilities that are available.

Empty 5

Creative fulfillment is at hand. You have Unlimited Potential. Create your life just as you would like it…and go live it!