Weekend Inspiration ~ Amazing Moments


I ran across this “List Picture” the other day and really liked the message. So…for your Weekend Inspiration, I thought I would post it for your reading pleasure…but also, to hopefully inspire you to spend the weekend making your own list. We are always ready to list the difficulties, challenges, and rough moments in our day…but do we list the amazing moments? Those moments that can take your breath away…or those simple and quietly amazing moments that come and go so swiftly.

Be Inspired! And make your list, just for you, of all those moments of goodness that touch your life…and see how long the list can get. And then, focus your energy on those moments rather than the negative ones, because these have so much more joy and power in them.

Here…I will help you get your list started…

Life Moments

Now…enjoy every moment of your weekend! And keep adding those moments to your list…and see how rich your life is.

I am grateful for the moments you spend here reading my blog…so Thank You!! Blessings!


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