Personal Power Tuesday


There is so much going on now for everyone…in the world and in our personal lives…and it can be overwhelming and discouraging. But, we can only take one day at a time and do the best we can. Stay in the moment and just focus on today, this moment…and in this moment…let us take today to declare and live our Personal Power. Nothing and no one can take that from us. Let it Shine today! Pull your Personal Power cloak around you today and Be it.

Tues 4

Tues 1

Tues 2

Tues 3

Tues 5

Tues 6

Just for today…acknowledge your Personal Power and live the day through that Power. It IS there…look deep…and know that you count, you matter, and you have a purpose. Believe in yourself and your Personal Power, even if it is just one minute at a time. One minute leads to another and then another and with each tick of the clock, your Personal Power gets stronger with your focus. Make this your goal today…and see what comfort it brings!

Many Blessings to you all today!


4 comments on “Personal Power Tuesday

  1. Very good reminders and a virtual hug for bizarre times. The picture of the clover looks like my deck. I have a plant growing up through a crack. I figured it worked so hard I would let it stay there until the frost.

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