Happy Halloween!

HW 7

Just a little Halloween fun for today. Some spooks, a few jokes, and a bowl of candy. Help yourself…and have a spooktacular day! Blessings!

Jack O' Lanterns Oh My!

Jack O’ Lanterns Oh My!

Great Animal Costumes!

Great Animal Costumes!

Corny! Candy Corny!

Corny! Candy Corny!





Now….there is only one thing left to say…

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So take a piece from the bowl and enjoy your holiday!

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Be Safe…

And Many Blessings To All!

Wednesday ~ “Getting Over The Hump Day” Humor

Good Morning Lovely Readers! Guess what day it is?! Is that getting old yet? Nah! 🙂 So get ready for Hump Day Hilarity once again…and there are some good ones today. Get your belly laugh on…and may it brighten your day. Much Love and Blessings to you!

Coffee Meal

Coffee Face

Coffee Spiked

IT Guy

Lie To Self





Happy Pills

Group Therapy

Butt Off


Baby Cloud

Cloud Pee

Witch Brew

Shit Creek


Searching For Guidance


“Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray.”  ~ Rumi

“We have all a better guide in ourselves, if we would attend to it, than any other person can be.”  ~ Jane Austen

“No man is great enough or wise enough for any of us to surrender our destiny to. The only way in which anyone can lead us is to restore to us the belief in our own guidance.” ~ Henry Miller

“You need to trust, To surrender, To ask for guidance, Go within for the answers, They’re within you. You have the answers, All you need do is ask.”  ~ Karen Hackel

“Be your own guide, confidant and advisor. Trust yourself above all others.”  ~ Truth Devour

“There are plenty of theories to listen to and follow but truth yearns to be discovered. When you find it, there is no doubt where to go.”  ~ E’yen A. Gardner

Help and support signpost

from The Desk of MarDrag:

We all feel Lost at some time in our lives. We are wonderful, complex, intelligent, spiritual beings…but sometimes we have difficulty finding our way…or circumstances overwhelm us…or the past rises up to inhibit our present and future…or we struggle to understand things that happen to us…

And so, we seek Guidance. And, no matter who we are, we all need a bit of Guidance sometimes to straighten out the kinks in our road, to smooth the path, to help us see with clarity so that we can put things to right. Guidance can come in many forms…books, seminars, friends, therapists and counselors, doctors, spiritual guides, family or parents, meditations…just to name a few. And they are all valid and wonderful sources of fine Guidance. Any one of these sources, or a combination of them, can be profound and full, deep with enlightenment, direction, and support. And getting this Guidance can be life changing. It can give us just that extra bit of understanding or information that inspires us to see things differently, change our perception, or lift a fog so that we can find the answers we are looking for…and make our lives better.

G 4

But…the greatest form of Guidance we could ever hope to find…is right here…within each one of us. WE are the best source of Guidance for ourselves…that innate Voice of Wisdom that lurks deep within us. It is that voice that we listen to sometimes…while other times we try to deny it or shut off if its message if it is not what we want to hear. Or…if we do not trust its voice.  But the Truth is…we should trust ourselves above all others. The trick, though, is to be honest with that Wiser Voice…to be completely, unashamedly honest with ourselves as we seek the Guidance we need within ourselves. And when we do this…the real Truth is discovered…and we will no longer doubt what we must do, or where our path takes us.

G 3

Any right and proper Guide will know that their roll is to assist the people they work with to find their own inner voice and discover their own inner Truth. I am just such a Guide, and my greatest joy is when enlightenment comes from the depth of the inner voice of the person I work with. I just walk along side for a while and help blow the fog away.

So, if you are in need of Guidance…seek that from who or what you need or are drawn to…and it is very valuable. But the most value you will find from Guidance is in your own voice. Listen!

G 2


Monday Message ~ The Observer


Good Monday Morning! I have been starting the week lately with a message from some of the sources that I find guidance and inspiration from to see what morsels of wisdom they have to share with us to begin the week. Today, we seek out the “Animal Medicine Cards” and book written by Jamie Sams and David Carson. The Animal Kingdom has much wisdom to share, and this morning, this is what they bring in the card I chose:

Fox 1

Fox: Camouflage

Message (paraphrased): “Fox is wily and clever. Fox is seemingly able to vanish amidst the undergrowth of the forest, making the flora its ally. The ability to meld into one’s surroundings and be unnoticed is a powerful gift when one is observing the activities of others.

Fox medicine involves adaptability, cunning, observation, integration, and swiftness of thought and action. These traits may also include quick decisiveness, and sure-footedness in the physical world.

If Fox appears today, it is a sign that you are to become like the wind, which is unseen yet is able to weave into and through any location or situation. You would be wise to observe the acts of others rather than their words at this time. Use your cunning nature in a positive way; keep silent about who and what and why you are observing. After observing for awhile, you will become aware of a certain predictability in given situations and be able to quickly make your move. Learning the art of camouflage can be a brilliant move, bringing a clearer understanding, and the opportunity for decisive decision making.”

from The Desk of MarDrag:

Observing. Being the Observer. It is sometimes a difficult position to reach because we are in the thick of the goings on in our lives. Being in the center of our lives means we are surrounded by the energy, activities, and circumstances that keep our attention. And from that position, we can often be overwhelmed and miss information or messages or simple actions that, when observed, tell quite a different story.

Fox 2

Fox is telling us here that…if being in the thick of things and trying to change them or manipulate them is not working…then take a step aside…and start Observing. When we move to step out of the fray for a moment, take a deep breath, and really look at a situation from outside its circle of influence…then it changes the perspective for us and we see things that we would otherwise have been blind to. Changing the perspective to an Observer allows us to see with an Objective eye, mind, and heart, and we see much clearer. Which most of the time, shows us things quite surprising or unexpected.



It is as when we go to a movie and…as an Observer in our seats…we can easily ascertain the wiser move, or the lie being told, or not to open the door! But if we were in that movie, we are guided by far different dialogue.

So, for those who are experiencing difficulties, confusion, uncertainty, issues at work, etc…try taking yourself out of the middle of the situation and adopting an Observer position. Observe for awhile the real Truth of what is going on. Be as the Fox and blend into your surroundings as you use your adaptability and your cunning to fetter out the Truth…and then make your decision from that. Be prepared to move, too, as swiftly as the Fox…and OutFox them all.


Weekend Inspiration ~ Amazing Moments


I ran across this “List Picture” the other day and really liked the message. So…for your Weekend Inspiration, I thought I would post it for your reading pleasure…but also, to hopefully inspire you to spend the weekend making your own list. We are always ready to list the difficulties, challenges, and rough moments in our day…but do we list the amazing moments? Those moments that can take your breath away…or those simple and quietly amazing moments that come and go so swiftly.

Be Inspired! And make your list, just for you, of all those moments of goodness that touch your life…and see how long the list can get. And then, focus your energy on those moments rather than the negative ones, because these have so much more joy and power in them.

Here…I will help you get your list started…

Life Moments

Now…enjoy every moment of your weekend! And keep adding those moments to your list…and see how rich your life is.

I am grateful for the moments you spend here reading my blog…so Thank You!! Blessings!

Thought For The Day


Good Morning! I have another repost ready for you all today. I am doing well, but could not get a post written and I just can’t leave you without something to read today. This post is one that I really liked and I hope you find a good message within it. I will be back up full force in the next day or two. Blessings To You All!


At times, I look for inspiration in the many books, tools and other things I find wisdom in, and one of those is the book I have quoted from here before, “I Am The Beloved”, by Rev. Joy Dial. There are some wonderful messages within these pages and one of them I share with you below: (paraphrased)

“You are dearly beloved, and your purpose is mighty. When sorrow overshadows commitment to your soul’s intention, you are compelled to experience the sadness that eclipses your vision. Appreciate your feelings and savor the Truth that IS your inner being. Have the courage to risk the catharsis that mourning brings, and to know the wealth of joy within your Self.

You are the sum and substance of all that has come before you. You are the foundation of that which will come after you. The Truth that you experience is the Truth you know and teach. Conscious awareness is only mental stimulation unless you FEEL your knowledge of the Truth through your heart. When you undergo the full intensity of your feeling experience, that gives a profound depth of awareness and perception that intellect alone cannot provide. Trust your natural feelings. They are your experience of Truth.”

Feel 2

from the Desk of MarDrag:

This passage struck me for a measure of reasons. First, its’ Truth, and then, because it speaks to Feelings and how we should acknowledge them, not deny them, and explore them. I have been doing some work with people recently that has had this common thread…we need to remember it is ok, and necessary, to FEEL.

We have become good Thinkers…and that is a positive thing. But with all that thinking and inventing new technologies and distractions…we have ventured away from the one thing we can always know and trust…our Feelings. We have also become an over-medicated society, with many different substances that pad our emotions and diminish what we Feel so that we can function better…or so we are told.

But the fact is…we are Human Beings, unique in the make up that makes us thinking, acting and Feeling beings. We have, for some reason, become afraid to Feel too much. We have become hesitant to allow our emotions to swell and ebb and flow. We have been told that a flat existence is better and have been mis-lead into thinking that is some type of Balance. When indeed, it is not.

Feel 3

The first paragraph above tells us we are loved, and we have a Purpose. Within that Purpose is not always constant joy. Sometimes, there is sorrow. And when it starts to over shadow our intentions, the best way to get over it…is Through it. To Feel it, in all its intensity. To “have the courage to risk/face the catharsis that mourning/sadness brings” so that we can know that wealth of joy when we pass through it.

The second paragraph says something I have mentioned here before…in my words…”that we are living now what we created from our past (the sum and substance of what has come before you) and that we are, in the now, creating what our future will be (the foundation of that which will come after). And I believe this wholeheartedly. That we must be mindful, starting now, of what we bring forward from the past, how we apply it to the present, and what we do now that will affect and build our future. This knowledge is important, but just knowing it is not enough. We must also FEEL it, in every fiber of our being. Feel the Truth of it.

Feel 4

The next statement above; Conscious awareness is only mental stimulation unless you FEEL your knowledge of the Truth through your heart, is so incredibly profound. It states that, we must connect our minds to our hearts for it all to be real. It is not enough just to Think it…we must Feel it, in our Hearts…or it is reduced just to mental stimulation. Intellect alone cannot provide full awareness.

In order to know the entirely of our Wholeness and of our vast Capabilities…we must Think AND Feel those thoughts. We must not be afraid we will break, or fail, or not be able to “handle” it. There is nothing that we as Humans and Spiritual Warriors cannot face and work through.

Feel 5

But it is our Feelings, our Intuitions…that tell us the secrets we need to know to apply our Intellect. It is the “gut feeling” you get when you know something is right, or wrong. Don’t mask those feelings with denial, distraction, or medication. Choose to Feel…and know that you are truly alive. And the rewards for embracing all the aspects of our Being are limitless!


Tuesday Affirmations ~ Perseverance


I have been a bit under the weather the last couple of days and did not get a new post written for today. But…it is Affirmation Tuesday, and I did not want to let you down…so I am posting something I wrote a while back that seemed good to bring back, especially with the energy changing this week. I hope you find something worthwhile in it.


It is “Affirmation Tuesday”, and I sit and shuffle my “Gifts of Affirmations” cards by Amy Zerner and Monte Farber, feeling the warmth of my hands infuse them as I fan them out before be on the desk. Waving my hand above them, I close my eyes and let my left hand drift and hover over them as it dips, and chooses the card for today, which is:

The Gift of Perseverance: “I Accomplish Anything I Put My Mind To”

Message: “Use this gift when you doubt your intelligence, your memory, or your ability to achieve your goals. Your situation is largely the result of how well you blend your logical and intuitive faculties to direct your actions. Several times a day, focus with relaxed concentration on the mental image of something you would like to see come into being.”

P 1

from the Desk of MarDrag:

The word “Accomplish” seems like a big word, does it not? It encompasses so many things, large and small. We move through our lives with the dialogue that we must accomplish many things….from as small as washing the dishes to as big as establishing careers or caring for family. The array and difficulty of the things we must accomplish can be overwhelming at times, and when we have trouble accomplishing all that we think we should, we can begin to doubt ourselves, our intelligence, and our abilities.  And then, we have a harder time “putting our mind to it”.

In the affirmation above, it talks about blending our logical and intuitive faculties to direct our actions and achieve our goals. I like this, because it indicates that we do not have to rely completely on only one ability that we have. Some people are more logical, some more intuitive…but we all have both faculties within us. The more we use them, the stronger they will become. And using them both at the same time would double our chances to accomplish what we put our mind to.

P 3Also, there are the obvious practical actions we must take to achieve something, but, as I speak a great deal about here on the blog, there is also the intuitive voice that guides us that we must listen to as well. It is, many times, our intuition that leads us to something we would not have thought of practically. In either area, we could look at a situation and say it can’t be done….but put those two faculties together, and we are unstoppable!

P 4

So, as the affirmation says, today, and several times a day, think of something you would like to see come into being. Every action begins with a thought! Create a mental image of it and hold it there as you go through your day. Your intuitive voice will tell you what actions to take to make it happen. Relaxed concentration allows you to go about your other obligations for the day while calmly holding this mental image until you are ready to put into action.

Ease into the idea of “Accomplishment”, using your logical and intuitive natures, persevere, and be amazed at what you can make happen!


Rune For A Monday ~ Improvement


Good Monday Morning! For a couple of days now, I have had a niggling message in the back of my mind to seek a message from the Runes again to start our week. I do love the wisdom in the messages the Runes bring…and am happy to share them with you. As I jumble the stones in their velvet bag, plunge my hand in and choose one…I take to “The Book of Runes” by Ralph Blum for its meaning. The Rune that has come forward is:

Ehwaz 1

Ehwaz: Movement, Progress, A Horse

Message (paraphrased): “Ehwaz is a Rune of transit, transition and movement; of physical shifts, new dwelling places, new attitudes, or new life. It also signifies movement in the sense of improving or bettering any situation.

There is about this Rune a sense of gradual development and steady progress, with the accompanying notion of slow growth through numerous shifts and changes. This could apply to the growth of a business or to the development of an idea. A relationship also needs to undergo changes and transformations if it is to maintain growth and life. Persevering steadfastness is called for here.

Let it be said this way, “As I cultivate my own nature, all else follows”. The Rune is saying, you have progressed far enough to feel a measure of safety. It is time to turn again and face the future reassured and prepared to share the good fortune that comes. Illuminate all things with your Light.”

Ehwaz 2

from The Desk of MarDrag:

So, there is progress! Whew! For those experiencing difficulties, delays and setbacks…this is a welcome message.

The energy of the past few weeks has been, in short, brutal. We have all had to stretch ourselves to the seeming end…way out of our comfort zones…to handle that energy, and to try to create and draw in solutions and resolutions to the issues that energy has brought with it. This Rune is saying we have made progress…great progress…and we can now turn away from the battle and look back to the future. And we should know that…because of our hard work, diligence, determination, and perseverance…we can reap the benefits of our work now, and look to situations getting better and improving. We made it.

Ehwaz 3Though there may have been unwanted, or many shifts and changes, slow growth produces gradual development…and so sometimes our path calls for patience and steadfastness until the movement comes. And it does, and is always timely. These days, we are wont to have quick remedies, but they do not always come that way, and we must be patient yet steady. Believing all the while that change will, indeed, come for us.

Ehwaz 5Just as the flower begins as a seed, must break through the soil and grow from a scrawny stem…through gradual progress, it gains strength and beauty, and eventually grows into a lovely bloom. But it cannot rush its growth. So too, are we this way.

Cutaway of a seedling growing in dirt, profiled against white,The quote, “As I cultivate my own nature, all else follows”, is a profound statement, and so true. I believe, as we work on ourselves, seek our True Nature and True Life Purpose, and live within our Individual Truth…all things come clear and into form. We do not always “see” what is taking shape, but if we Trust, we know that movement and shaping is happening all the time, and so, we will never be stuck at one place forever. As we cultivate our own natures, all that is meant for us will come to us and come clear.

Ehwaz 7So, take a deep breath! And know progress is upon us…and we are better for it. Look to improvements in your life this week. A welcome change!

Ehwaz 6