1 Year Anniversary

1 Year Anniversary

Good Morning! It is an auspicious day everyone! I woke this morning realizing that it was the 1st anniversary of the inception of this blog. I knew it was coming, but I had forgotten the exact day. A friend asked me about it and it dawned on me…today is the day. And so, this post is in celebration of a most important event in my life.

This blog began because of a sad event…the loss, in death, of a friend. In order to help people cope with it and begin the healing process, I started writing short pieces on Healing, Grief, and Friendship. Soon, it became apparent that people liked these pieces as well as finding comfort and information in them. I was inspired…and so…developed the blog. The rest is, as they say, history. I have been writing here ever since. (Though I have actually been “writing” for many years).

At first, it was just people I knew who came here, and an occasional acquaintance. I was so shy in the beginning that I did not even tag the posts! Silly, I know…but I am not the type to shout out what I have to say. A quiet conversation or a whisper of wisdom is more me. I also work one on one with people, so I get to focus all my energy and help, one being at a time. (Though I am writing a book(s) I hope to have published.). So a public forum was something I had to grow into and become accustomed to. I was sure no one would come to read anyway, unless they knew me.

1 Year Blog

A few months into writing the blog, I finally began to tag the posts and monitor activity. To my delight…people came to read and comment. I was thrilled! If this blog can help even one person, or a handful, I am pleased. But, it has steadily grown over these past months and I have even been presented with a few awards. My dream has come true!

So…on this day of recollection and observance…I Celebrate You! All you wonderful readers who visit every day and leave me most precious comments, letting me know that this little blog…amid a sea of many…gives you sustenance, words to live by, and once a week, humor! That…and You…mean so very much to me.

It is my Passion, my Purpose, my Need…to help where I can. It is what my life was made for. I love sitting down and writing my posts for you, thinking and pondering on what message would most help you in a day. You ALL have a place in my heart and I love seeing you visit. If I could, I would fold you all into my arms and wrap you in comfort and love…just to get you through the day.

1 Year Hug

Perhaps that is, in fact, what this blog is…a Huge Hug to all of you out there trying to get through these awkward and troubling days. It is not an easy time…so I do hope my words here do some good for you. That is my deepest desire. Know that you have someone on your side, always. And I hope you keep coming back for another year. Keep stopping by…I’ll leave the light on for ya.

(And if any of you ever need help in your lives, guidance or counseling, please do not hesitate to contact me (info on the contact page above).  I am here for you. It is what I do.)

1 Year Heart

Blessings and Love To you All!

21 comments on “1 Year Anniversary

  1. Happy Happy Happy Anniversary! You’ve done it again kid! I’m so proud of you, your growth, your dedication, your love and commitment! Good on Ya! You’ll really never know how inspiring, how far you’ll reach and who’s life you’ll touch but you have & will and I adore and love you for sharing your gifts with all of us! Congratulation and here’s to many more Anniversaries, wisdom to share and hearts to be touched!

  2. So eloquently put and much of it mirrors my sentiments about the first days of my blog, too. Your kindness and compassion show through your written words.

    I’m finding the best therapist is writing. When I’m anxious, I write it out. The humor in it seems to follow. I read it over, laugh, and hope that others find humor in it to. I believe that laughter and humor are very healing.

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