Random Acts of Kindness

Kind 1

The world we live in at the moment can be a worrisome, frightening, and confusing place. We can be unsure how to deal with it, and so, put our heads down and do not look up too much, for fear of what we will see. We shake our heads and wonder…how did we get here? And what can we do to change it?

Though a small thing…Random Acts of Kindness can remind us that there is good to be had in this world, and that we can be the ones to keep that good alive. We can stare down this craziness, stand up to it, and prove it will not change what is natural and inherent in us all…Kindness.

Kind 3

Think about that as you go on with your day. And do Random Acts of Kindness…just to share good energy. Some of the things I like to do is…pay for the person’s meal behind me in the take out line. Or once, I was renting DVD’s and the woman ahead of me, with 3 small children, could not pay her overdue fees. The clerk let her take new movies anyway, so when it came my turn, I paid her fees and left and extra $10 on her account so she could rent more movies. Another thing I do is tape a dollar bill on the back of diaper packages at the store with a “wishing you abundance” message on them. Open the door for someone, help carry packages, clean out your closet and give the clothes to a shelter, hug someone. If you think about it…there are many ways to do Random Acts of Kindness.

Kind 2

If you think about it.

Kind 4

I know the comment on the picture above is a lofty one…and maybe overly optimistic. But…what if it is true? What if, by chance, it would work? Shouldn’t we at least try?

And one of the best parts is…that good feeling you have knowing you made someone smile, or lifted their day with something unexpected. It may be that…you make that other saying, “Live each day as if something wonderful is about to happen”, come true for someone. How cool is that? And so too, what we put out there, comes back to us.

That has got to put some good energy out there to combat the rest of the murk. I have to believe it.  Shall we then…

Kind 5


8 comments on “Random Acts of Kindness

  1. there is a Facebook page and blog that is a group that is fun called It Starts with Us. https://www.facebook.com/itstartswithus. This guy started this as a fun project not knowing it would get so big. Every week there is a new Random Act to try that comes to your email if you subscribe ( which I do) and then share how it went. I really like it. Once you start helping people, it becomes quite natural and ingrained. The more who practice this, the better.

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