Sunday Message


Happy Sunday! For all of you Wonderful, Unique, Individual, and Beautiful Souls out there, today remember…

Be Yourself

It takes courage to be our True Self in the face of a world that constantly challenges that. So, as you walk your path Being You, also know…

Monday 11

Trust your Trust…in yourself and your path. And, too, remember to take care of You and…

Be Gentle 1

And know that, when spiritual matters are made manifest, and we embrace all that we are and accept it and our path rises up to meet us, we can be…

Abundance of Universe

The Universe, Higher Powers, God…by whatever name you call it…wants you to have the Abundance of all that is good for you and your life. Believe that…and open your arms and your heart to receive.




Thoughts For The Day

Thoughts Guilt

“The mere possibility of getting what we want fills the soul of the ordinary person with guilt. We look around at all those who have failed to get what they want and feel that we do not deserve to get what we want either. We forget about all the obstacles we overcame, all the suffering we endured, all the things we had to give up in order to get this far.” ~ Paulo Coelho

MarDrags’ Thoughts:

Is this the reason we sometimes (or often) do not get what we want in life? Is it that deep down we feel guilty because…we do not feel worthy of it, or we fear we have not done enough to credit our receiving it, or feel that, if “Chester” over there has not gotten his desires, then surely we do not deserve ours to be fulfilled? And how dare we even ask for it? But, when we add up the sum of what we have endured in our lives…relative to our own self and not comparing to any other…who has the right to judge our worthiness but us? Drop the guilt, hoist worthiness to your soul…and go get what you desire.

Thoughts Story

“What happens is of little significance compared with the stories we tell ourselves about what happens. Events matter little, only stories of events affect us.” ~ Rabih Alameddine

MarDrags’ Thoughts:

Life happens. And daily we tell ourselves stories about why and how it happens. In order to live a true and purposeful life, we must become aware of the stories we tell ourselves…and make certain they are the truth. False and embellished stories lead us into chapters best left unwritten. For the glorious story of your life…write it true and well.

Thoughts Choice

“Wisdom means to choose now what will make sense later. I am learning everyday to allow the space between where I am and where I want to be to inspire and not terrify me.”  ~ Tracee Ellis Ross

MarDrags’ Thoughts:

The choices we make every day do not just impact that moment or event that the choice is about. Choices are like pebbles tossed in a pool of water…they create ripples that flow into our future. We know where we are at this moment…and where we would like to be. That space between is the flowing river of our lives and, if we look closely to see the vegetation, growth, rhythm, and life within it, should encourage and empower us. So that when we make a choice, we know the ripple will carry us into the flow, into the future. Be mindful, and choose from the inner wisdom that springs from this knowledge.


National Relaxation Day

Relax 4

I have an amusing book called “The Bathroom Trivia Almanac” and, yes, it sits in a prominent place in one of my bathrooms…there for reading material when needed. 🙂 It actually has some interesting facts and fun information in it…just like a regular almanac. It has a pretty maroon hardcover too, with bright gold lettering!

Yesterday, I happened to pick it up and looked ahead to today and was surprised to see that today, August 15th, is National Relaxation Day. How about that? A designated day to Relax! I have no idea who declared August 15th the National Day to Relax…but let’s take what we can get.

Relax 2

Now, most of us do not have the luxury of taking the day off…but if you can…you have a good excuse. Take the day and let yourself Relax and Rejuvenate. Maybe change your plans and spend the day in dial down mode…give yourself that gift.

For the rest of us, if we can’t take the day off…we can still get some Relaxing in, which is good for the soul. Take a lunch break and go sit at a park instead of eating at your desk. Take a walk around the block, or even sit in your car. Take some long deep core breaths and let the stress and tension within flow out with the breath and feel yourself Relax. Those deep, core breaths where you breath in, take the air in past your chest, all the way down to your belly, even push it out a little with that breath…and then release it in a long, slow exhale. Feel all that pent up stress just flow out of you and give you relief. Even a few minutes of this can change your entire day and/or attitude. And, even if you can’t “get away”, sit at your desk, or in the bathroom stall, close your eyes, and imagine you are on a sandy beach listening to the waves kiss the shore, and take some of those deep breaths, releasing your stress and worry, if even for a few minutes.

Relax 1

You will be amazed at the difference it will make in your day. And remember too…you don’t have to wait for National Relaxation Day to do this. Do it every day, and increase your quality of life a little bit each day. It adds up!

Relax 3


On Self-Acceptance


“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will spend its whole life believing that it is stupid.” ~ Albert Einstein

Self 5

from The Desk of MarDrag:

~ We should not judge ourselves for what we can not do, or what we are not, or what our limitations are…but embrace ourselves for all that we CAN do, and exactly what and who we are. Focusing on what we do not know makes us feel stupid…and takes away the courage to learn. We end up feeling inadequate, when there are so many things we DO know.  Acknowledge that you do not know everything…but that you are a genius at what you do know!

Self 3

~ Take a moment to reflect on your self and all the qualities that make you who you are. And accept them. If there are things you want to change, then set about changing them. But the essence of who you are is your life blood. Learn to be comfortable with your essence, accepting your limitations while honoring your strengths. Put your attention on those strengths and they will grow. Just as putting attention on your weaknesses will make them grow. When you feel your mind stray to the chatter that keeps negative energy alive, consciously switch your mind to focus on one of your strengths and remind yourself of your genius in that strength. Remember, no one does it like you do! Celebrate all that you are. Be grateful for what you are blessed with in life, focus on what does work, and build on that.

Self 1

~ And then take that moment, and accept who you are, right then and there, and if just for that moment, be good enough, know that you are the greatest you, and that you are growing all the while. Be grateful for all that you have, and for the challenges that make you more than who you thought you could be. 

Self 2

“You are very powerful, provided you know how powerful you are.” ~ Yogi Bhajan

Self 7

Self 6


Inspiration For A Monday

To start the day…

Monday 9

It is early, it is Monday, so to get you going, a message to carry with you…

Monday 7

If a difficult day is ahead, know that…

Monday 5

You have nothing to lose so…

Monday 1Make them all look up and notice…

Monday 2Try to remember…

Monday 10

So focus on You and…

Monday 4

Monday 6

Now…here is something to make you smile…

Monday 3And if that does not work, there is only one thing left to do…

Monday 12





Trusting To Trust


“None of us knows what might happen even the next minute, yet still we go forward. Because we Trust.”  ~ Paul Coelho

I posted and wrote about this quote on Thursday’s blog, and I mentioned it was cause for profound pondering. Well, since Thursday, it has been on my mind and I am writing about it again today to share my thoughts. I would be interested to know what you think, if you care to share.

Trust 1

This quote spoke to me, in fact, it hit between the eyes, because it introduced a concept I had not before thought of. It is no secret to any of us, I think, that we all hold some form of Trust issues within us. We would all like to Trust life, people, things, words, ourselves…but in this fast paced and, lately, crazy world, putting our very valuable Trust into any of those things can be risky. And, we can all agree I think, that at one time (or many times), we have been burned and hurt by someone/thing we have Trusted. Each time that happens, it puts a chink in our Trust armor, and we become more and more hesitant to allow it.

But…if this quote is true…and I believe deep within me it is…then we not only have the “conscious” Trust that we use very day and gauge our lives with…but we have a Natural innate Trust that is always present. Paul Coelho is right…we do not know what will happen in the next moment, or moment to moment, yet we carry on as if we know something we are not completely aware of knowing. That the next moment will come, and bring with it another small piece of our life puzzle that we snap into the picture, and then we move forward again, Trusting the next moment to be there. If we did not have this innate Trust…would we be able to navigate from one moment to the next…Naturally, in this way. Organically. It is our Nature to Trust in Life.

Trust 4

So, what I am thinking is, we may not be as messed up about Trust as we think we are.

Trust 2

And, consider this…would it be more prudent to put our focus on Trusting our innate Trust…as opposed to focusing on who, what, when, where to Trust. Meaning, we just Trust our Trust to lead us in the right direction. Rather than looking outside of us for validation or permission to Trust, trying to ensure we won’t be hurt…which is near impossible…what if we turn that focus inward and…regardless of the person, circumstance, or thing we are considering to put our Trust in…that we simplyTrust Our Own Trust.

This does not mean we will eliminate pain caused by Trust being broken over something…but it does, to me, give great comfort in that…no matter what happens, I will still have my Natural Trust intact…because I Trust in it. And that really can’t be broken, because it is in my hands and soul, not someone else’s. I haven’t given it away hoping it will be held dear and respected…it never leaves me. I just allow someone/thing else to see it and, hopefully, treat it well.

Trust 3

I feel like I am hopelessly bereft of wording this properly. Wordsmith that I am, I stumble here to “write it right”. But I hope I have gotten the primary thought across. I Trust that you will understand my rambling…and hope I have conveyed it somewhat succinctly. If not, there is always another moment!


Thoughts For The Day

Thoughts - Trust

“None of us knows what might happen even the next minute, yet still we go forward. Because we Trust.”  ~ Paul Coelho

MarDrags’ Thoughts:

This quote really caught my attention…because most people these days have an issue with Trust (as do I). It is not an easy world to Trust in, and people have become less Trustworthy. BUT…yet, we still go forward, everyday, we forge ahead. So we must have an innate bottomless well of Trust…or most of us would not go on at all. This is profound cause for pondering because Fear would have us believe it is difficult to Trust. When really…we have been Trusting all along. It is where we put our Trust that counts, of course. But it was comforting to know that I/We do still have the ability to Trust…naturally. Think about it!

If it is true that “the only thing to Fear is Fear itself”…than would it also be true that “the only thing to Trust is Trust itself”?


Thoughts - Be Yourself

“You were born to be real, not to be perfect. You are here to be you, not to be what someone else wants you to be. Stand up for yourself, look them in the eye and say, Don’t judge me until you know me, Don’t underestimate me until you have challenged me, and Don’t talk about me until you have talked to me.”  ~ Author Unknown

MarDrags’ Thoughts:

Do not let a single person, place, thing, action, thought, or word keep you from Being You. Do You…the best You can be. No matter what anyone else thinks or says…believe in who you are…Your True Self. This does not mean we do not strive to change or adjust what we need to heal or make better about ourselves…but we do it in the context of Being Our Self. Make the effort to find out who that True Self is…and live it! True Self is not perfect…it just IS…it is Real.

Thoughts - Count Blessings

“The secret to happiness is to count your blessings while others are adding up their troubles.” ~ Joseph Addison

MarDrags’ Thoughts:

Everyone has a mix of blessings and troubles in their life. It is relative to each individual “how much” of either they have. But Happiness does not come from having less troubles and more blessings. We may speak to someone who has more troubles than we do, yet they speak of the positive in their life and feel blessed, despite their issues. We may speak to another who focuses on their troubles and cannot see the blessings that are around them.

Which way would you choose to live? In the equation of life, what do you prefer to add up to reach the sum of Happiness?


Wednesday ~ “Getting Over The Hump Day” Humor


Happy Wednesday, once again! It is time to take a step away from deep thought for a moment…to have a good belly laugh…and reset our Spirit. May you find humor here today that cracks your smile and lightens your day! Blessings!

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