Trusting To Trust


“None of us knows what might happen even the next minute, yet still we go forward. Because we Trust.”  ~ Paul Coelho

I posted and wrote about this quote on Thursday’s blog, and I mentioned it was cause for profound pondering. Well, since Thursday, it has been on my mind and I am writing about it again today to share my thoughts. I would be interested to know what you think, if you care to share.

Trust 1

This quote spoke to me, in fact, it hit between the eyes, because it introduced a concept I had not before thought of. It is no secret to any of us, I think, that we all hold some form of Trust issues within us. We would all like to Trust life, people, things, words, ourselves…but in this fast paced and, lately, crazy world, putting our very valuable Trust into any of those things can be risky. And, we can all agree I think, that at one time (or many times), we have been burned and hurt by someone/thing we have Trusted. Each time that happens, it puts a chink in our Trust armor, and we become more and more hesitant to allow it.

But…if this quote is true…and I believe deep within me it is…then we not only have the “conscious” Trust that we use very day and gauge our lives with…but we have a Natural innate Trust that is always present. Paul Coelho is right…we do not know what will happen in the next moment, or moment to moment, yet we carry on as if we know something we are not completely aware of knowing. That the next moment will come, and bring with it another small piece of our life puzzle that we snap into the picture, and then we move forward again, Trusting the next moment to be there. If we did not have this innate Trust…would we be able to navigate from one moment to the next…Naturally, in this way. Organically. It is our Nature to Trust in Life.

Trust 4

So, what I am thinking is, we may not be as messed up about Trust as we think we are.

Trust 2

And, consider this…would it be more prudent to put our focus on Trusting our innate Trust…as opposed to focusing on who, what, when, where to Trust. Meaning, we just Trust our Trust to lead us in the right direction. Rather than looking outside of us for validation or permission to Trust, trying to ensure we won’t be hurt…which is near impossible…what if we turn that focus inward and…regardless of the person, circumstance, or thing we are considering to put our Trust in…that we simplyTrust Our Own Trust.

This does not mean we will eliminate pain caused by Trust being broken over something…but it does, to me, give great comfort in that…no matter what happens, I will still have my Natural Trust intact…because I Trust in it. And that really can’t be broken, because it is in my hands and soul, not someone else’s. I haven’t given it away hoping it will be held dear and respected…it never leaves me. I just allow someone/thing else to see it and, hopefully, treat it well.

Trust 3

I feel like I am hopelessly bereft of wording this properly. Wordsmith that I am, I stumble here to “write it right”. But I hope I have gotten the primary thought across. I Trust that you will understand my rambling…and hope I have conveyed it somewhat succinctly. If not, there is always another moment!


6 comments on “Trusting To Trust

  1. You have Mar 🙂

    Trusting people, or trusting blindly that specific things will happen without our actions…like get out of ann unhappy marriage without taking the steps or getting out of a job but without really doing something…or win the lotto without buying a lotto ticket…but trusting that the pain will slowly go away, trusting that we can learn a lesson, that we can be some body, trusting that love will come, trust that the mistakes we made will not Follow us for ever. Trust the morning will come with a new day, better than yesterday 🙂 that is good trust 🙂

    Have a nice day!

  2. Thanks for your wise comment Cali! To the first part…things will not “happen” in life if we do not take action…but if we put our Trust in ourselves to take right action, then we have something to go on. The second part, I agree, is good Trust.

    Trust, in itself, is an action, I think. So we can keep moving forward. Blessings Love!

    • I like the way you put things so clear 🙂 it definitely helps get your point across and helps me understand things.

  3. Thursday’s post was great Mar.
    The unknown quote really hit home!! So did the one about counting blessings. Some times minding your own business and working on your own problems or personal growth get interrupted by other people’s issues. Their comments etc. we just need to go on with our own thing. Those who prefer to count their problems instead of their blessings, can stay away. Because if they are not in the same state of mine as ours, they can drag us down. We can try try to drag us up with us, but if they resist its best to let them go. No point on getting into it with them 🙂

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