Inspiration For A Monday

Monday 8

We are off, headed into another week, starting with a Happy Monday! Hopefully, this week will look better in many ways and we will all find a bit of Success, Happiness, Peace and Love within it. To get us started in the right direction, I bring you a post full of Inspiration. May it help you start a beautiful day….a beautiful Monday! Blessings!

Today, try to remember that…..

Monday 4


Monday 3

Focus on…

Monday 2

Be in command of your thoughts and know…

Monday 5

Don’t forget….

Monday 6

And strive for…

Monday 9

And because every Monday should start with a little humor….

Monday 7

Now, my message to you for today is….

Monday 1

May Love & Light find its way to you today and all week!

Many Blessings!

10 comments on “Inspiration For A Monday

  1. Good morning. Thanks for the inspirations – i hope to have and keep a positive and happy attitude all day. It can be dificult, but i will try.

  2. “this is your world. shape it or someone else will.” I connected with it. Thanks for this great reminder.

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