A Special Moment


I have a special moment to share. Two lovely new blog friends stopped by this past week to offer a gift, and I would make their mention here.

Mary at http://marykwheeler.wordpress.com came to say hello and gave this blog the “Shine On” Award.

Shine On Award

Marci at http://marciwise.com came to say hello and gave this blog the “Very Inspiring Blogger Award”.

Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Thank you so much ladies! Both of these women have wonderful blogs and I encourage you to go take a look and a read.  I am honored and humbled they chose my little blog for these awards. It is important to give each other support here in the blogosphere…and I appreciate receiving such a gift from them.

I know I am supposed to share some things about myself and post other blogs I recommend. The latter I can do…but those of you who read here can get a sense of who I am through my writing so I won’t bore you with any of the more mundane details!

Here are 5 blogs I strongly recommend reading:






I hope you enjoy them as much as I have!

And finally…I would like to say THANK YOU to all of you who come to read here, comment and share your wisdom, and find something to take with you through your day. I appreciate everyone…you are all Special and Unique beings…never forget that! Know that I send Love & Light to you all…along with wishes for the best to you in life. You all deserve it!


10 comments on “A Special Moment

  1. Well deserved awards, and many more, too! Thanks you so very much for making such a kind mention of my blog. I humbly bow to you in appreciation 🙂 Namaste . . .

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