Saturday Inspiration

Letting Go 8

A few days a go I wrote a blog about Source…and that, not only is there the Greater Source…but we each of us, individually, have our own Source, just connected to us, and there to fill our lives with what we want, need, and desire. I saw this quote yesterday, and it furthers the idea that…in order to access that Source and open a space for it to flow toward us…and reach us…we must Let Go of anything that we are holding onto….from the past or that is not good for us…so that we can clear a space for that which our Source would give us. If our space is full of what we hold onto that no longer works for us…then there is no room for the amazing things our Source is waiting to send.

Letting Go 6

Do not resist anything! Embrace it all…from the difficulties to the joys…because there is truly something…some nugget of wisdom…in everything that crosses our Life Path. Don’t discard anything as inconsequential. It all has meaning…so if we resist something, it will have to keep repeating itself until we “get the message”. Then it can know it served its purpose and move on…as we let it go too.

Letting Go 4

Source wants to reach us…that is its Life Purpose. Open yourself to the flow. It will be better than OK. It will be magnificent!


4 comments on “Saturday Inspiration

  1. Letting go is a process I am working on and slowly succeeding, the great challenge is not letting some outsiders pull you back. This is a great inspiration for this morning 🙂 it is a very good reminder to continue with the process.

    Have a nice Saturday – i will be hanging out and take some time to continue my process of letting go and moving on 🙂

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