Tuesday Affirmations ~ Have Faith


Sometimes our random thoughts can go down long winding roads and get lost in worries and anticipations that we can get caught up in and unnerve us. So I enjoy Tuesdays…when I have my set of affirmation cards called “The Gifts of Affirmations” by Amy Zerner and Monte Farber before me. I look forward to sharing their insight and wisdom. Today’s card is:

The Gift of The New: “I Have Faith In The Future I Cannot See”

The Message:  “Use this gift when you are worried or anxious. These feelings are usually caused by our attachment to either a particular outcome or to wanting to know exactly how things are going to turn out. But, we have the power to change our future. How many of your past worries never came to pass?”

Faith 1

from The Desk of MarDrag:

From the time we are small and learning about life, we are taught to think about the future. And I do believe that we should consider that what we are doing right now, and the decisions we are making in the present…will shape our future. We need to be and live Aware. But…I do also believe…as I have spoken frequently here…that there are forces at work around us that also have impact on our lives that set to change things…even when we think we have them figured out. There are many “life” dynamics that have a hand on our threads as they are woven in the Great Tapestry of the Universe, and our minds can reel, be confused…with all that to contemplate.

So, it is difficult to be in the midst of a situation, or anticipate our future and not think about what will happen. We ruminate and worry and fret about why, how, and when things will happen…and if they will be as we wish them to be. It is important to set our sights on a goal and work toward it, strive to make it happen. But, with all the diverse dynamics at play, the possibility that things will manifest differently, or not at all, are present. So, this affirmation is true in that, we should not be attached to a certain outcome. What is meant to happen, will still happen whether we worry about it or not. And what if we attach to what we think the outcome should be….and there is an even better one that is meant to come about? Then we have worried for nothing and blocked up the energy flow.

This, of course, does not imply not taking action when necessary or if you know an action will contribute to making the outcome more positive. But we should take action for action’s sake, for the journey, and not “worry” about the outcome.

As the affirmation says….how many of those past worries have actually come to pass?

And I will ask one more question. How many of those worries have turned into something unexpectedly greater than we imagined?

Faith 3

We like to know how things are going to turn out, but if we actually did know…then the meaning of our lives would diminish. All the lessons, experiences and growth would turn to dust, and we would never have anything to look forward to, and we would also have to relinquish our power to change things in our lives because the outcome was already known. So, why try?

So, have faith in your life, in your self, and the gifts you have that make up your character and existence. Have trust in your path, and make your intention to live that path to the fullest and best you possibly can, stay in the present, and don’t be anxious about the outcome before it’s ready to come about…and the future will rise up to meet you.

Faith 2



6 comments on “Tuesday Affirmations ~ Have Faith

  1. Holy Moly – exactly what I needed to read! This is one of those blog posts that I will likely read several times throughout the day.

    Thanks so much, Mardrag!

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