Unconditional Love Day


I woke this morning with such a powerful sense of well-being…I wanted to share it with you all. Not every morning is like this…so I shall take advantage of it…and pass the feeling on to you. The phrase that keeps going through my mind is…Unconditional Love…and how little we have this in our lives. So, what if we make a day for it. Just today…just for one day…we practice Unconditional Love…with ourselves, and everyone we meet.

First…look in the mirror at the beauty that is Your Self…and Let Go all the fears, worries, judgments, insecurities and anything else weighing on your mind. See yourself for the worthy being you are…and give yourself the gift of Unconditional Love. Just for today…you Love yourself completely and without conditions. You see your Inner Light grow and glow at the thought of it. And then, you take that Light with you wherever you travel today…and share it with others as you look on them with Unconditional Love…offering them this gift, one they are like to rarely get as well. Let us touch people with our hearts today, and feel how different, how lovely our day becomes. Feel free to share your moments in the comments.

And to help get the day started…here are some quotes to inspire us and get us…in the mood…

ULove 1

ULove 3

ULove 5

ULove 6

ULove 8

ULove 7

And Then Remember That…..

ULove 4

I Send My Unconditional Love Out

To Each and Every One Of You

And Wish For You

A Spectacular Day!


10 comments on “Unconditional Love Day

  1. Thanks Mar, this is very nice and a great reminder to love others and love ourselves without any other reason other than love 🙂

    I had a Lovely day with my family yesterday, and experienced what you just talked about. The group was very small and mostly young. We all were enjoying the moment. We had a special occasion for celebrating. One of them graduated 🙂 we were all very happy about that and we had a very nice time. I would say that yesterday was a very good example of giving and receiving unconditional love 🙂

  2. Awesome blog, Mardrag! I am going to try this today!! I will definitely report back! Wouldn’t that be great if we could all live this way!

    This is an inspiring blog. I really like the positivity in the message. Today is Unconditional Love Day!! Woohoo! 😀

    Thanks, Mardrag! oxox

    • Thanks Boobah….maybe we will start a movement!! 🙂 I too wish we could live this way every day. But…it does start with just one day…so let’s see how it goes! Would love to hear back from you.

      Sending Unconditional Love to you!!

  3. Hi all. Sorry I didn’t get back here and report back about my Unconditional Love Day…I was afraid I’d muck up this beautiful blog with sadness…

    Not a good day yesterday. One of our guinea birds passed away. I was so upset about it that I lost sight of everything else. I did however reflect on the beauty of animals and their ability to unconditionally love. Our beloved animals ask for very little. In return they shower us with all the love they have within them. They don’t wait for us to ask, they just give it. Abner, our guinea hen, was no different. I am very sad about it.

    Thanks for letting me vent here. oxox

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