Tuesday Affirmation ~ Illumination & The Past


I seem to be saying this a great deal lately…but a week has passed again…already. Perhaps it is just me, but time seems to be marching rapidly these days. So…we find ourselves here for “Affirmation Tuesday” and the card that skittered out of the deck of “The Gift of Affirmations” by Amy Zerner and Monte Farber for us today is:

Illumination 3

The Gift of Illumination: “I Learn Valuable Lessons From Studying The Past”

Message: “Use this gift when you are dissatisfied with your life or feel tormented by how different you believe things could or should have been. The present moment is your only point of power. Taking action now in harmony with what you know you have to do while using the past to guide your actions is the best way to change your future”.

from The Desk of MarDrag:

Could have…should have…would have. These are familiar quotes, are they not? We all…at some time in our lives…have used these. I know I have, and for a while in my past, it was difficult to move beyond them. In my early adult years, I had a great deal of angst about my childhood and circumstances that were beyond my control. I recall thinking…”If this was just this way, or that way…everything would be perfect”. In our formative years, we make decisions about…and have pictures in our mind about…how our lives will look when we “grow up”. Some of those dreams come true and the pictures match up. But then, there are those pictures that do not make it into the tapestry…and that can result in feelings of failure, dissatisfaction, frustration…and then blame.

But, a defining moment came for me when I “woke up” one day and realized that all the things I was lamenting from my past…had passedand they could only continue to affect me if I allowed them to. I had “grown up” and it was my choice what I did with my life, what I created, what I allowed into my psyche, my heart, my soul. I realized that…while I did need to process the past and any lingering emotions that held me blocked from my future…my past was really no longer holding me back…I was.

You see, the tighter we hold onto something, the bigger and stronger it grows because we are feeding our energy into it…and it is taking that energy. If we are holding on, then there is a reason and we need to uncover that reason and sort it out. And then…we need to Let Go of it. It is no longer part of our present life, or our future, and should be regaled to the past…where it belongs.

As the affirmation says…we should use the past as a guideline for what we want our life to look like in the present and the future…but it does not belong in a front row seat of our “life play”. The past can be stepping stones…or a hedge running along the sides of the pavement we take our life steps on…to steer us, to reflect for us, or to nudge us…but, if we allow it to tangle in our steps…then it can trip us.

I love the affirmations’ quote above; “the present moment is your only point of power”. I believe in this completely. Dragging the past along with us…or projecting too far into the future…will only confuse the decisions and choices we have to make today. Using the past and the future as a kind of mirror…for reflections sake…will aid us…but the real Power for us comes in being completely aware of what is happening in this moment, what we a re feeling, what we are seeing, then looking even deeper…and Illuminating the truth of who we are and where we are…at this moment.

Illumination 4

Harmony. Since the past, present and future of ourselves is wrapped together inside us…resting on the Power of this moment…then it is best to strive that they all reside in Harmony within us. And those battles with the self will be over.



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