Tuesday Affirmations ~ Facing The Unknown


My, how the weeks are flying by! It is time for “Affirmation Tuesday” again…so soon it seems. Or perhaps it is just me, feeling time marching by so swiftly. In any case, I have “The Gift of Affirmations” cards by Amy Zerner and Monte Farber before me…splayed out on the desk as my hand hovers over them, searching for today’s message. And the card that presents itself is:

The Gift of Healing: “I Enjoy Being Healthy And Doing What Is Good For Me”

Message: “Use this gift when you feel resistant to doing what you know is in your best interest. The desire to sabotage our efforts to improve ourselves comes from our resistance to change. With self-improvement comes new activities, friends, and other manifestations of change we so often resist because we fear the unknown.”

from the Desk of MarDrag:

Change…it is one of the primary fears we all have to manage in our daily lives. I speak with people every day who grapple with this concept…for many different reasons. What I believe is that, we get into our comfort zones and have difficulty leaving them even if it means growth and movement into something better.

The thing is…whether our comfort zone is a good and healthy one, or a negative one, we at least “know” where we are at and what we need to do to handle the situation. It becomes familiar to us, and even comforting in a way, because we have become accustomed to it and know its routine. We feel that if we just stay where we are, we will not have to face the fear of the unknown that pervades the space outside our comfort zone. Some would admit that they would rather stay in a negative space for fear of striking out to something new, and perhaps failing. Others would say they do not have it within them to venture from their zones and spend the energy to grow into something new. And often, when life itself tries to move us, we would sabotage that move so we do not have to face the unknown.

But, consider this…how many moments of facing the “Unknown” have we already experienced in our lives? From the time we are a babies, we have faced the unknown of taking our first steps, conquering the first day of school, surviving our first heartbreak, living through the break up of a family or an illness that was unexpected. And we have the memory of adapting through those moments in our cells to draw on when presented with a new situation. We have built strength and courage on these moments. And that counts.

Comfort Zone 6

The Truth is…we are always faced with the “Unknown” on some level, and we cannot escape it no matter how hard we try to stay within our comfort zone. If we take the chance to embrace each day…which is, in itself, an “Unknown”, then we will have the opportunity to benefit from all the joys of life, while managing the sorrows. Every day is a new beginning, and anything can happen.

Comfort Zone 2

If we could lessen our resistance by acknowledging ourselves for having already accomplished success with so many “Unknowns” in our lives, we can bring that positive energy into the present and build a strong foundation from it to support us moving into the future. We have nothing to fear…because we have ourselves and our history to count on. That is of great significance. WE are our most treasured champion…and we, alas, forget this frequently. We have all of the qualities within us necessary to make positive changes with pleasure rather than fear…but for our recognition of it.

Comfort Zone 4

Consider that, when a loved one seeks our counsel or advice when facing a negative situation or difficult decision…what do we encourage of them? We tell them to do the right thing for themselves and what is in their best interest. We tell them to do the thing that promotes their health and well-being.

Now…look in the mirror…see your best friend staring back at you…and tell them the same thing. Think enough of yourself, more even, to take your own counsel, for you are the greatest keeper of the secret of what is best for you. And usually…what is beyond our greatest fear…is our greatest achievement. By the Law of Polarity…if the fear is that big…then what is behind it is equally as grand in its delight for us.

Make your desire to do what is best, and most healthy for you…bigger than any fear that might keep you from it. That fear comes from within YOU…so YOU have the Power to command it to Be Gone! And that is the first step in self-improvement. The rest is far easier and more enjoyable.

Comfort Zone 5



4 comments on “Tuesday Affirmations ~ Facing The Unknown

  1. This is very good Mar – thanks! We have let change in weather we like it or not, we have improve, we have gone through adjusting and coming out of a comfort zone so many times….weather we like it or not. This makes me thing that we might as well embrace it all and this way we can have more control or a saying on it 🙂

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