From Cocoon To Butterfly


I was looking through a notebook of mine last night, exploring some writings from quite a few years ago. I was inspired to take this book in hand…I knew not why at the time…but I took pleasure in looking through it and recalling the events and messages that were revealed there. Some good, some not…as the notebook spanned a good deal of time. As I was thumbing through the pages, images of days and thoughts gone by drifting through my mind…I came upon a passage that caught my eye, and I was moved to share it with you.

I clearly recall the situation I was in, and it was restricting. I was diligently working with myself to find the current to rise above it so that the solution could have the space to come to me. I recall sitting on my patio, feeling a gentle breeze flowing ‘round me, the still and quiet of a warm afternoon. There was a hush, it seemed, and then a vision came to me…of a Butterfly breaking out of its’ cocoon. And I wrote this:

“This is what a Butterfly must feel like when starting to break out of the cocoon. It must start to move and attempt to spread its’ wings, causing some friction in order to crack and crumble the cocoon that will fall away, revealing the beautiful Butterfly inside…that flies away.”

Cocoon 1

Reading this, it struck me that, when we are in difficult situations or a dark place in our lives…we may feel wrapped in it, as if trapped in a cocoon of sadness or misery…and unable to see outside or around the gossamer threads that bind us. But, in that muted stillness and darkness…we are really just gestating, allowing “nature” or the energy of the Universe and Higher Powers to evolve…and allowing ourselves the space to think, form, and grow, until all of the elements gather and fall just right for the change to occur and the answer or solution…the Breakthrough…to come.

Cocoon 2

BUT…during that gestation…and in order to break through that cocoon…there must be some Friction. The Friction we feel for the want of something to change, or to grow, or to find something new…or freedom from what it is that has us bound. The Butterfly…without the Friction of wriggling and chafing against the confining walls of the cocoon…would not come to cause the eventual break through the walls that held it. If the Butterfly…and we…lay dormant, or never encounter Friction in our worlds, then we would not have reason to stretch, spread, and transform into the beauty that we truly are.

So…there must at times be Friction in our lives…to test the walls of our cocoons…and to test us…to see just how badly we want to break free…and how willing we are to risk that Friction, to embrace it, use it even…and find our way to Freedom.

Butterfly 2Butterfly 4




To find our wings…and fly!

And remember too…that every gorgeous Butterfly…started out a little caterpillar, inching its’ way across a rough road until it found its’ place to slumber and embrace the wrapping of the cocoon, and the gestation period, until it makes its’ transformation. Do you think the caterpillar knows before it enters the cocoon that it will emerge a Butterfly? I wonder.

But, even if it doesn’t…we can know that about ourselves…and it shall make the unfolding that much sweeter and more graceful to bear.

Butterfly 3



9 comments on “From Cocoon To Butterfly

  1. I love it!!

    It is sad that you went through though times, and that we all do 😦 what is good is that we get through them and learn from them.

    I like all you said, but there is one part that got my attention the most. The fact that while the are in a sad dark cocoon, we are alson in gestation. We don’t have the outside affecting us. As bad as it is to get too cut out of the outside and too involved in our problem, we are not letting the outside add more problems or pain. All this sounded better in my head when I read that part 😛

    I know that bit is not good to alienate ourselves and focus too much on our sadness and problem, BUT it is good to alienate ourselves from outside forces and people to work on our problem and our sadness, or whatever it is. We need time to think, reflect, take care of the problem, slowly go through the while process. Of course if people outside are helpful and supportive, we should let them help, but if they are not helpful and may even make things worst, it is best to stay in the cocoon until we get strong to take on the outside.
    No? 🙂

    • Thank you for your kind words Cali….but yes, we all go through those dark times at points in our life to help us grow and move forward.

      I like your wise words that add another aspect to this post…that the cocoon acts as a sort of protection as well, and shields us from outside sources that could make the issue worse. That is a very good point! BUT, as you mentioned, we should not use that to alienate ourselves from the “good” outside forces…and allow our support system to be there for us. After all…the cocoon is suspended from a strong tree, branch, leaves which are grounded in the earth and offering their strength and support until the cocoon is ready to break open.

      Thank you for sharing your wise perspective! Have a good day! 😀

  2. I was goofing off and went looking for inspiration and whamoo…Lady you provided it! You describe exactly what it feels like….well to go through what I have gone through. and since this is not something that many people talk about, it was wonderful to see it so perfectly described. I never thought about the friction part but your words make perfect sense.
    Thank you!

  3. Wow I was looking for some photos and found this piece. I too wrote from Cocoon to Butterfly in 40 years to celebrate my (at the time) 40th New Year (birthday). I guess great minds really do think alike.

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