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In my reflective mood yesterday, I took time to do some of the spiritual centering, grounding and pondering that I speak about in my posts here. It is so refreshing…and puts me back in the balanced place I need to be at my best. I strongly recommend taking the time to do this for yourself! One of the things I also do is look for inspiration in the many books, tools and other things I find wisdom in, and one of those is the book I have quoted from here before, “I Am The Beloved”, by Rev. Joy Dial. There are some wonderful messages within these pages and one of them I share with you below: (paraphrased)

“You are dearly beloved, and your purpose is mighty. When sorrow overshadows commitment to your soul’s intention, you are compelled to experience the sadness that eclipses your vision. Appreciate your feelings and savor the Truth that IS your inner being. Have the courage to risk the catharsis that mourning brings, and to know the wealth of joy within your Self.

You are the sum and substance of all that has come before you. You are the foundation of that which will come after you. The Truth that you experience is the Truth you know and teach. Conscious awareness is only mental stimulation unless you FEEL your knowledge of the Truth through your heart. When you undergo the full intensity of your feeling experience, that gives a profound depth of awareness and perception that intellect alone cannot provide. Trust your natural feelings. They are your experience of Truth.”

from the Desk of MarDrag:

This passage struck me for a measure of reasons. First, its’ Truth, and then, because it speaks to Feelings and how we should acknowledge them, not deny them, and explore them. I have been doing some work with people recently that has had this common thread…we need to remember it is ok, and necessary, to FEEL.

Feelings 2

We have become good Thinkers…and that is a positive thing. But with all that thinking and inventing new technologies and distractions…we have ventured away from the one thing we can always know and trust…our Feelings. We have also become an over-medicated society, with many different substances that pad our emotions and diminish what we Feel so that we can function better…or so we are told.

But the fact is…we are Human Beings, unique in the make up that makes us thinking, acting and Feeling beings. We have, for some reason, become afraid to Feel too much. We have become hesitant to allow our emotions to swell and ebb and flow. We have been told that a flat existence is better and have been mis-lead into thinking that is some type of Balance. When indeed, it is not.

The first paragraph above tells us we are loved, and we have a Purpose. Within that Purpose is not always constant joy. Sometimes, there is sorrow. And when it starts to over shadow our intentions, the best way to get over it…is Through it. To Feel it, in all its intensity. To “have the courage to risk/face the catharsis that mourning/sadness brings” so that we can know that wealth of joy when we pass through it.

The second paragraph says something I have mentioned here before…in my words…”that we are living now what we created from our past (the sum and substance of what has come before you) and that we are, in the now, creating what our future will be (the foundation of that which will come after). And I believe this wholeheartedly. That we must be mindful, starting now, of what we bring forward from the past, how we apply it to the present, and what we do now that will affect and build our future. This knowledge is important, but just knowing it is not enough. We must also FEEL it, in every fiber of our being. Feel the Truth of it.

Feelings 1

The next statement above; Conscious awareness is only mental stimulation unless you FEEL your knowledge of the Truth through your heart, is so incredibly profound. It states that, we must connect our minds to our hearts for it all to be real. It is not enough just to Think it…we must Feel it, in our Hearts…or it is reduced just to mental stimulation. Intellect alone cannot provide full awareness.

Thoughts 1

In order to know the entirely of our Wholeness and of our vast Capabilities…we must Think AND Feel those thoughts. We must not be afraid we will break, or fail, or not be able to “handle” it. There is nothing that we as Humans and Spiritual Warriors cannot face and work through.

But it is our Feelings, our Intuitions…that tell us the secrets we need to know to apply our Intellect. It is the “gut feeling” you get when you know something is right, or wrong. Don’t mask those feelings with denial, distraction, or medication. Choose to Feel…and know that you are truly alive. And the rewards for embracing all the aspects of our Being are limitless!

Feelings 3



11 comments on “Thought For The Day ~ Feelings

  1. Brilliant! Absolutely BRILLIANT!!! I enjoyed every word! Seriously, this is such a great blog – a really insightful look into Truth. And how Feelings are vital to our overall well-being and indeed a part of our individual Truths. I appreciated the paragraph breakdown of Rev. Joy Dial’s work. And that you expanded on it by adding your thoughts. It made it a very relatable read.

    Your words make so much sense to me – somehow we have become numb and detached. I don’t mean to make grand sweeping comments but it does seem like many people I know drone on and on with the false belief that it’s somehow noble to be emotionless, or that ‘getting to end of the day’ is the main goal. Of course, some days are like that…but some of the people I know approach each day like that. It makes me feel so different; like an outcast. Personally, I don’t want a life where each day is separate and success is defined by getting to the end of it! Feeling like that should be reserved for times of crisis, which hopefully are few and far between.

    Thank you , Mardrag. This blog was like a glass of cold water on a hot day. 😀

    • Wow…Boobah! Thank you for such a wonderful response to this post. I love your second paragraph and agree so much. It pains me to see people sweeping through their days trying so hard not to feel anything so they can just get to the next day…to do it again. There is so much more to life than that! I hope this post helps people to see that!

      Love your words of wisdom Lady! You are wonderful! Have a great day! 😀

  2. Great blog Mar, so true. I have notice that the people around me do think and react to things as professionals or as they “should” or as adults. What i have noticed from the diffent groups of people is that they show no emotions… I wonder if they have people who they do show emotions to… Although the people i do see showing emotions, go to extremes. I can. Deal with those, i am trying to deal with my emotions to deal with theirs 😛 any ways, i on the other hand have emotions and would show them, then feelin inadequate. Im sure that at work it is best to keep things professional, but outside of work why cant we?

    I do think a lot, as i have discussed, and feel a lot. Even if i dont express it to others, because i pretty much do it on my own, then i “feel” or thinkg i am being silly for feeling or showing emotions.

  3. Your words were exactly what I needed to hear. I think that if people spent more time feeling others …. really getting at what they are sensing without taking their suffering on as their own, this world would be a better place. Feelings, empathy and compassion are often thought of as weakness is this world. If more people followed their gut or intuition I think that personal interactions would go to a higher plane; one of acceptance and understanding.
    Thanks for you wisdom.

  4. To feel is indeed the truth… I was 27 when I started to feel my way through life… what a turn around it was… before this time, it was as if I was numb… i must of hidden my feeling sometime during my childhood…

    YES… what do I desire, what do I like.. and who resonates with this… otherwise I stay clear…

    Great post Mar… Thanks for sharing…

    • So wonderful that you found your feelings Barbara…no matter when that happened.They do enhance our quality of life and ability to “know” ourselves.

      I am very glad you found you could relate to this post. Thank you for your wise words! Blessings!

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