Sunday Reflections

Beautiful Sunday

Good Morning! I am lost in Reflections this morning…Reflections in the Sunrise, Reflections of my Spirit, and Reflections in my Coffee Cup! My wish to share these Reflections with you led me to these lovely pictures of a sunrise and quotes to Reflect on through out the day. May your day bring you Peace, Love, and Tranquility! Blessings!

Sunrise 1

Coral Rock Sunrise at Carlin Park Jupiter Beach Florida

Something to Reflect on every day…

Every Morning


Also remember…

Spiritual Beings

And in the Dark Times remember…

Healing Path

For this is the real truth…

Buddha Love

Shine your Light and your Love…

and it will all be Reflected back to you!

Have a Lovely Sunday!



4 comments on “Sunday Reflections

  1. Good morning Mar – happy Sunday!

    Thanks for the inspirations. I made a coment on yesterday’s blog. I was a bit late on it but you know that I like to read with all my attention. I got busy yesterday with all the home responsibilities. I even had my car washed….finally! Now I can take it easy 🙂

  2. Hello Mardrag (and everyone else),

    Great inspirational messages today. And beautiful pics as well. I read these this morning as I was easing into my rainy Sunday. Not horrible weather, but the kind of weather that almost forces you to be lazy…perfect for a Sunday. Your inspirations set the tone for me to appreciate Mother Nature. Thank you! 😀

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