Chains Of Our Own Making 2


I had a message from a reader the other day who asked me to post this blog from last year and to expound on the message within. So, I pulled this from the archives and added a bit more to the paragraphs under the poem. It is my express wish that the reader, and all of you, find something worthwhile and helpful in these words. Blessings!


I was going through some notebooks and old writings yesterday, looking for something,  and I came upon one of my own books of poetry, many pages written through out the years. I began leafing through it and came across a poem that had always been a favorite, because it was so raw and intimate, yet every person, every being, can relate to its sentiment. I rarely share my poetry, but you are all so special to me, and I already share my deepest thoughts with you, so I decided to print this one in the blog today. I hope you don’t mind!

It speaks to the thoughts and actions that we wrap around ourselves, that we cannot, for some reason, see they hinder or hurt us, or keep us from moving forward. often, the chains that bind us are the ones of our own making:


Oh dear

Dear self

What chains have I wrapped ’round thee


Bound thee from thy freedom

Holding thee

Lamenting thy true nature

As I stutter and stumble

For the causing of those chains

In rapt attention to their lot

In feverish passion to unravel their mystery

Near forgetting the freedom

Kept within

Haplessly leaving thee bound

from the Desk of MarDrag:

When we become so enamored with the problems, stress and discontent that is in our lives, we can become consumed, with the fury of a focus that is directed on those problems. And within the intensity of that focus, those things become like chains that we wrap around us, holding us tense and rigid. And so, we become enamored with the chains themselves, frantically trying to figure out what they are and why they are there, how to unlock them or lamenting their presence. We cannot tear ourselves away from the chains. And while we fixate on those chains, we forget that within them is where our freedom is held. We forget or are unaware that we are the architect of those chains, the steel worker that forged the links that now keep us held tight and unable to move, or even think clearly. And we may ignore the fact that, at some point, we allowed them to wrap around and hinder us.

But, at any given moment, we have the power to choose to discard them and free ourselves from that which WE have decided we are bound by. We made them, or we allowed them…so we can unlock them. We have the key. We always have another choice…no matter how out of our realm of comfort it may seem…we nevertheless always have the freedom to make another choice.

So, take a look at the chains tethered around you today and ponder at the choice that you might make to discard them. Choices are always abundant. Moving to Hawaii or some exotic place is a choice. You may not make that choice, but it is, nevertheless, an option that is there, as are so many other options available. We may have trapped ourselves within those chains, but outside them and around us, still, is a swirling haze of opportunities, choices, and solutions…if we could look outside just one link…and catch a glimpse. That is all it takes…one glance through one small link…and it can change our entire perspective. Once our sight and focus sways from the chains themselves, then we have a chance to see what we are bound by with a wider clarity, and we can melt those chains away.

Sometimes, we do have to step out of our comfort zone in order to step out of the chains. But we gain that comfort back when we choose to free ourselves. For that is our true nature…a free soul.


Wednesday ~ “Getting Over The Hump Day” Humor

Good Morning…it is time for the Wednesday Funnies again! And we need them this week after having to slog back to work after a long weekend. So…let your funny bone be tickled, and have a laugh to get you through the mid-week blues! Chuckles & Blessings!

Voices In HeadToilet Paper

Safe Place



Dirty MindIdiots happen

Greatest Daughter

Haunted HousePumpkin Latte's


ProcrastinatingLiquor Store


Guy ArgumentStory

Dog Catching A Chicken Nugget! LOL!

Dog Catching A Chicken Nugget! LOL!

Affirmation Tuesday ~ Prosperity


Good Morning! It is “Affirmation Tuesday” again…and I have my deck of affirmation cards (by Amy Zerner and Monte Farber) in front of me. I take them in hand, and feel their stiff weight as I shuffle them. I close my eyes and sense the energy they hold…from so many uses…and I send my own energy to them in the expected question…”What is our message today”? I feel the pulse and spark as they move through my hands and as I lay them out…a string of connected thoughts…on the hard cherry wood of my desk. As my hand lingers in the air, just above the line of cards, I move it…back and forth, to and fro…and then it happens…the heat from one message jumps into my palm and my hand descends to pick up that one card that means to be heard today. And that card is:

The Affirmation of Prosperity: “I Have All That I Need To Get What I Want”

Message: “Use this gift when you believe you lack the time, money, intelligence, education, connections, looks, love, strength, prestige, power, luck, support, courage, patience, or any other resources you need to accomplish your goal. Believe, instead, that the power of affirmations and positive thinking can help you as much as all these things combined.”

from the Desk of MarDrag:

We all have goals for our lives…and wants, needs, desires…intentions for where we would like to see our lives move. We also have our true Life’s Purpose, whether we are yet aware of it or not…it is there. We have things we want to do, to accomplish…and things we want to be. And many times, we get discouraged because we believe we lack the tools or skills, drive or energy, support or help we need to reach them. It is often easy to get caught up in those disheartening thoughts and put off those things we would most like to pursue. We put our focus on looking at the things we think we “do not” have and forget to look at the things we “do” have that will help us achieve what we desire.

The thing is…the affirmation above is so correct in telling us that Positive Thinking and the Power of Affirmations are the primary tools…and what we really need…to move us forward toward accomplishment. If we believe in our dreams and ourselves, then we can call to our lives all those things in the list above that we need to get to our goal.

What we really need to do is…make the goal and the belief in ourselves BIGGER than what we think we do not possess. For all those things in the list of resources are attainable, if you believe they are. They are just “things” that are floating around out there in the world around you…waiting to be plucked and used. Anyone can attain them. They are not bigger than you are, or bigger than your goal. And they are abundant. There IS enough for everyone.

Prosperity is not just about money or things or riches. Prosperity is also about the wealth of our mind and soul, the opulence of our confidence and self-esteem, the assets of our character, and the treasure of our belief in ourselves and our abilities take command of our lives and our goals.

With Positive Thinking, there is nothing we cannot have or do. So, choose an affirmation today that tells yourself that you can do anything you put your mind and inner resources to. Write it down, post it somewhere you will see it every day. Make that affirmation bigger than your doubts about yourself. Retrain your mind to think better of yourself than you have given yourself credit for to date. You will be amazed at how effective it will be to “change your mind”…and when you believe you have it…you do!

Honor the Prosperity of your own inner resources, believe in the riches you already have, and use Positive Thinking and Affirmations…and there is nothing you can’t achieve!


Memorial Day Blessing

Memorial Day

I am of an age that I grew up with war being fought. I was a youngster then…living on a normal street, going to the neighborhood school, enduring my own family issues…just as everyone else. And, as neighborhoods do flourish, my family knew and was friends with many others on our street. As a young girl, I and my sister had girl friends that lived up and down the block. We were all our own unique selves, growing into young ladies, different hair color, eye color, different likes and desires for who we would be when we grew up. Typical of a neighborhood street in Anytown America.

But, the one thing we young ladies on that street had in common was…the crush we had on the young man down the street. He was the neighbors’ boy…older than we, of course. He was just out of high school…and the most beautiful man any of us had ever seen. He seemed, to us, as tall as a giant. He had a booming but tender and friendly voice. It was the era for long hair…and he had plenty…golden with flecks of red and auburn and brown that glowed in the sun…like a halo we all thought. His family were friends, so we saw him often…many times sitting on his front porch with his parents, talking, spending good time with them. Or washing the cars in the driveway. Or chasing his sister around the front yard, teasing. And he was sweet to us…always waving and talking when we had the courage to steal to the yard and say hello. No matter what he did, we saw him perfect. He was our Golden Man, our image to grow up wishing our husbands to be.

Then, one day, news came that he would be going away for awhile. Everyone was sad, and frightened…and we did not fully understand why. We were told he was going off to war, to fight for our country, for our freedoms, and for the people of another country who had no freedom like we did. And still, we children did not quite understand why people had to fight, let alone shoot guns, for something we all thought everyone should …just have…by right of human nature.

So we watched our Golden Man pack his belongings, say farewell to everyone, and leave…his parents weeping for they worried he would not return. And we wept too.

Two years later…our Golden Man came home. He had been wounded, badly, and needed time to heal and rest…so we were not permitted to see him for a long while. When he finally emerged from the house…it was only to sit in the porch chair, where his parents used to sit talking with him…but now, it was different. Our Golden Man sat, head hanging low, and barely spoke. He did not laugh, or tease, or chase anyone around the yard. When we got close enough to say hello, a sadness came over me as I looked into his eyes…for what I saw there was not what Golden Man had left with. I only understood what that meant a little later in my growth as I became a young woman. And it made me sadder still.

So, I offer a prayer of gratitude to our Golden Man of youth…and to all the men and women who have taken up this cause of fighting for their country…for whether they return or not…they give their lives away, so that we can have ours.

I, myself, if I may say…do not believe in war and fighting and killing for a cause, any cause. It is not what we are put here for. We are here to live and love, not to hate and fight. The killing going on in the world today is senseless. We should be embracing life, not taking it away. There IS a spot for every human here…if we allowed each one to take their spot and grow within it, and help the neighbor in the next spot, and the next…until we are all Linked By The Light Of Our Souls.

I did not understand, way back then, why Golden Man had to go to war…and come back broken. In truth, I do not understand it much better now. BUT…I DO Honor those men and women who give so much of themselves for what they think is right…and for all our sakes. I just wish they did not have to give up so much and suffer so…as do their families.

And so…In Honor of Golden Man, and All Other Men and Women…Thank You…and Bless You…and May You Find Peace In Your Lives In Some Way. And May the Light of Love and Gratitude be with You!

Memorial Day 2


Inspiration By The Sea


I woke missing the water this morning…missing being at the sea. And since I cannot get there in real life today, I went looking for it in my imagination. So I share it with you today. Feel the sea breeze with me, taste the salty air on our lips…feel the sand ‘neath our feet as the waves kiss the shore and the first drops touch our toes. And as we gaze out into the depths of the horizon…we will let our thoughts soar and dance across the vastness of the water…and we will fly free. Have a Lovely Day! Blessings!

Ocean 4

Ocean 3

Ocean 9

Ocean 1

Ocean 10

Ocean 12

Ocean 8

Ocean 2

Oh that I were perched on some mossy patch here!

Oceans 7

Ocean 11



From Cocoon To Butterfly


I was looking through a notebook of mine last night, exploring some writings from quite a few years ago. I was inspired to take this book in hand…I knew not why at the time…but I took pleasure in looking through it and recalling the events and messages that were revealed there. Some good, some not…as the notebook spanned a good deal of time. As I was thumbing through the pages, images of days and thoughts gone by drifting through my mind…I came upon a passage that caught my eye, and I was moved to share it with you.

I clearly recall the situation I was in, and it was restricting. I was diligently working with myself to find the current to rise above it so that the solution could have the space to come to me. I recall sitting on my patio, feeling a gentle breeze flowing ‘round me, the still and quiet of a warm afternoon. There was a hush, it seemed, and then a vision came to me…of a Butterfly breaking out of its’ cocoon. And I wrote this:

“This is what a Butterfly must feel like when starting to break out of the cocoon. It must start to move and attempt to spread its’ wings, causing some friction in order to crack and crumble the cocoon that will fall away, revealing the beautiful Butterfly inside…that flies away.”

Cocoon 1

Reading this, it struck me that, when we are in difficult situations or a dark place in our lives…we may feel wrapped in it, as if trapped in a cocoon of sadness or misery…and unable to see outside or around the gossamer threads that bind us. But, in that muted stillness and darkness…we are really just gestating, allowing “nature” or the energy of the Universe and Higher Powers to evolve…and allowing ourselves the space to think, form, and grow, until all of the elements gather and fall just right for the change to occur and the answer or solution…the Breakthrough…to come.

Cocoon 2

BUT…during that gestation…and in order to break through that cocoon…there must be some Friction. The Friction we feel for the want of something to change, or to grow, or to find something new…or freedom from what it is that has us bound. The Butterfly…without the Friction of wriggling and chafing against the confining walls of the cocoon…would not come to cause the eventual break through the walls that held it. If the Butterfly…and we…lay dormant, or never encounter Friction in our worlds, then we would not have reason to stretch, spread, and transform into the beauty that we truly are.

So…there must at times be Friction in our lives…to test the walls of our cocoons…and to test us…to see just how badly we want to break free…and how willing we are to risk that Friction, to embrace it, use it even…and find our way to Freedom.

Butterfly 2Butterfly 4




To find our wings…and fly!

And remember too…that every gorgeous Butterfly…started out a little caterpillar, inching its’ way across a rough road until it found its’ place to slumber and embrace the wrapping of the cocoon, and the gestation period, until it makes its’ transformation. Do you think the caterpillar knows before it enters the cocoon that it will emerge a Butterfly? I wonder.

But, even if it doesn’t…we can know that about ourselves…and it shall make the unfolding that much sweeter and more graceful to bear.

Butterfly 3


Tuesday Affirmations ~ Rejuvenation


It is “Affirmation Tuesday”…and the card I pulled is perfect as it relates to something I wrote in yesterday’s post. I mentioned the importance of cleansing, grounding and balancing and how a simple daily…or as often as possible…practice can make such a difference in our perspective, mood and attitude, and tolerance of life. As it happens, the card that flew into my hand this morning, from the “Gifts of Affirmations” deck by Amy Zerner and Monte Farber is:

The Gift of Transformation: I Take My Time To Rest, Relax, and Rejuvenate

Message: Use this gift when you are hurried, pressured, overworked, or cannot take time for yourself. No matter what your situation, you will handle any challenge better if you are well rested, fit, healthy, and take time to do the job correctly. Do not let exhaustion and self-reliance turn into an accident, injury or illness. Enjoy life more.

from the Desk of MarDrag:

This is an affirmation with a message that is close to my heart, body and soul. Because, you see, I only learned the importance of its message in, of course, the hard way. I went through a period of my life where I did not give the importance of Rejuvenation enough attention, and it had repercussions on my life and health.

Those events did force me to take a good look at myself and how I was living my life and I completely understood that it was the best thing that could have happened to me. I learned that “spending” myself taking care of and working for everyone else, without taking care of myself, was not the quality of life I needed or deserved. So I set about changing that dynamic.

That was a long and hard lesson about tending to my mind, body and spirit. I would save you all from any similar lesson by telling you…Don’t Forget To Tend To Yourself. Don’t put it off, or use up every last minute of your day so there is none left for you. For what are our lives for if not to live them as we are meant to, and find some happiness, pleasure and peace in that? Make yourself important enough to consider your own needs. It does not mean you take away anything from anyone else…it means you include yourself as an essential part of that list.

There are many different ways these days to center, ground and balance…so seek what works for you. I have my own process…which I also teach others in my work…and it is a wonderful way to get balanced and does not take long. If any of you would like to hear about it, let me know.

But my main concern…is that you find a way to take even 15 minutes out of your day and Breathe Deeply, close your eyes, release the build up of tension, cleanse of negative energy, ground to the physical, and then seek the calm and balance that is always within you…it just gets buried by everything else in your day.

You will be amazed at how great you feel…how much more energy you have…how your mood lifts, and your attitude changes. You will find you function so much better than you could have imagined. You will have more compassion and tolerance for yourself and those around you. And we ALL need that, this world needs more of it…so if you can contribute to that simply by taking care of yourself…well then…you are a true Spiritual Warrior, helping to save even a tiny piece of the world.

Start with yourself! You really do deserve it!


Thought For The Day ~ Feelings


In my reflective mood yesterday, I took time to do some of the spiritual centering, grounding and pondering that I speak about in my posts here. It is so refreshing…and puts me back in the balanced place I need to be at my best. I strongly recommend taking the time to do this for yourself! One of the things I also do is look for inspiration in the many books, tools and other things I find wisdom in, and one of those is the book I have quoted from here before, “I Am The Beloved”, by Rev. Joy Dial. There are some wonderful messages within these pages and one of them I share with you below: (paraphrased)

“You are dearly beloved, and your purpose is mighty. When sorrow overshadows commitment to your soul’s intention, you are compelled to experience the sadness that eclipses your vision. Appreciate your feelings and savor the Truth that IS your inner being. Have the courage to risk the catharsis that mourning brings, and to know the wealth of joy within your Self.

You are the sum and substance of all that has come before you. You are the foundation of that which will come after you. The Truth that you experience is the Truth you know and teach. Conscious awareness is only mental stimulation unless you FEEL your knowledge of the Truth through your heart. When you undergo the full intensity of your feeling experience, that gives a profound depth of awareness and perception that intellect alone cannot provide. Trust your natural feelings. They are your experience of Truth.”

from the Desk of MarDrag:

This passage struck me for a measure of reasons. First, its’ Truth, and then, because it speaks to Feelings and how we should acknowledge them, not deny them, and explore them. I have been doing some work with people recently that has had this common thread…we need to remember it is ok, and necessary, to FEEL.

Feelings 2

We have become good Thinkers…and that is a positive thing. But with all that thinking and inventing new technologies and distractions…we have ventured away from the one thing we can always know and trust…our Feelings. We have also become an over-medicated society, with many different substances that pad our emotions and diminish what we Feel so that we can function better…or so we are told.

But the fact is…we are Human Beings, unique in the make up that makes us thinking, acting and Feeling beings. We have, for some reason, become afraid to Feel too much. We have become hesitant to allow our emotions to swell and ebb and flow. We have been told that a flat existence is better and have been mis-lead into thinking that is some type of Balance. When indeed, it is not.

The first paragraph above tells us we are loved, and we have a Purpose. Within that Purpose is not always constant joy. Sometimes, there is sorrow. And when it starts to over shadow our intentions, the best way to get over it…is Through it. To Feel it, in all its intensity. To “have the courage to risk/face the catharsis that mourning/sadness brings” so that we can know that wealth of joy when we pass through it.

The second paragraph says something I have mentioned here before…in my words…”that we are living now what we created from our past (the sum and substance of what has come before you) and that we are, in the now, creating what our future will be (the foundation of that which will come after). And I believe this wholeheartedly. That we must be mindful, starting now, of what we bring forward from the past, how we apply it to the present, and what we do now that will affect and build our future. This knowledge is important, but just knowing it is not enough. We must also FEEL it, in every fiber of our being. Feel the Truth of it.

Feelings 1

The next statement above; Conscious awareness is only mental stimulation unless you FEEL your knowledge of the Truth through your heart, is so incredibly profound. It states that, we must connect our minds to our hearts for it all to be real. It is not enough just to Think it…we must Feel it, in our Hearts…or it is reduced just to mental stimulation. Intellect alone cannot provide full awareness.

Thoughts 1

In order to know the entirely of our Wholeness and of our vast Capabilities…we must Think AND Feel those thoughts. We must not be afraid we will break, or fail, or not be able to “handle” it. There is nothing that we as Humans and Spiritual Warriors cannot face and work through.

But it is our Feelings, our Intuitions…that tell us the secrets we need to know to apply our Intellect. It is the “gut feeling” you get when you know something is right, or wrong. Don’t mask those feelings with denial, distraction, or medication. Choose to Feel…and know that you are truly alive. And the rewards for embracing all the aspects of our Being are limitless!

Feelings 3


Sunday Reflections

Beautiful Sunday

Good Morning! I am lost in Reflections this morning…Reflections in the Sunrise, Reflections of my Spirit, and Reflections in my Coffee Cup! My wish to share these Reflections with you led me to these lovely pictures of a sunrise and quotes to Reflect on through out the day. May your day bring you Peace, Love, and Tranquility! Blessings!

Sunrise 1

Coral Rock Sunrise at Carlin Park Jupiter Beach Florida

Something to Reflect on every day…

Every Morning


Also remember…

Spiritual Beings

And in the Dark Times remember…

Healing Path

For this is the real truth…

Buddha Love

Shine your Light and your Love…

and it will all be Reflected back to you!

Have a Lovely Sunday!