Sunday Inspiration

Sunday Inspiration

Good Morning! It is Sunday and the coffee is brewing, breakfast is cooking, and loved ones are around us or in our thoughts. As the day begins, here are some thoughts to turn our minds to pondering and embracing the gift of life on a languid Sunday Morning. Have a beautiful day!!

Remember to…

Speak To All

And then…

Tell Yourself Everyday

If you are experiencing a difficult time…

Hold On

It is so important to hold on, because just as you think you can not go on another moment, that moment passes, and you DO go on…and it makes you ever stronger. Gather power from every moment you “go on” from, and know that you will, in fact, move forward.

Sometimes, we have a vision or images about how we expect or want our life to be. But…

Life Planned

Most of the time, the life that is waiting for us is so much more amazing than the life we could have ever planned. Let it come!

And also…


When you have done that…Listen To…

Voice Inside

And believe that…

Your Life

Just by being YOU, you make a difference in this world. Be the best you, and strive to find out just who that is by listening to the story your thoughts have to tell you. You were meant for this life, you have a purpose…Live It!


Tranqil Sunday


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