Tuesday Affirmations ~ Illumination


It is “Affirmation Tuesday”, and this week, we get to hear another sound piece of information to take us through the week. As I take the deck of cards by Amy Zerner and Monte Farber in my hands, I feel the warm energy from my palms infuse them. And as I spread them across the glowing dark wood of my desk, they fan out, and I can feel their heat as I ask the question, “What is the message for us today”?  My hand scans over the cards, back and forth from left to right, and then stops, hovering over one in particular. My fingers tingle as they scoop up the card that would give our piece of wisdom in the form of today’s affirmation. The card that comes to us is:

Affirmation of Illumination: “I Am Flexible And Can Adapt to The Challenges Of Our Modern Age”

Message: “Use this gift when information overload, constant change, and other aspects of the rapid pace of modern life threaten to overwhelm you. Modern “conveniences” have eliminated the cushion of time necessary to properly absorb and consider information and concepts. To achieve true knowledge and wisdom, you must take time each day for quiet reflection”.

from The Desk of MarDrag:

“Rapid pace of modern life”! I like that…it is such an understatement in this day and age. Time has accelerated so much these recent years with technology, social media, and world events ramping up into a whirlwind. I am old enough to remember the days where we had one phone with one line and we spoke to one person at a time. Shocking, I know! I am a dinosaur! But it is interesting because I have seen first hand the evolution of technology and the increase in the pace of life as the next new invention takes us over. Part of me is wistful for the “kinder, gentler, slower” times…when we had the time to read, talk and think.

Today, people clamber over each other, always in a hurry to get somewhere or do something before anyone else. Or to create something first, or to get their 15 minutes of fame somehow. It doesn’t really matter how anymore…just get there, just do it. And in my humble opinion, this lifestyle has left us lacking in some very important ways. Like the affirmation says, “the cushion of time necessary to absorb and consider information and concepts” has diminished. We move faster, think faster, and talk faster. And most importantly, we make choices and decisions faster, and sometimes, that can be to our detriment. And, this is all because we no longer take the time to think things through, to consider their impact on our lives, or to listen to that Wiser Voice inside us that is trying to guide us in the right direction.

It is interesting to consider the times of some of the great philosophers like Aristotle, Plato, Socrates, Confucius, or Descartes in which they took the time to contemplate and gather their thoughts, sometimes spending hours just thinking, and then writing…and some of the most profound life lessons and messages came from these minds. Not to say that there are not brilliant minds today that offer profound lessons and messages just as important…but I wonder how today’s social climate would have supported the evolution of these philosophers. And how our lives would be changed because of it.

So, now, I am waxing philosophical and perhaps wavering from the point of today’s affirmation. But, I believe what it is trying to tell us…is that if we want to gain true knowledge, vision and wisdom in our lives…we must slow down, and give ourselves some time in each day for reflection. Time to ponder and consider the meaning of our lives and the things that happen to us. We rush to judge the events of our lives without giving them time to integrate and tell us what they mean and what their purpose is, so that we can understand ourselves better…and thus make better choices and decisions.

Our conscious minds, and our ego voice, do not always know best. Yet, we spontaneously believe all they say and proceed with that information…when some quiet reflection might bring thoughts and ideas to the front of our minds that we would not otherwise have…but for some time to think.

So give yourself a gift…a gift of time…for even 15 minutes a day. Turn the phone off, turn the music off, turn the television off, close the email and put the computer on stand by…and find a peaceful place, even amid the chaos, to sit and contemplate, reflect, consider and think…or even to empty your mind of everything…and allow the thoughts to come to you. Don’t try to think…think to try. That is, allow those voices within you some space to have their say. You would be amazed at the wisdom, clarity and knowledge they have to share…and it may change your perspective for the better. It is all in a thought. Take the time to think it.



6 comments on “Tuesday Affirmations ~ Illumination

  1. Good afternoon!

    Great blog Mar, it is good to disconnect and recharge 🙂

    To be fast to not fall behind is good, learn and go with the changes … but we can’t forget about the other things in life … Phisically contact and personal growth and peace 🙂

    Just now, i am thinking to take a break and leave the office. To for a walk or a drive somewhere, but i wanted to come i check the blog first. I am glad i did that first 🙂

  2. AWESOME blog!!!! Love this! I agree whole heartedly. I have come to accept that I must have time alone. I get very tired and anxious if I don’t give myself ‘disconnection’ time.

    Really great read. I would have commented sooner but I’ve been having computer problems.

    Thanks Mardrag!

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