In The Aftermath ~ Shine


It is Wednesday…and usually I post my mid-week humor blog to give you a break in the midst of your work week and the thought blogs I post…but this week, it seemed to soon, just yet, and I could not put the page together. I know that humor helps us and gives us respite from the harder, deeper emotions when facing the reality of what happened in Boston on Monday…but still, it seemed too soon. Rather, as I gather my thoughts to write this morning, the inspiration comes to me to share this.

Reality is setting in. Another senseless tragedy has taken innocent lives so close to us. If you look at/read the news…it is happening everywhere. For those of us in the U.S., it has hit our land again…but I have seen the same kind of reports about other countries last week and this week and truth be told…I had a moment of despair. Me, the most positive soul and champion of the Light you would meet. Those of you who read here “hear” that in my posts. But yes, I had a moment of despair that our world has come to this. That hate and violence would take such a place on this planet that is such a gift to us. BUT, in that same moment of anguish, I saw this too…

Shining Light 3

…and I knew, that no matter how dark it gets, and no matter how much negative energy there is or dark forces that would force their hate and anger on the world…there is always still…The Light. Light cannot be vanquished. Night will always turn to day. In the dark, there is always still that point of light that shows that it is dark. By the very laws of the universe, the polar sides are ever present…so we can come out of the darkness back into the Light. And the way we do that is by each individual focusing on their own inner spark, their own inner Light, and shining that Light as bright as they can out into the world…believing that it can make a difference. Because it does. Darkness would have us believe otherwise….but why would we listen to that? Believe what we know to be true…that Light cannot be vanquished…and within that Light is Love, Compassion, Respect and Care for one another.

This is the moment where we all must look at ourselves, our lives, and what we focus on each and every day. Is it our intention to lift ourselves with Love and Respect and lift the others around us too? Or is it our intention to spew misery and hate amongst ourselves because we are being fed that in media and otherwise. Would we let this phenomena take us over? Or would we open our eyes and our hearts and see that it will only lead us to ruin. Love, Compassion, and Respect are the things that would save us.

Consider that, this lovely planet that we live on, hanging here in the cosmos, with the perfect mix of air, water, earth and atmosphere just right to support our human minds and bodies…is a gift from the universe just so that we can have life, so that we can live our lives and have our families and realize our passions and our joys and sorrows. Who are we to slap that gift in the face by perpetuating hate and violence on the very landscape of the gift that gives us the life that allows us to make those choices?

We must wake from the slumber and distraction we have been enamored in. We must stand up in the face of the darkness that thinks it can prevail and say no…I choose the Light. This is the moment to make that choice and take action. Any action…that is toward the Light. When you would put someone down, choose not to. When you would shout, choose not to. When you would hurt someone, choose not to. When you would give in to the darkness, choose not to.

Within us ALL is the capacity to be good, to do good…it is why we are here. We must not succumb to the hate and violence that would destroy us and this beautiful planet we have been given to enjoy our lives on.

Today…you can make a difference! Today…Shine Your Light! Even if your sorrow is so great that you think you can’t do it…Choose To Shine! Let us show those forces that dare to think we can’t do it…that we can. When we Link by the Light of our Souls, we will create a mighty Strength and Power that will take us into a better future. Believe in that. And Shine!



11 comments on “In The Aftermath ~ Shine

  1. Oh Mardrag! This is a brilliant blog. Very encouraging and inspirational. I am moved by your words and I thank you so much for that.
    A better world won’t just happen magically, we need to do something to make it better. So, I agree. We need to start with ourselves.
    Thank you.

    • (((((JustDee)))))!! Good to see you. Odd, as I JUST sent you an email…so check your inbox. Then I logged on here and see you check in. I hope you are doing alright.

      I think of you often and send Love & Hugs! Let us know how you are doing. (AND, check your email!!) 🙂

      Blessings to you!

  2. What a long day, and one more to come. All good, no dramas, no problems 🙂 just busy busy busy.
    Have a good one, and see you all tomorrow.

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