Tuesday Affirmation ~ I Believe In Myself


It is Affirmation Tuesday again and I have taken in hand my “Gifts of Affirmations” deck by Amy Zerner and Monte Farber to bring you an affirmation message for this week. The card that presented itself for you this morning is:

The Gift of Perseverance: “I Believe In Myself Now, Always, And In All Ways”

Message: “Use this gift when you feel like a failure or others seem to doubt your abilities. Your strengths and weaknesses are yours to experience and learn from in your own time. Accept yourself just as you are now, knowing that the mistakes you have made helped guide the direction of your personal growth. It is never too late to change.”

from The Desk of MarDrag:

Believing in ourselves is so important and such a critical component to living in our truth. Yet, we all have lapses in our Belief in ourselves at times and feel like failures. Sometimes we do fail or “think” we fall short and others judge or chastise us for it. We have expectations of ourselves as well as others, and when we fail to meet those expectations, we doubt our abilities and then, of course, feel guilty. The first thing that suffers in that scenario is our Belief in ourselves and we start to question our thoughts, decisions and capabilities.

But, as the affirmation says, our strengths and weaknesses are a part of us for a reason, and they are for us to experience and grow from. We none of us are perfect or should be expected to know everything all the time. How can we learn if we do not make mistakes? We need to strive to accept and own those strengths and weaknesses…because that is what makes us a whole and complete person. We should not split ourselves up into compartments allowing some parts of us to be ok, while others are not. Everything about us makes us who we are. Acknowledge that…for there is great beauty in our gifts as well as our faults. It is all parts of us that make us human and connected to each other.

Strive to accept yourself, the ALL of yourself, just as you are now. I know that may sound difficult, but if you can look in the mirror at the entire truth of who you are, right now, and accept that person with gifts and faults and all, and have love and compassion for that person…then you can embrace that and look at what might need to be changed while taking joy in the wonderful things that you would keep and grow with.

Embrace every moment of the past as essential for leading you to where you are now, even as you let go of that past so that it does not keep you chained to it and unable to be in the present and make changes to shape your future.

Believe in the ALL of the self. We are remarkable and complex beings, and it is an extraordinary thing that we embody so many varied and diverse thoughts, emotions and abilities. We are full of amazing components that all work together to make us who we are and to guide us on our life path.

Find the wonder in that…and Believe in yourself. Believe that you have everything you need, right there within you, to do whatever you need or want to do and craft the life you deserve.

Believe…in ALL ways! It is ALL possible!



4 comments on “Tuesday Affirmation ~ I Believe In Myself

  1. A Tuesday morning ‘uplifting’ for sure, THANKS!!! Snowing in April, ugh! Beautiful and the moisture needed but…Ugh!!! It’s Spring already but not unusual for this neck of the woods and sadly the cold and snow burns the fruit tree’s flowers and buds. Still your words take flight and bring a ray of sunshine into a grey/cold day!!!

    • Draziw…how wonderful to see you! Snow in April….brrrr! Weather has been strange everywhere lately. We had cool rain yesterday and cold winds today, but I am happy with that before the hot temps settle in.

      Glad you found today’s blog uplifting. Sending you lots of Love & Light!! 🙂

  2. I guess you had to give us a veeeeery difficult one before the break of wednesday humor day, huh? I’ve got your number lady! 😆

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