Thursday Inspiration ~ A Theme


There is a theme to life…if we choose to look deeply and see it.Β  Today’s Inspiration Post follows that theme and illuminates that which we can recognize and appreciate in our day to bring us ever closer to the life we want, the life we are meant to have, and the life that will help make the world a better place. Life is a journey…come take it through these words…..

Moments in Life

Purpose of Life

At times the sea of life gets rough, but…..

Mon - Stormy Path

It is inevitable that….

Mon- Fall Together

So when we can’t make the circumstances move…

Change Self

But if you…

Mon - True Self

And then, have no…

No Regrets

And as you grow and learn and discover yourself…..

Spread Light


Way Ahead

And remember to….Believe in Magic

Walk the journey of your life with your head held high, love in your heart, and magic in your soul….and be amazed at where that road takes you!

Blessings On Your Journey!


3 comments on “Thursday Inspiration ~ A Theme

  1. Thank you MarDrag!

    This is so nice and sweet πŸ™‚ it reall is good to read such positive words in the morning, to start the date πŸ™‚

    Still ahead of those not trying. Make room for happyness.Change myself if the situation cant be changed, sunshine is coming even i it doesn’t seem like it some times. Love the one about things that need to fall apart so better things can fall together πŸ™‚

    Have a lovely day!

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