Tuesday Affirmations ~ Emotions


This week, Tuesday Affirmations are back as I have not done them in awhile. The cards, “Gifts of Affirmations” by Amy Zerner and Monte Farber, were speaking to me and, when I pulled one, this was the message that jumped in my hand today:

Gift of Courage: “I experience my emotions and channel them into useful actions.”

Message: “Use this gift when passions flare or strong feelings threaten to overwhelm logic and practicality. Experience emotions honestly as they arise; do not suppress them. Negative emotions will subside over time in the light of reason and compassion for yourself and others. What you are passionate about can show you ways to change your life.”

from the Desk of MarDrag:

We are emotional beings. Thank goodness for that, otherwise we would be wooden soldiers making our way through life. But emotions can also be a double-edged sword. They are the things that make us feel alive, drive our passions, and touch our feelings. But emotions can be intense and sometimes overwhelming too. Often, they can get in the way of rational thought and send us to a level of fervor or excitement that is more than a situation warrants…and from that can come difficult decisions or choices. We can over react.

However…we should never suppress emotions.

If we suppress or ignore our emotions, we run the risk of turning them off altogether, which is no way to live our lives. Or, if we suppress them too long or too deep, they can eventually erupt in volcanic proportions and affect the people around us and ourselves in negative ways. Or even push people and opportunities away.

It takes courage to experience emotions and allow them to rise so that we can face and consider them, and take action from them if need be. Even the good emotions that make us giddy and happy. But, as the affirmation says, if we acknowledge them honestly and allow them their space to form and rise, it is then that we can direct them in a positive manner. When we suppress emotions we become confused, because we know we feel something, but our conscious mind (and that ego voice) tries to tell us we do not feel what we know in our soul we do. In that place of bewilderment comes negative energy and perplexing choices.

There is a saying that the only way to get past an emotion is go through it, to get to the other side of it. A bit like a tunnel, we stand at the opening and acknowledge the emotion, allow ourselves to travel through it and listen to what it is trying to tell us, and then we will always reach the other side where clarity awaits to let us know what it is we needed to see or learn from feeling what that emotion was. If we can look at emotions as a journey, we will not get stuck in them and we will be able to travel through life with much more balance.

And Balance, is another good concept to consider when you feel the passion of emotions overtaking you. Take deep breaths and focus on the concept of balance as you feel your emotions settle so that you can allow reason to shed its light on what you are feeling.

Most importantly though, as the affirmation says, be compassionate with yourself and others considering emotions. Love and compassion are the keys to releasing the storm of energy that often comes with emotions. We ALL have them, we all feel them intensely, and we all should have love and compassion for each other for our humanness.

The last line of the affirmation is a profound one…because it is that very thing that we feel so passionate about that can teach us the most about what we need to learn or change in our lives. The deeper we feel something the more important it is that we explore it and understand what it means to us so that we can make clearer and better choices for our lives.

So, take that journey into your emotions, feel them, be honest about them, and listen to the story they have to tell you. And love yourself through that journey.


13 comments on “Tuesday Affirmations ~ Emotions

  1. This is one of my most favorite blogs yet – and that says something considering how much I have enjoyed them all! Really awesome blog. Thank you! I really enjoy Affirmation day. In fact, I like how you have designated certain days…Hump Day humor Wednesdays, Affirmation Tuesdays, and your Inspiration days.

    Hope everyone has a great Tuesday! Thanks Mardrag!!!

  2. Good morning all,
    Thanks mar for the blog. As i am getting ready, i read bits of it. I must hurry. It will be an interesting day. I may not check back until tonight, so i wanted to say hi real quick.

    Have a nice day.

  3. Great blog Mardrag, as you know i have suppressed my feelings a lot (at work, in relationships, with family). When i didnt, i would not deal with them well. Now Letting myself feel and accept my feelings and needs has been a process. I don’t want to turn into a basket case either though, so as you said, i must balance things. As it is with everything 🙂 balance!

    Thank you Mar!!

  4. The day is over and going to sleep, but I am here as I promised. The day was pretty quiet. I was able to do my work with no insidents. After all the early morning commossion, it was to be expected I guess. People were just doing their work, and keeping their heads down. I liked that I was left alone all day :-)…BUT at the end of the day, the main person in question, made her appearance with something so off topic from the morning commission….THAT was also expected….It was the end of the day, so I did not let it get to me. I am fine and will be fine.

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