What Direction Go I


Many of you who read frequently here may recall that I dream very vividly and often. I have not written about my dreams in some time….but I have had many. These past few days I have had some very profound dreams…so I took to my “Dream Cards” by Strephon Kaplan-Williams to bring you a message from the dreamland today.

The card I pulled is: (this is interesting considering Tuesdays post on “Destiny”!)

DIRECTION – Guiding, Destiny, Fulfilling (Central Image – A Bridge crosses a great chasm)

Message: Direction is when we value somewhere or something greater than life itself. Direction is not simply choosing goals and fulfilling them. All goals deceive, whether one is climbing ambition’s ladder, nurturing a family, or championing a major cause of the people. While these need commitment, they do not transcend the specifics of life. The only commitment that gives ultimate purpose is following Source energy to the end of your days, no matter where it leads you. Your Task Is: Ask if you have a purpose so valuable you can commit your life to it.

Secondary Images:

Snake: Only the choosing are chosen, only the chosen are choosing. Seek the source of what challenges you.

Door: Clearing obstacles is the first step in finding purpose. Learn from everything that does not go your way until you no longer want only your way.

Suitcase: The true cost of a journey is to give up what you don’t want to let go of. Hold on tightly, then choose to give.

Cards: Fortunes are not in the cards, but in the choices of life. Choose with certainty and never look back.

Stairs: If one has more than one direction in life, they tend to cancel each other out. For the moment, choose the most central direction.

Dog: To be led means to make another’s direction our own. Give up self-desire and be guided.

Car: To keep moving is not in itself a direction but a distraction. Stop yourself long enough to choose where you are going.

Lightening: The journey combines what happens to us with what we do about it. Act more from inner knowing than anxiety.

from The Desk of MarDrag:

So, I find it very profound and interesting that, of all the cards in this deck, this is the one that found its way to my fingers today. There must be “something in the air” regarding Destiny and our Purpose in life. I was inspired to write Tuesday’s post on Destiny rather than do the Affirmation Cards I usually do. So, the Universe is offering us a message to take to heart, to consider, and to ponder.

From the symbols and notations on this card, I gather that it is becoming more important for us to take a look at where our lives are and where they are going, and strive to follow our Destinies and find our true Purposes. The world needs that of us right now. Everything is in bad shape. But, we can all contribute to making it better, simply by following that Destiny and living our true lives….because just by doing that, we add to the balance of the energy that needs to be righted. This is THE best thing we can do right now, to be who we are truly supposed to be and do what we are meant to do with our lives. No matter what it is or how big or small….if we are in balance in our own little corners, then all those cells of balance touch, connect and merge and create a larger balance that helps offset the negative. I cannot help but feel these messages hold great weight.

The Central Image speaks of following Source energy no matter where it leads. (And that “Source” is whatever it means to YOU).  And….that our true Purpose is one that is so valuable to us that we commit our life to it. What could that be…to YOU? Seek the source of what challenges you, and find out.

I love the line, “Learn from everything that does not go your way until you no longer want only your way” because it reminds us that, while our individual tapestry is busily being woven, there is still the greater picture to be considered, and how our tapestry fits into that Great Tapestry. Perhaps now, more than ever, we need to reflect on this. And there are lessons to be learned from that which does not go our way from which we sill see, there is another way.

The rest of the messages tell us to slow down, stop even, to listen and pay attention so we can choose with clarity where we are going, instead of tumbling head on into the future. Let go of old tethers that keep you stuck, ask for guidance and it will come, then choose a direction and know that you will be guided by your inner wisdom and knowing. It is time to trust that Wiser Self within us all and act from Inner Knowing rather than Anxiety. Fear, Guilt and Anxiety lead us nowhere….but Inner Wisdom and Knowing…..which we ALL have….leads us always in the right….Direction.


16 comments on “What Direction Go I

  1. Good Morning all.
    Great post, Mar, but requires more attention than I can
    afford it now. Be Back in about 12 hours.

    BTW. that freakin energy drink kept me up until 2;30 am
    last night, and that little shot only fueled the flames. oy
    Take it only in the morning. 😉

    Did JustDee wake up yet? Talk about energy- I don’t
    know how you keep up that pace young lady!

    Have a great day, and @Cali35, I’m still laffin at your
    comment about the dog not being able to commit. It just
    struck me as so funny, yet so true!

    • Morning NJBev….I know it can be a little early to take it all in…I get it! See you in 12 hours. LOL!

      And see, that is why I don’t think I can do one of those energy drinks. A cup of coffee can keep me up, so with one of those drinks I would be awake until next Tuesday! O.O

      Glad to see you are still laughing…hope it lasts all day!

      Many Hugs Lady!!

    • ::::waves at Bev::::
      LOL, I’m awake. I did sleep in though 🙂
      My big plan for today is to finish unpacking, putter around the house, and keep the woodstove fired up……It’s COLD outside!

      • Morning JustDee!! I hope you are getting A LOT of rest, finally! I bet it feels good to be home, even if it is cold. Keep those home fires burning today….and know we are sending Warm Thoughts!!

        Many Hugs Darling Lady!! 😀

      • ((((((MarDrag!))))))
        The cold gives me a valid excuse to put off getting busy – so it works for me!

      • Dear Lady….you are not supposed to be “getting busy” just yet. Take a few days to “be there” and relax….well except for getting wood for the fire.

        Like the post says today….slow down a little, stop even, and Just Be JustDee!! Enjoy the quiet and listen to wind.

        Hugs to you!

      • Oh, don’t worry. I have no intentions of doing anything but resting and enjoying my home til next week 😀

  2. MarDrag, just read tuesday’s post and so glad you found your destiny even if it was a rough road getting there. 😉

    Today’s post…argghhh! You KNOW those are the thorns in my side, destiny and purpose. LOL. I’m working on acceptance and just letting things fall as they may.

    • I know honey!! Sorry about the double whammy!! But, I have to go with the inspiration, LOL!

      It was actually a little strange how this happened too. My fingers seriously “landed” on this card this morning….and with Tues.’s post, I think the Higher Powers are sending us a message.

      But don’t stress about it….you will come to know what you need to know in good time. Just listen to that Wiser Voice within and it will guide you.

      But, for today, just rest!! LOL! HUGS!

  3. Hi Mardrag & everyone,

    Excellent blog. Makes so much sense. I love how you wrote about purpose and committing to it.

    The secondary images are really interesting. Are these things that can be seen in dreams?

    I like the meaning of Door, “Learn from everything that does not go your way until you no longer want only your way” – I agree that is a great line. Does this mean not to force things and instead except it? Sometimes it feels like I force things particularly when they aren’t going my way. I have a hard time discerning between forcing and persevering. When I find myself at a closed door, I try to bust it open. I’m thinking this isn’t good.

    Wonderful blog! Thank you!

    • Hi Boobah! Glad you liked the post!

      The secondary images are from the card. I meant to take a picture of it and post it with the blog, but I forgot and posted it without the pic! On the card, there is a central image and then other smaller “secondary” pics around it…all with their messages. BUT, they DO indicate that dreams consist of a central image with other less central images within them but they are all important and each aspect (pic) in the dream has meaning. We need to look at it as a whole.

      About the quote you mentioned…I think it means that, we can live our lives wanting and expecting things to go our way, but when they do not, we need to keep learning from those times until we want things to go “the way they are meant to go”, which at times is not “our” way…but the BEST way. We do not always know what is best for us…but our Higher Powers do, so we need to step out of the way sometimes and let things happen as they are meant to.

      Forcing things NEVER works! I know, I spent a lot of my life trying just that, and it did not lead me to where I “thought” I wanted to go. It was not until I surrendered to what was supposed to happen in my life that I arrived where I was meant to be!

      Try not to bust the door open. Stand before it and ask if it is the right door. If it is, it will open for you. If it isn’t, another door nearby will open. 😉


  4. Grrr…I just had a whole comment typed out and it disappeared!!! And it took me a while because it’s a complicated topic – I even joked that I felt like I wrote a riddle! Damn you word press! 😀

    Basically I wrote: that I understand the secondary images now. And there is a difference between what I want and what is best for me. Sometimes what I want is not what’s best, so I shouldn’t force anything but instead, except and learn from it.

    Thank you so much for helping me to understand! And for whatever it’s worth, I am also glad you arrived to where you were meant to be – which is here! LOL! Seriously though, I bet your blog helps a lot of people. The fact that you are global speaks volumes!

    • Morning Boobah……Grrrr, WordPress can be such a little stinker doing things like that sometimes. But thank you for retyping your comment and sharing your thoughts.

      That is exactly what those images and messages mean. Glad you got something out of this post. I do hope it helps others too. That is the mission of these words! 🙂

      And…I am glad I have been led here too!

      Have a great day!!

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