Tuesday Affirmation ~ Love and Respect


It is “Affirmation Tuesday”, and I take to my cards “Gifts of Affirmations” by Amy Zerner and Monte Farber to bring you the message for the day. Here is the card I pulled for you today:

The Gift of Charisma: “I Deserve Love and Respect Because I Give Them”

“Use this gift when you feel that you are not getting the love and respect you need and deserve. If you are able to show your love and respect for other, they should do the same for you. It is not egotistical to demand respect. This affirmation can empower you to tell others how you feel in an appropriate manner.”

from the Desk of MarDrag:

We, as children, are taught about Love and Respect and the importance of giving those to others. We are taught to give selflessly, help others, Respect our elders, Love our neighbors and do unto others as we would have others do unto us. It is fairly easy to grasp these concepts as children and practice them in earnest.

But, I think, as we grow older and cast a wider net in experiences, we can find it more difficult to keep to those teachings, especially when some of those experiences indicate that others have forgotten about Love and Respect themselves. The current climate of our society is one of instant gratification and self promotion and it seems to be founded in the concept of “all for me at all cost.” It can leave those of us who still live by those teachings of Love and Respect disappointed and discouraged and we can lose our own notion that we ourselves deserve Love and Respect.

But, except for those who have chosen to deny those two concepts and have done heinous things to another, we all deserve to have Love and Respect from people in our lives. However, in order to feel worthy of that from others….we must first and absolutely Love and Respect ourselves and hold ourselves in high regard for who we are and our contributions to this world. We teach others how to treat us by how we choose to treat ourselves. And if we do not treat ourselves with Love and Respect, others may think they do not have to either.

It is not selfish to require or even demand Respect from others….it is a form of what I call “Selfness”.  It is in the realm of taking care of ourselves and making sure that, as we give of ourselves to others, we are also getting back what we need to fill ourselves and replenish what we give. Absolutely no one can give and give and not need anything in return to replenish what has been provided, albeit freely.

We must Love ourselves enough to want to give back to ourselves as much as we give to others. And we must Respect ourselves enough to know that this is right and appropriate. We can be an example to others by embracing these two concepts regarding ourselves and show others, as well as the Universe as a whole, that we understand we are unique and wonderful beings and are worthy of the Love and Respect of all, especially those who we do so much for around us.

If you are feeling you do not have the Love and Respect you ought to have, use the affirmation above to instill within you that you do, in fact, deserve them and begin to change the pattern by first giving them to yourself. If there are people in your life who continue to take advantage of you, it is not wrong to consider having an appropriate conversation with them and let them know how you feel. It helps to teach them how you expect to be treated. And that you are worthy of that expectation. If they are unwilling, then they may not deserve the Love and Respect you have for them after all, and you can make a decision, from your strength and power, whether to continue the relationship or not.

But, the most important relationship in your life is the one you have with yourself. Strive to show yourself Love and Respect every day, for you deserve it!



16 comments on “Tuesday Affirmation ~ Love and Respect

  1. Good Morning, Mardrag and everyone! EXCELLENT blog! I cannot even begin to express how timely this is for me.

    Just to summerize my understanding of today’s blog ( I want to make sure I understood) : respect and love begin by giving it to yourself, then give that to others. Model the very treatment you wish to receive. Start by respecting and loving yourself and others will follow your lead. It also is important to allow selfness – that it is okay to expect respect and love. In fact, feeling respected and loved replenishes us. In essense, we need to give and take. It can’t be one-sided.

    I have to say that I get very caught in the giving part. And I have discovered over the years that I have been in one-sided realationships – sometimes they were only one-sided for a short period of time, other times I have had to end the friendship. I understood in vague terms that I wasn’t getting replenished, but I figured I was on my own in that department – that it was my job to replenish myself. Which I think is true to some degree. But as read your blog, it occurred to me that the very nature of mankind is connectivity. We are all connected and need each other. Noone is fully independent. One some level, we all need something from someone else. We are interdependent.

    The term selfness is awesome. Readng that made me feel good. What I realize is that it’s not good to over-rely on others to get replenished but it is okay to need things from others. It’s okay because what we really need is to feel fulfilled and sometimes others will have a hand in that. There is a balance there that is actually quite soothing.

    Wow – todays blog really got my thoughts going! LOL! Thanks for a great blog today!

    • Wonderful post Boobah! Thank you for sharing those very wise thoughts….and they are spot on. You got it completely! “Model the very treatment you wish to receive”……that is a perfect statement and exactly what was meant by the post. I also like your context of connectivity…no, we certainly cannot “do” this life alone and we need each other to complete the flow of the circle of life.

      You and your comments are amazing! Thanks for sharing! HUGS!

      • Thank You!! Your blog really prompted my thoughts today. I really “felt” what you wrote. It makes sense to me. And may I just add that your writing style is incredible! You write about very complex ideas in a way that is easy to follow. It took me 20 minutes just to write my comment because I kept confusing myself! 😀 LOL!

    • Oh Boo 😦

      “Have to say that I get very caught in the giving part. And I have discovered over the years that I have been in one-sided realationships – sometimes they were only one-sided for a short period of time, other times I have had to end the friendship. I understood in vague terms that I wasn’t getting replenished, but I figured I was on my own in that department –”

      The thing is that the same thing a person appreciates at first, is the very same thing he/she takes advantage or for granted later in the relationship 😦

      • Omg! That is SO TRUE!!! I never thought of it that way but that is exactly what happens. Wow – great point, Cali. Thank you.

  2. I wrote on last blog
    MARCH 5, 2013 @ 9:10 PM
    Hi Boo,
    She is doing much better first she scared me in the morning because she was worse than last night. . . But had water and then eat just before i left for work. I stayed until then because i was worry. By then i had asked my sister to come check on her, and she did. That help me feel better during the day. When i got home, Boboo was back to normal excited to see me .

    Thanks for caring.

    Adding – She has been mellow, so she is not completely fine, but eating and welcoming home is a big improvement 🙂

    • Cali, Thanks for the update because I was worried. I know how much Booboo means to you and I can empathize. My pets mean the world to me also so I know how you feel. That is such a relief that she is mostly back to her old self. The best news is that she’s eating and she was happy to see you. That was nice of your sister to do that for you. It sucks when you have to be at work and all you can think about is your pet! Check in later and give us another update.

      • Will do 🙂

        She wasn’t able to make it up to the bed 😦 i told her to get up there and she hesitated, but still tried and fail 😦 i felt bad for asking her. After it, she was making a breathing noise as if she was in pain 😦 is it her belly? Her legs?

      • Oh Cali….I am so sorry to hear that! Will you be taking her to the vet to get checked out? Please do keep us posted and know that we are sending Love & Light & Healing Energy to her…and to you as you deal with this. I know how hard it is, so please, if you need anything, let us know! Know you have support here! HUGS!

  3. This is so very nice MarDrag 🙂
    Love and respect to others and ourselves – i was going to cut an paste what i like the most, but i would have to cut and paste all of it 🙂

    Thanks MarDrag – on days like today when i was feeling a bit sorry for my self – Nothing happened, just my patience while i wait for things is draining out. I felt tired. I just got to keep the positive attitude while i wait, but i got to take some action. As you told me, it is okay to ask. It shows i respect myself, and they will respect that. Now with the love and respect blog, you are pretty much reminding me of it. THANKS YOU!!

    • You are welcome Cali! I am glad it was timely for you. “Waiting” can be draining, but try to let it go as you wait so it does not drain your energy. Fill yourself up with the love & respect you deserve and that will help. You are the first one you should give those two precious things to!

      Sending you good energy and hugs!

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