Tuesday Affirmations


I woke after a restless sleep last night and decided to pull an affirmation card this morning from my “Gifts of Affirmations” deck by Amy Zerner & Monte Farber. Two stuck to my hand today, as sometimes happens, so I will share both of them with you:

1. The Affirmation of Courage: “I experience my emotions and channel them into useful action.”

Use this gift when passions flare or strong feelings threaten to overwhelm logic and practicality. Experience emotions honestly as they arise; do not suppress them. Negative emotions will subside over time in the light of reason and compassion for yourself and others. What you are passionate about can show you ways to change your life.

2. The Affirmation of Transformation: “I take my time to rest, relax and rejuvenate.”

Use this gift when you are hurried, overworked, or cannot take time for yourself. No matter what your situation, you will handle any challenge better if you are well rested, fit, healthy, and take time to do the job correctly. Do not let exhaustion and self-reliance turn into an accident, injury, or sickness. Enjoy life more.

from the Desk of MarDrag:

In the first affirmation, it talks about passions and emotions flaring and overriding logic and practicality. And isn’t that what stress and anxiety do to us? Our conscious mind can know that,

logically, the anxiety we feel is likely unnecessary, but emotions are not logical and it is sometimes difficult to put them in perspective. There is a saying I recall from my studies…..that the only way to overcome a strong emotion…is through it. If we try to go around it, over it, avoid it or ignore it, those usually do not work, especially if you are one who feels emotions strongly. So, we use up all our energy trying to “get away” from the emotion. I learned, and believe, that the best way to handle a strong emotion, is to go through it. It is there for a reason, and acknowledging it gives it what it is looking for, attention, so then it is able to release. Like pulling the stopper out of a bottle.

So, if you are in the grip of a strong emotion, don’t suppress it, feel it and distinguish what it is trying to tell you. Once you acknowledge it, which is all it wants, take deep cleansing breaths and release it, and then use your focus activity to redirect your attention to a positive place. Much like a child throwing a tantrum. If you ignore them, they just cry louder. If you acknowledge their distress, then redirect their attention, the crisis moment can move on into a better place.

In the second affirmation, it talks about the importance of taking time for yourself to relax, unwind and rejuvenate. I believe this is imperative in order to be able to handle our busy and stressful lives in the best way possible. After all, if we do not take care of ourselves, we cannot be there in optimum form for those we need to be there for. And the absolute first person in that line…is ourselves.

So…even if it is just for 15 minutes a day……be sure to take those moments to get to a quiet place, even if you have to lock yourself in the bathroom (LOL), and just stop. Everything. Your momentum, your thoughts, your worries, and physically. Just sit and breathe. Focus on your breath, taking it in and pushing it past your chest and into your belly. Push your belly out with the breath, hold it for a moment, then release it. These are called “Core Breaths” and go much deeper than normal (deep) breaths. They are cleansing, and if you put your focus on them, doing as many as you can in a row, it brings your attention away from everything else and onto yourself. And it has a cleansing effect. After 15 minutes of “power rest”, you will feel a bit better….but the more you do it, the more profound the rest will be. (Much like a power nap, which you can take as well if your circumstances allow).

Of course, the best thing to do is create time for things like reading, or a long hot bath, or sleep….whatever works for you to rejuvenate…..but I have seen some of you comment here that you have no time at all for yourselves, or have trouble relaxing…..so try this breathing technique. And allow yourself to make yourself give yourself 15 minutes a day to do it. You and the quality of life are worth so much more, but definitely at least 15 minutes….and all the pressures and people around you will survive without you for those few minutes. Make it happen…your life is worth it!


10 comments on “Tuesday Affirmations

  1. Great affirmations and very much relatable 🙂

    i feel the whole day is for me 🙂 but in reality i am always doing something. i dont take real breaks during the day, or not often. i will try harder to take one daily.

    have a nice day, everybody. here’s hoping for a better day than yesterday 🙂

      • hi!! 🙂

        yes, i must! i did that already and it is not even 10 yet. i am feeling better already 🙂
        there is tension at work all around, i just need to breath in and breath out.

      • I’m sorry about the tension at work today. But you are doing the right thing…..keep breathing and don’t let the tension become part of you. Just let it roll off and around you. Stay balanced and in your own space!

        Sending you good energy and hugs!! 😀

      • Thank you Mar 🙂

        i will be going into a meeting with you know who. i am more relaxed and there has not been any tension with her. Also, i wont be the only one there. i hope it will go smoothly. i had a meeting earlier today, where i got positive talk and more responsibilities, and that have me more confidence. i will keep that in mind when i meet with her later today. even i the meeting is a negative one, i will not give it more importance than the importance i should give the positive meeting :-).

      • Wonderful about the positive meeting Cali! And perfect way to look at the potentially negative one….don’t give it any more power than you need to. Remember to consider the source, don’t give her words any power over you, and stand proudly in your space. You know who you are….and that’s the most important thing!

        Love, Hugs and Good Luck! 😀

      • thank you!!! 🙂
        i came out alive 🙂 i just got more work and part of projects to on, but i am okay with that. i like to be busy 🙂

  2. Excellent blog today, Mardrag! The affirmations are great. The first helped me release some anxiety/stress. And I am working on the second one – I think I am going to curl up and watch a movie. That should help me unwind. Also the Core breathing works really well for me.

    Thank again!

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