Monday, Monday


Good Morning!

I am happy to be back, though I am still without my daily device. I have commandeered DD’s laptop as I patiently wait for my desktop to be fixed. Cross fingers for today!

But I wanted to post a Monday post for you, just to get your week started. A bit of message with a bit of fun. I will have a regular blog up tomorrow, and its a good one. Thanks for hanging in there with me. And have a Blessed Monday.


To share a message I need to remember today…….

Patience 1

Patience 2

Something elseΒ  to remember……..

Open Door

And a chuckle for the day….c’mon……do it!……

Fruit Loop

Finally……..something to take with you through the day. Make it a great one!

Monday Quote

See you tomorrow! Blessings!

58 comments on “Monday, Monday

  1. good morning! GLAD you are back πŸ™‚ well even if completely back.
    i have my computer issues also 😦 but i luckily i can use my iPhone πŸ™‚ i will get my computer issues take care of, some day πŸ˜›

    i love love the last quote – i think i am patient, and i may seem patient, but inside i am going crazy while i wait. I need to react/feel differently as I wait. Also, all those others voices and comments still make me second guess myself, and my inner voice gets all confused. Not all the time or as it used to, but it is still something i need to work on.

    • Me too Cali – when I’m not able to use my PC I use my phone. I swear, my phone saved me during the hurricane. I was able to connect with people and occupy myself. I would have lost it w/o my phone. πŸ™‚

      I know whay you mean about the patience quote. I don’t always react well. Sometimes my frustration really gets the better of me. I need to work on that also.


      • πŸ™‚
        i used to think i had no need for an iphone. all i need is a phone to call or text, everything else is just extra. WELL am i glad i changed my mind πŸ™‚ You just gave me a great example of how an iphone helps πŸ™‚ glad it helped you πŸ™‚

      • I think so. Anything that requires you hold your hands and fingers in a certain position can cause it. I feel stiffness when I play games on my phone. I do have a bit of it from “typing” on typewriters and computers for over 30 years!

    • It is all a process Cali. Changing thought patterns and behaviors take a little time to integrate. The first “big” step is awareness…..and you have conquered that already. So, one step at a time sweetie. You are doing great!!

      Good to see you….and Many Hugs!

  2. Oh wow. That last one is great! The thought of making a choice feels empowering. Now, to figure out what choice – that feel like the hard part. Or I is my ego tricking me into thinking it’s hard?

    The one about patience really opened my eyes. It makes so much sense. It kind of reminds me of your experience in the seminar with the intructor that asked the group to hold the chair as tightly as possible. In weird way that required patience. Sometimes I feel like I’m holdiing on so tightly, waiting patiently for something to give. Other times I can hardly wait for change which has caused me to get upset.

    The one about waiting made me feel better. If this waiting period is the roughest part, then I guess it’s not so bad. Surely things could be worse.

    As far as the fruitloops…..well, I have that one down pat. I always feel like a fruitloop in a world full of cheerios!!!! LOL!!

    Thank you so much for putting out todays blog despite your PC problems. I can only imagine how happy you will be when you get it back – I know I will be!!!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    • waiting and being patient is something i got to do and practice on a daily basis. right now i am waiting specifically for a few things. there is nothing i can do myself about them. all depends on other people, that is why i have to work on being patient, keep doing what is in my control and not let my head drive me crazy. i try to occupy my time with those things in my control. for example if i am waiting to hear about my position and future at work, i cant do anything but continue to do my job now, offer to help or take on any work others offer. that keeps me busy and productive πŸ™‚ at the same time it may help those making decisions, see what i am capable of. BUT there are times when i think, “what if this what if that, oh my god, maybe i should bring this up, maybe they want me to bring it up, if i don’t i may be showing no interest, if i do i may show no patient, yada yada yada. all in my head! So then i stop myself and slap myself and knock it off πŸ˜›

      • Cali, that is awesome! Great point and one where I need reminders – occupy myself with the things that I can control. I am also waiting on things completely out if my control. Even just thinking about it now is very upsetting. This is why I love it here – so much support and insight! Today I am going to concern myself with things within my control.

        The ‘what-if’ voices are hard to conquer. I finally have started to win the battle against those ‘what-ifs’ in the past week. They still get me here and there, but before a few days ago, I actually lived in the ‘what-if’ mentality for nearly two years! Crazy!!!

    • Hi there! Yes, will be so glad when PC problems are over. I can get impatient waiting, so I needed those reminders myself this morning! Patience may be the hardest of the “virtues”, and the most difficult to master. I have a trick for that. I will do a blog on it!

      “Is my ego tricking me into thinking…….” YES!! LOL! The ego tricks us into thinking instead of listening to our inner voice and making the decision from that voice. Another blog! πŸ˜€ (though I did one awhile back about “Those Voices In My Head”. I think it is in Nov. batch if you want to go back and read. But, I will do another one to build and expound on that subject).

      AND…..I am right there in the Cheerios bowl with you hon! I am a true fruit loop! πŸ˜€

      Good to see you again! Much Love & Hugs!

  3. Hi Y’all! ((((Y’all))))
    At clinic all day today & Kindle almost out of juice. Just wanted to say hi.
    Annnnd…….*I’m*….. a Cheerio in a bowl of Fruit Loops! πŸ˜†

  4. I went back and re-read the Oct. 5 blog. Amazing. In thinking about that blog, I think I am going to try the suggestion about speaking back to the ego. The concern that I have is the disctraction I feel as a result of people close to me. I find it hard to stay focused on my needs when surrounded by chaos. (I am presuming that I need focus to catch the nay-saying of my ego because mine is a very skilled, little pain in the ass). I have a hard time focusing around dysfunctional people whom I cannot cut out of my life. This makes me think of today’s blog, that it’s about choice. I have to choose something because my current situation just isn’t working.

    From Mardrag’s Oct 5 blog: (hope ts okay that i copied/pasted)

    “Dare to think enough of ourselves that we talk back to that voice and shut it down. After all…we created that voice, so we can uncreate it….or change what it is saying, or listen to another voice any time we want to. It is our absolute choice. It has to be a conscious thing at first, for it takes practice to change habits. But it is a far better way to spend our β€œthinking” energy in finding positive dialogue than fighting with (or succumbing to) the negative dialogue. Change the tune and the tone. Consciously choose to stop listening to the overrated side of the Ego, and listen to your inner parent telling you how great you are, or your inner wisdom keeper who has nuggets and pearls to share, or your inner guide so they can give you direction. You can even write positive reminders and tack them to your mirror or computer to remind you throughout the day.”

    When things around me get chaotic as a result of other people’s stuff or when other people try to pull me in – maybe my dialog will go something like this – ‘That is his/her stuff, not mine. It is not mine to change or deal with. I only have control over me’ That last part was inspired by Cali. I dunno. What do you guys think?

    • I think it’s perfect!
      If you’re surrounded by dysfunctional people and you can’t physically remove them from your life then mentally disassociating them and their behavior is the next best thing πŸ˜‰

    • That last part was exactly right! The idea is not to take on anyone else’s “stuff” while still being around them if you have to. It does take some focus and practice…..but the effort is worth it because you do eventually get to a place where it comes naturally. Consider that you have done/thought things one way for a very long time. Give it a bit more time and effort, and you will have the changes ingrained that you want.

      Besides…it’s kinda fun to talk back to that ego voice. How often do you get to do that in real life? LOL!

      • Thanks Mardrag. This evening I had to deal with someone briefly who has a lot of ‘stuff’ going on. Typically I internalize it and let it upset me. So this person was dropping off something I needed and I was on their way so it was easier for both of us. No big deal expect that I know they have ‘stuff’ going on and their behavior isn’t always very balanced, shall we say.

        Well, the anxiety started to come on…you know the kind where you think you’re having a heart attack? That kind. So, I did some deep breathing exercises and a meditation. Then I did my best to remind myself that it’s their stuff, not mine. And to counteract my anxiety, I actually yelled at my ego out loud IT’S NOT A HEART ATTACK! Wouldn’t you know that those heart pangs stopped right there!!! I swear to you that is how fast the ‘symptoms’ stopped. I have never experienced anything like that. Ever!

        And I’m feeling pretty good at the moment!

        Oh – the encounter was the usual nonsense – This person can really piss me off me but at least they are gone. (sorry for being so cryptic about who they are – the interwebz makes me a little nervous).

      • Totally understand. Cryptic is fine. BUT…..good on you for yelling at that dastardly voice that tells you something is wrong when it is not and causes you anxiety. Go get it girl! It is interesting, is it not, how wimpy that voice ends up being when you take command. It scampers away like the coward that it is in the face of your strength and Wiser Voice.

        So proud of you for handling it this way. You saved yourself a lot of grief and anxiety by taking charge.

        Very well done!!!

  5. Well, In all honesty. I’m more confused now than I
    was when I started reading the blog today. πŸ˜‰

    It doesn’t seem to take much to confuse me these days.

  6. The comments are all over the place (as they should be) so every time
    I”d want to comment myself, the subject is slightly changed and my response
    is no longer relative! OR my response (opinion) is changed!

    It’s a goofy complaint.

    Not a complaint at all, actually.

    It’s a good way to help me learn with the
    changes that occur in every day conversation. AND that is one of
    my biggest pet-peeves, when the topic of conversation has been unwittingly
    changed before I am able to make own point.!! This happens often in
    conversation with my “group” and it annoys me. Sometimes its done
    as a somewhat natural transition, sometimes some of the more self absorbed
    individuals will always turn the convo into something that revolves around them.

    This could happen no matter how many people are talking.
    Could be 2,3 people- could be 7-8 people, all trying to make
    their own point and no one is listening. They are just waiting to
    voice their own story.

    It’s so effin annoying to watch a good friend talk and look at another
    individual and just KNOW they are not listening to whatever He/She
    is saying— they just want to talk about themselves. People
    are self absorbed. It’s human nature.

    But funny enough, I’ve lost my patience with these individuals.
    A friend has a new wife who really dominates the entire conversation.
    After a year of keeping quiet, being gracious, and allowing her the
    freedom to feel comfortable with us-(a very close knit group of
    college friends, together 35 yrs, many on 2nd marriages, many on dates, just
    a few of us “original” women with our original hubs. This is not
    easy. You meet the new women, you become attached, next week they’re
    gone. it. sux. big. time.)
    Anyway, I let this woman talk, and talk, and talk. She has ruined
    every dinner for the last 8 months. My husband and I fight every time we go
    out with them. Finally, a few weeks ago (my birthday dinner- i did NOT
    want them there) I kept trying to tell a story. Perhaps it sucked, perhaps it was
    boring, but it was my birthday, and my story. 2x her hubs said “for Gods sake,
    let her finish her story” She then started to talk to another friend about
    how she didn’t like her drink–

    I pulled a Brandi- I looked at her and said ‘for Christs sake will you please
    let me finish ONE story??”
    she started oh, oh, ohh, I’m so sorry I was just telling so and so about how I
    had such a similar thing happen to me like you’re talking about so I was just
    trying to ,,,,,,” I said……. for GODS SAKE______ Let ME
    FINISH ONE StorY!!!!!!

    then I looked at her, and she was completely non-plussed. “Just let me finish
    one story, Okay??””
    she was like, so finish already. I thought her hubs was going to
    pass out from shame.

    My husband, who thinks scusesI should be Mother teresa let me slide this one
    time(it being my -b-day and the obvious approval of everyone else at table)

    I find it hard to let new people into the group. So many disappointments.
    Whether it be from the friend who lets a good person go, or some of
    the really icky people who get a pass and are part of our group on
    some other reason I can’t remember the name of (people who get a pass
    for no other reason other than just getting a pass) whatever.

    I do apologize for the ramble. No excuses, it is what it is.

    • Not a goofy complaint at all! We do get “enthusiastic” about the responses here and they can seem out of order…but please don’t hesitate to add yours. It will get found and understood….and we would love to hear your input and thoughts. Start your own comment stream if you find it difficult to add to one that has already begun. We would love to have you join the conversation!!

      Many Hugs to you!

    • good job on speaking up, here and with that lady. sorry you had to 😦

      similar stuff happens to me and all i do is stop and let the other (or others) talk. it is disappointing when they don’t come back to me, but if they dont i just know it wasn’t important to them. it used to bother me more than it dies now, but it is still disappointing. i do have friends who pay attention to what i say, and it is surprising to me but very pleasant. of course i hang out more and more with them, and less or not at all with those others.

      about the blog, i like that we can speak our mind and we continue to get support. we respect each other and we are ourselves πŸ™‚

    • NJBev – I’m sorry. I change the topic, but I don’t mean to. Mostly what I am trying to do is blend my thoughts on the original blog post with my thoughts on the original blog topic. Sometimes I even bring in a past blog topic, which can be seen in an above thread.
      I find so many views, opinions, and insights helpful that I try to acknowledge them when I write a comment. I can only imagine how that messes with the flow. Thanks for mentioning this. I like how honest you are about your feelings – it’s refreshing and one of the many reasons I enjoy the 3 blogs that I read.
      I will definitely work on this because I would be mortified to learn that I am a blog hijacker!!!
      πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

      • Oh my Lord, Boobah. I completely apologize if you think
        I was complaining about anything that was said, or the flow
        of the convo. That was not my intention at all and not even
        my reason for commenting on it!! HA!
        MY problem is that I am a slow (and Lazy) typist and
        and have trouble keeping up. That’s it. I’m so sorry
        if I made you feel like you should change ANYTHING
        that you do—– don’t you dare!!!!!

        I mean it, don’t you change one little thing! xo

      • Phew! Thanks – I wasn’t sure. πŸ˜€

        I promise you that I am also a very slow/lazy typist. And my typos – horrendous! I am too quick to post, and too lasy to proof read. I actually annoy myself. LOL!

        I meant what I said about your honesty tho – sometimes you post exactly what I was thinking but too insecure to post myself! I have always admired that!

        I don’t blame you for what you said to your friends’ GF. Some people need that kind of wake-up call unfortunately. Some people just live in their own bubble. Very annoying.

    • Cali, what urks me about this issue is that
      in some way or another, I am allowing
      someone with bad manners to affect my
      evening. I’d love to scream “STFU” but
      I can’t, (and neither could you) because
      we have good manners.
      -I just can’t say, or do, some of the things
      I see going on around me.

      You are 100% right. If they come back to you,
      then they were listening and are a friend.
      If not, their loss!!!

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