What’s In A Mind


I have mentioned before that I have a book by a reverend I had the good pleasure of knowing for a time. We had many a deep and compelling conversation and I learned a great deal from her. I look through her book, now and again, for inspiration. Today, I happened on this page, with this message..…and I was moved to share it with you. (The book is called “I Am The Beloved” by Rev. Joy Dial):

“Beloved One, the morals and duties your conscience dictates and the integrity with which you achieve your goals stem from the ideas and concepts you harbor in your mind. If you could release all these preconceived ideas and beliefs, what would your inner voice say about morality? What would your intuitive wisdom say about obligation? You have no neutral ideas. With every thought form you produce, an image is created in your mind. Each time this image is reactivated, it is reinforced. Your thoughts about family, relationships, money, religion, duty, work…are biased by the mental image contained within the complex energy system you have created within yourself. You are now experiencing the effects of the thoughts and images your mind projects.

Your determination to experience a different reality is your choice to fulfill your only obligation, which is to your Unlimited Self. Beloved, choose the thoughts you would physically manifest. Choose the best ideas you can imagine, and move beyond your present experiences.”

from the Desk of MarDrag:

This really spoke to me. And makes sense. We have ideas and concepts in our minds that we have adopted, through our upbringing and through our experiences. We make decisions about how we perceive things, or feel about them, and through those decisions, we create and manifest a great portion of our lives. (Other portions of our lives are created due to circumstances that are not within our realm of control). As the reverend says, nothing is neutral, we have a view on everything we see, think and feel…and therefore a corresponding decision. “With every thought form, an image is created”. So when we are faced with a situation, our mental image about the decision of how we should perceive it, feel about it, and deal with it appears. And we react to that image. So, we are currently experiencing the results of the decisions those images propel. That means we really do make our own reality.

But, what if we released those preconceived ideas and beliefs….and looked at our life experiences as if they were each one new, were happening for the first time. Unravel the “complex energy system” within us and refresh that system frequently. Each experience would create a new image…as opposed to reacting off of the old existing image. And our lives would open up and we would be free from the chains of the past and the notions and ideas that hold us back from growing and moving forward.

We are unlimited in our potential. The only thing that limits us is our preconceived ideas that tell us we can’t do something or go somewhere we want to go in life. The only one to hold us back, is ourselves. Because, we have unlimited capabilities and promise, if we open ourselves to that idea. The idea of Yes, instead of No….Can instead of Can’t…Will instead of Won’t, which are decisions stemming from the images that we created from past experiences.

So, we must become positively clear about our thoughts, and choose those that we truly want to manifest. Let go of the thoughts that are connected to those preconceived ideas and beliefs that no longer work for us and allow ourselves to release them. And then take command of our minds and “choose the thoughts we want to see manifest”. Think and imagine the changes you want to see come about in your life.

Something to “think” about!



17 comments on “What’s In A Mind

  1. “The only thing that limits us is our preconceived ideas that tell us we can’t do something or go somewhere we want to go in life. The only one to hold us back, is ourselves.”
    I truly believe this. But what if we are stuck in the holding-ourselves-back mode?

    I love this post because of the hope it conveys.

    OT – My computer was on the fritz today – sooooo frustrating!!

    Thank you for a very thoughtful blog today.

    • Glad you like the post. When you are stuck in a holding mode….do something outside your comfort zone or “normal” way of doing things to “snap out of it”. By doing something you would not normally do, you are telling yourself it is ok to move on. (You are doing that). 🙂

      Sorry about your computer fritz…..that is so maddening! Hope it gets worked out soon! Hugs!!

      • Awww, thanks NJBev! I wish I could be a little more optimistic at times. I’m working on it.
        Hope things are getting better for you. ((NJBev))

  2. I’m sure I’ve thought about this concept before,
    but I’ve never thought it through to the length and
    depth that you have. It gives me a light sense of
    optimism~always a good thing, eh?

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